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why you never EVER shroom in large groups

.....and get the last sober person to join...

9 pm My buddy J calls me and says he has some shrooms....like a lot of them and asks  if he can come get me and we can chill with some other peolp. so he does and we drive to A's house.

9:30 pm Roughly 8 or nine people are at this house and we all decide to drop mistake number 1.(except for one guy, the owner of the house, A.) so we all pretty much grab as much as wel like and throw j the money accordingly once he scaled it out. Since J has no shrooms left one guy throws him 8 hits of 25i RC synthetic lsd. mistake number 2. 

10 pm were all tripping and the house is warpy but we still have touch with reality. Nothing too out of the norm is going on.

1030 pm we all have a strong come up and we realize it was VERY stupid to have this many people at once do shrooms it aggrivates the sober guy so much at the meaningless fun were having he decides to drop too. mistake number 3 He does 3 hits of the 25i that B gave to J.

11 were all staring at Duck Dynasty and find it absolutely hilarious. you wouldve thought it was an even funnier version of anchorman 2.

1130 This is where the night gets weird.  We all especially j hits this peak and gets really quiet....we hear him mumbling to himself. He then tries to hug everyone he meets and doesnt understand basic sentences. only a few words at a time and since iver known him since we were kids i recognize some of the phrases he kept repeating over the course of this.So the we all just decide james has become a victim of the drugs and isnt coming back because hes snapped. it didnt bug us because we were all tripping balls. Talking to james literally ripped away any touh you had with reality and tore it to shreds..... a typical conversation went like this
J: what are we gonna do about this?
me: were gonna wait for it to wear off buddy
J:but thats life man!!
me: what??
J:(yelling) MARY JANE!! *flops on the floor
me: laughing my ass off* get up man its okay
J: but im screwing up my life
me:no youre not
J: but i dont know where the koolaid is and i have to call my mom
me: thats a bad idea buddy
J: what are we gonna do about this? were all merging togeher man......*points at the ceiling and falls to the carpet again*
and then hed just start over he thought his name was jennifer 

the conversations with others throughout the night werent much better. by this point we all lost track of time and we just kept repeating ourselves in ten minute ccycles and nobody could understand anything because it sounded like we were all in caves. and i was full on seeing double. But wed all meet in the bathroom or the kitchen and start the conversation trying to find a goa for the group which was most of the time to fix james. then after ten seconds or so wed forget and move to a more meaningless conversation.(imaine each sentence being said by a different individual and for some reason it all makes sense ant it serves as a legit conclusion. like " hes broke bacause he misses his mom. but i cant find my pocket knife guys. Thats because the lights are spinning. but really dude whos sober. were all on drugs man. no one is but i think he lost it because i spilled that water. its too much to handle. yeah lets go sit and do our own thing. this is gonna help our rtrip because 3 3 =( and the color purple is everywhere."
ot was the most stupid and meaningless conversations ive ever had and because the whole thing was just one big mindfuk even if you were coming down you had no idea what was going on. in the middle of all this i experienced and egodeath the likes of which i never do again i was sitting in my chair and felt about three inches big and i was admiring visuals when suddenly i couldnt admire them each one represented something in my life i needed to alter and each of the people in the room represented someone else i could become. so i went and sat in the rain until it wore off and just watched the puddles meld together. once i got back in james started finding things he lost while peaking his balls of and with each item he remembered who he was, so we all went on a mad scavenger hunt where no one could focus for more than a minute at a time and we fond all but one of his shoes his hat his jacket and his weed. It was crazy to see him go from what we thought was clinically insane to what seemed sober until he started tlking about how he wanted a cat to play with because the sky is so beautiful(it was a cold as hell and rainy night) . but atleast he was somewhat back to himself. 
i dont remember much of my own trip except the fact that i saw really strong visuals and became obsessed with figuring the smallest little tihings out. ie: how long were tripping and what time we have left, how to break this guys fifty in return for a gram, and why jeans are traditionally blue and not some other color. 
i could go all day with stories but you get the picture it was a crazy night where everyone wanted to have some sort of control of the situation but it was so many people tripping balls tht you could only have conversations in pairs. but we always had them in groups and the train of thought was always wrecked within ten seconds of starting conversation.

oh and i forgot to add,,,,the funniest part of the night by far was when id wall out of a different end of the house after j had been tripping for like 4 hours and didnt know who he was and say "whats up man? we just got here!" and A immediately following would say "nah james you arent even here yet!" every single time he would go wide eyed and not know what to say back. we could tell we blew his mind pronbably fifteen times in a row with less than a minute to grasp what was actually happening.

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