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My chill trip


Well I got a tab of 25c from my friend B. We hung out when I tripped.  This stuff was more chill then 25i. Well we drove to B house. He drove. Anyway on the way were we stopped off at a gas station I began to fell it. A bit of nausea. My tongue was felt strange from the bitter metallic taste. Same as the 25i taste.

Well we got to his house went out to his car to smoke some cigarettes. I generally don’t smoke much but I was like whatever. We hooked his ipod up and listened to music. Fly like an eagle by Steve Miller for example. It sounded amazing. We listened to some music , Smoked , and had good old time. His neighbor had basketball goal that was pulsating. We went in the backyard talked about the season finally of breaking bad. The grass looked like pot leaves waving at me. I couldn’t stop laughing.

We went back in he made popcorn  and we watched fear and loathing in Las Vegas. The room moved around the walls breathed. He had a fan it had tracers on it. I dropped my phone it cracked. The battery died and I thought I broke it. We watched the movie. The scene were they   get to the hotel on acid. I saw the lady at the desk she looked like the sliver surfer.  I thought she was a demon.

I trip hard for about 2 hours and still felt stonedish for about 6 more it took a while to completely wear off. It was a good trip.  

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