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first shroom trip

1.25 grams of penis envy (dry)

So, yesterday was my first shroom trip ever. Let me start off by saying over all it was spectacular. I had been wanting to try shrooms ever since my ex girlfriend (currently a very close friend of mine) tried them and had an amazing time. This was actually about 6 months ago but I had wanted to try them ever since. One day I got a text from a friend of mine that used to sell me pot all the time. He told me that he had a ton of penis envy shrooms and was going to sell them. I bought an 8th of them and made plans to drop them that friday. After doing a lot of research I discovered that penis envy mushrooms were pretty potent so i decided to drop a little over a gram and see how i liked it. I dropped them at my friends house (whom I will refer to as M) at about 3:45 and drank a ton of orange juice, which I had heard made the trip better or something. I started to feel the effects pretty fast. M's walls were lime green and they all the sudden got very bright. At this point I was so excited i knew there was no way I was going to have a bad trip. I then told M hat I needed gum because my mouth was dry and my breath stank. Idk why but at that time it was very important for me to get some gum. So M drove me to a convenient store to get some gum and some snacks. I wasnt really hungry but i decided to get a banana for later. After I got the gum I was very satisfied and M took me to a park. At this point I was about to start tripping pretty hard. When we arrived to the park it was very windy so I didnt really want to get out of the car. I wanted to listen to music. I cant really remember what song M played first but I know she played Going to California by Led Zeppelin second. The second this song played I wanted to burst into tears of pure happiness. This song made me so incredibly happy. After this point I was filled with beauty and euphoria. I then closed my eyes and started to notice some really amazing visuals. It looked as if I was flying through a tunnel filled with green and purple flowers and skulls. The skulls started to creep me out at first but then I began to notice that they were smiling, which made me smile :)

After we were at this park for about 45 minutes I started noticing very strange vissuals. Every thing that moved left a trace, I was so interested in everything that was moving. I began to wave my hand infront of my face and it was so cool i just laughed as hard as I could. At this point I also had a great amount of self confidence I looked at myself in the mirror and thought I was a stud. I thought I was the coolest mofo around! So I said to M, lets go see if I can skate. She took me down town to a plaza and we tried to skate for about 30 minutes. It was pretty windy outside but I liked the wind. whenever the wnd blew I felt like it was filling my soul with fresh oxygen. I was so happy at this point that nothing could bring me down.

When I tried to skate. My legs were extremely wably. I could not do any tricks but when i skated around on my board I felt like i was going 100 miles an hour. I was screaming, THIS IS SO AMAZING!!!! IM FLYING!!!! M was laughing at me histarically so of course I began to laugh. I tried to skate some more but I was just too un ballanced so I sat down and looked at the nature. I then realized that I was having some really awesome visual. M's face was warping and her voice sounded so interesting. I couldnt really understand what she was saying because all i cared about was the way her face was curving and the sound of her voice. I then began to look at all the trees around the plaza. I felt as if they were staring at me. This didnt freak me out but I thought it was amazing. The trees were also cruving and warping and it was actually quite astonishing.

We then left the plaza and went to another park with these awesome willow trees. M was playing music and it was making me so incredibly happy. She was playing all of my favorite bands. Red Hot Chili Peppers, Foo FIghters, Kings of Leon. I just remember an endless flow of breathtaking melodies and sounds. When we got to the park, I realized I was beginning to come down. This kind of bummed me out so I decided I wanted to take some more shrooms. M told me she didnt think it was a good idea but I grabbed the shrooms out of my backpack anyway. She took them from me and said Youre not eating anymore mushrooms. Youre done. This really bummed me out cause I knew she was right. I had to go home later and my awesome day of tripping was slowly coming to an end.

When I first dropped the shrooms i had a bit of a cold. When I started tripping the cold went away miraculously. But today I am feeling very sick. I still think it was worth it and I cant wait to drop the rest of my shrooms and trip even harder. I do have a few questions however. While I was tripping the only thing that I didnt like is that I started to have some very confusing thoughts about myself, about who I was, If i was happy, and why i felt like i needed to trip. If I trip harder the next time, could these feelings become a bad trip? How do I avoid this? Thank you :) Please comment!

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