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aasome first trip

I was at a party when a friend of mine asked if i wanted to trip.

I was at a party when a friend of mine asked if i wanted to trip. We put our money together and bought a chocolate with mushrooms in it. It was about 8pm

We split it up and eat it up. We then walked home and as we got to our street at about 8:45 and it started. The road was purple and it seemed like it was a flowing river, The trees were bright colored and looked awesome. parked cars seemed to be like they were floating in the driveways. The sharpness of roadsigns and mailboxes made them seem like they were meaningless. I remember staring at a white picket fence for what seemed like hours, it just looked so beautiful i couldn't stop starring at it.

We finally made it to my friends house at lets say about 9:30, and he wanted to go inside to his room. I stayed out side for a bit longer and sat on his big swing in the back yard. His back yard looked like an enchanted Forrest and it was so beautiful that it was mind blowing. Everything in his yard was illuminated and the colors were fluorescent, witch i thought was odd considering it was dark out.

His shed then caught my attention. It wad white shutters on it that popped out at me, it was kind of freaky but i couldn't stop looking at it. As i was starring at it, it started to move and it was bouncing around the yard to different spots. I would close my eyes and i could still see the shed. IT WAS AWESOME!!

I finally got up and went inside. I looked at the clock and i couldn't believe what it said, 10:30. My friend was passed out on his bed.... how he managed that i don't know. He had Dr. Dre in the CD player and i remember specifically the song whats the difference between me and you. I don't like rap all that much but i was in love with that song. I sounded SO weIrD...

I ended going back outside for a little while longer before i decided to go in and crash.

To this day whenever i hear that song whats the difference, i remember that night of my first trip and how fucked up the song sounded.

If you have never tripped before, i suggest finding some shrooms and trying it... You will love it!!!!

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