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Mescaline, LSD, and 4-aco-dmt


     Originally I had decided to take 6 inches of bridgesii cactus extract that I had left over with 2 or 2.5 tabs of decent LSD. 1 hit of this LSD would produce a mild level 3, you would see things flowing and changing colors, along with the usual patterning and such. 6 inches of bridgesii extract is not very strong, I have had 9, 12, and 18 inches before. I woke up early in the morning because I had to go somewhere later in the day. I ate the same thing I always eat every time before I trip, 2 eggs and a small amount of bread. 15 minutes after eating I decided this time i would put my very thick and condensed cactus tea in pill capsules, since there wasn't that much liquid. I put it in pill capsules which I swallowed over the couse of 25 minutes, I had to fill about 35 pill capsules since I had small ones.

     After about 20 minutes nausea started coming on, and I took a shower an additional 10 minutes later. I had nausea in the shower but I don't think you care to read about my shower. So I got out 30 minutes later with increased nausea. My friend who also took the same amount of cactus informed me that he threw up while I was in the shower. He then took a shower. For about another 30 minutes I just sat on a couch waiting out the nausea, then laid down on a different couch for a while. I didn't want to take the LSD while I was still pretty nauseous so I decided I would try to throw up. Originally I planned on taking the LSD an hour and a half after finishing taking the mescaline  to match up the start of the peaks. In my experience mescaline generally starts to peak around 5 hours in, for about 3-4 hours, but since this is a small dose I figured it would be 3 total. For me Moderate to light doses of LSD tend to peak around 3.5 hours for a total of an hour and a half to 2 hours. 

     I went outside moderately nauseous, worried that I might throw up on my way from the couch to the door. I went outside to a certain area and waited until the wave of nausea hit its peak, when it did that I made myself throw up however nothing came out. This is normal for me, its like I just cannot throw up, I have actually never thrown up from any drug or even amounts of alcohol that make me pass out. My body went threw the process of throwing up with the stomach contracting rapidly and everything. However the sphincter that prevents your food from coming out of your stomach into your throat just wouldn't open and it actually hurt because of how much pressure I just exerted on it. So I went inside and asked my friend if he heard me throw up and he said yes but I don't think you threw it all up. I kinda laughed and told him the story, then asked how many times he threw up. He said like 3 or 4, so now I knew I would have to do a lot of throwing up to get rid of the nausea. I went back to where I was and waited, I jogged in place to make myself nauseous and then waited for the peak. I repeated what I did and once again the same thing happened, and now it was hurting my balls also. I went back and told my friend that I need to take a break from trying to throw up, its pretty hard work. I said it jokingly but of course he felt bad because he just let himself throw up when he got nauseous. ( The trick is to now move at all, not even a millimeter, he still doesn't listen to me and he generally walks around )     

      ended up trying to throw up one more time before calling it quits and layed back down on the couch to ride it out.  After a while around 2.5 hours after the initial dose of cactus I decided to see how nauseous I was by jumping on a trampoline and I wan't very nauseous any more.  Half an hour after this I was starting to get a light trip, it was very pleasant and reminded me of the name given to the drug DOM back in the 60's STP, Serenity, Tranquility, and Peace. It was extremely relaxed, pleasant, and smooth, I enjoyed this and asked my friend if he was feeling anything, of course he said no. I then went on to joke about how some people on the internet tell people that you can throw up soon after eating cactus and still trip. From our experiences we know that is not true based on various times of my friend and another friend throwing up, with me as the control since I never throw up. My friends have thrown up at various times, about an 45 minutes in on 18 inches one friend only got stimulation and some euphoria. About 90 minutes in the other friend threw up on the 18 inches also and only had a light trip. I did not throw up and had a good strong level 3 trip.

     After a lot of thinking I decided to take half a hit of LSD and about 6-7mg of 4-aco-dmt. I couldn't trip too hard because I had to go out to dinner with family later and I would still be tripping. I took the L and 4aco 3 hours after the mescaline. An hour or 2 after dosing the effects were clear and they were all synergizing together wonderfully. It was still very calm and peaceful like the mescaline but now I had more vasoconstriction and my hands were cold. The trip increased from a light level 2 to a light level 3. Now I was seeing streaks of color ( yellow, green, and pink ) shoot across the white ceiling. It looked similar to how metal looks if you rub it with a rag damp with isopropanol (rubbing alcohol). I was also seeing stronger patterning and good bot now huge trtracers. It felt very unique and full bodied, I have never felt a trip exactly like this before, for obvious reasons, I have never taken all three of these chemicals before. Its hard to describe but it was very full bodies like I said. It pretty much had all the different psychedelic aspects that I have encountered so far during my exploration into psychedelia. It really did just feel like a big blend of what it was, it had all the good qualities of each of the substances. 

     I wasn't tripping that hard the entire time but I did do a lot of good and deep thinking, admittedly I was already doing similar thinking on the mescaline alone. I now had a very pleasant but not super strong body high. It was a euphoric hum of the particles of my body. Not like the amazing waves of orgasmic pleasure from mescaline alone, nor like the "cloud" of your body particles on 4-aaco-dmt, and it wasn't like the energy of LSD. They all blended together nicely to create something entirely unique to this experience, I have never had an opiate high but I imagine it might be similar but obviously different. This body high just felt kinda floaty and good like you might get from a non psychedelic drug, but it was still a psychedelic feeling body high. Sorry that I cannot d describe it better.

     I was also seeing stuff in the air and so on, if you have taken psychedelics you probably know what I mean about the air. Also Like many psychedelic experiences I have had I could hear peoples conversations from far off in other parts of the city along with all the noises in a city such as sirens and other stuff. Also my friends and I always tend to hear different hums and frequencies. There is one "soft" frequency which is low pitched, smooth and fuzzy, which oscillates. There are also different higher pitched frequencies but It is just to hard to describe them all. Overall it was a very nice experience and I am grateful that I have the ability to take all these chemicals at once.

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