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Good Mushroom Trip

1/16 oz of libertys

So its about a week before the trip, this girl texts me telling me she is picking up some shrooms for her friend for Christmas, and I had been wanting to get mushrooms for quite some time, so I have her pick me up 1/8.

I text my friend and ask him if he wanted to split the 8th with me and he says yeah sure why not (note he has only drank before, not even smoked), he was down to trip with me. So he and some other of my friends come over on a Friday, so we chill and wait till my brother goes into his room to go to bed and my parents go to sleep (my brother would not be okay with me and him doing these, he would snitch, he is not that "type" of kid). So they fall asleep (we thought), its already 12, so we put the mushrooms on a piece of pizza because I have done them before and I know about the unpleasant taste.

12:00: We ate the mushrooms and waited for them to kick in, I laid in my bed and my friend (lets call him k) so "k" was laying on my couch not really knowing what to expect, we put on some family guy and sit and talk and wait.

12:30: Havent really kicked in yet, just feel giggly, stoned, bright colors, just feel really good.

1:00: They really are starting to kick in, my friend "K" is starting to feel it kick in good also, It just kind of hit us like a train, didn't really ease into it, I noticed it when we were watching family guy, peters head started to almost morph, but not really, just kind of grow and leave trails as he would move around, "k" is feeling good, liking the effects, he says me and my friends faces are morphing and growing, as he stares at us and laughs.

1:30: Strong visuals, I was just staring at my hand, and I watched it age almost as I was turning old, the skin started to get cracky, the veins were sticking out, the fingernails turned a yellowish aged color. "k" is having a great time, all colors are different then they are when he is sober, white is neon, blue is greenish, strong visuals most objects morphing and waving. I just sat there and stared at my ceiling fan and I watched the blades droop down like you would see in a cartoon or something like it was melting, my stereo was morphing, the little patterns on my bed sheets (they are little gray waves) would flow like a river almost.

2:00: This is when things went from the best time of my life to not so good, and same for my friend "k", my brother who we thought was asleep was just playing xbox the whole time, and he came into my room as we are tripping, and we acted completely normal, and he left, but this must of triggered something in both of us, we both began to feel paranoid, uneasy, scared, so we turn off the lights and try to sleep, but that was near impossible, too much stuff flowing through our minds, they were going a million miles an hour, so we just lay there in the dark, still paranoid, thinking the trip was never going to end and this went on for about 30 minutes, and then one of out sober friends told us to relax, my brother had no idea, its going to end, and it is just the mushrooms. It felt like a million pounds lifted off my mind and my shoulders.

3:00: We both feel like we need to get up and move around, like we are wasting our trip by sitting in one room the whole entire time, and our baby sitter feel asleep, and in our minds it was the greatest idea ever to go roam the entire house exploring, so we get up and go sit in my living room, and the walk from my room to the living room was incredible, the walls and stairs had a kailediscope pattern to them, the stairs were rippling with every step, and we make it to the living room, laughing and giggling as loud as ever, I have no idea how my parents didn't hear us, we sit on my couch and just stare at my Christmas tree, it was like the most beautiful thing I had ever seen, all the lights, it was incredible. we sat there for about a hour or so and went back down to my room

4:00: Starting to come down off the mushrooms, I just lay in bed and watch the room around me morph and shift and change colors, totally peaceful, I look at my friends face and I just stare at his face and I watch it morph and grow and shrink and his lipped curved all the way up to his eyes like the Grinch, and then it did the exact opposite and drooped off his face in a melting sort of way, this kind of freaked me out so I asked him to stop staring at me. I close my eyes and I see all sorts of patterns and color shifting and moving and flying at me, and I can hear this almost tribal kind of music in the back of my head, I have no idea where it came from. I thought I fell asleep but I didn't, it was the biggest mind fuck I had ever experienced, It would feel like a hour but it was 10 minutes, some how I managed to pass out and I woke up at about 5:00 almost completely sober, my friend was sitting there on his phone and I asked him if he was still feeling it, and he replied "no, I think it finally went away", and we both pass out till about 12:00, waking up still exhausted, he went home and I slept till about 6:00 pm. waking up feeling refreshed and amazing afterglow.

I forgot to mention about how I almost had short term memory, I would say something and I would question myself if I said it or thought it, and I would have to ask my friends is I said something. Anyways, it was a incredible experience and I think everyone should try shrooms atleast once in there life.



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