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3.5 grams cubensis

Hi. names alex. i took about 3.5 or more maybe. dunno. Heres what I wrote on it. tell me how you feel.

There are levels. Expand on concepts. Every concept. Key concept to genious. Whatever the brain tells you is right. Do not question it. Regardless of emotion.                                                  The craziest most magical thing is the fact that words can make me feel. They are just constructs. This sentence structure is another level. Periods. Period period capital letter fucking period. Fuck it all. Insanity is sanity. Judge me as you mother fucking read this. Being overly critical over ideas that challenge the status qouo. So conflicted we are as people. Are we straight, are we gay, oh does that challenge you. I bet that makes you feel negative emotions. I bet you have a thousand thoughts about what I am saying. All the thinking needs to stop. We all need to sleep. Thinking for once is the problem. The problem is me. Its not were to fat. Its notnwho are we gonna fuck next. Its not what are we going to do tonight. Its silence because nature does without thinking. Nature doesn’t need to explain itself. Love andaffection are nature. Ugly is the ugliest concept and disease to ever afflict such a  powerless people/animal as the human race. We are powerless to its affects to challenge ourselves and think. Discover/grow/ ADAPT. If you don’t you die. Did you expect that to be bolded. Dying


Important to us.


Meaning in the face of reality.  We need to die for the earth to thrive.


But when



Whenever it happens.



DO NOT ALLOw yourself to ever worry about dying. The fact that you know it is possible is why you value life so much. Love everything to the point where you feel embaressed please. I hereby accept every being or living thing. Good or evil. That ever existed. If you beat with a heart I eternally seek to understand you until you either relate to me or eat me. I am hereby also declaring myself insane on the drug psilocybin. It is a magical source of enlightenment that would help our people live more virtuously. There are not many souls accepting enough to let the world be at peace.


…. Not even me.. save fucking document nigga


dare me to do anything and trip balls at the concept


im tripping right now and im the happiest ive ever been


every breath is some spiritual being exhaling into me


I experience pure euphoria


Let it all explode now. Let the anxiety go. Fell it feel it feel it. Ughhhh. Accepting we are powerless as animals is one of the two ways to find utter happiness. The other… which differs in stubbornness, impulsivity, personality and degree of mental stability….  Is pursuing a passion,. IN this world that makes no sense and never will. It can make sense. Once we explain it. But before that it is impossible. Define me. I am. Kill me. I was. Obliterate me. An insane mass of person makes no difference to father time than a person who would consider themselves sane would be. Let go of our ideas as being any better than animals.. better than complete insanity. And we will reach levels and emtions that nobody ever believed could exist. The thought and sights youd see would pull at you and make you sick in ways youd never be able to handle in a civilized setting. Inhale life and savor every last second of it. Especially when you feel love. Never judge. Please for heaven sake just exist. ]


Back to black ink. Mindfuck. More levels. OuterSPace. Is where we are. 3rd planet, earth. These levels define our being able to exist by the temperature, the gravity, the weather patterns, our magnetic core and our gravitation around the sun that just so happens to be the perfect distance to keep us alive. SO wait. Im an asshole. Youre smart right. You clearly already know all of this. We never think it because it isn’t relevant to our specific goals. This is because were animals. And we don’t care much why anything is happening. We just act. I wonder to what degree people feel love compared to other animals. I wonder if particular animals love and feel emotions more intensly than we could ever imagine. Levels I feel like is how we structure insanity/sanity (it’s the same thing). So we can understand/comprehend/encode/break-down…. The answer to the question… “what is lifes purpose” is all made clear by taking away our ability to blind ourselves with knowledge. The answer is only made clear by not searching.



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