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A little bit of life...

(I would characterize this as a level 2-3)My first experience with shrooms took place about three months ago, and I haven’t had the time to relate the tale until now.

(I would characterize this as a level 2-3)

My first experience with shrooms took place about three months ago, and I haven’t had the time to relate the tale until now. There were four of us, Mike, Phil, Brian, and myself. Mike was a new friend, while I knew Brian and Phil from our elementary school days. Each of us took about 3 dried shrooms (of which type I have no clue) at 6:13pm. This was the first time shrooming for all of us, and while I had been rabidly reading the contents of this website for a few days straight, none of us really knew what we were getting into.

Both Brian and Mike had eaten full meals that day, while Phil and I had chosen to abstain from foods, to try and avoid the nausea at the beginning of the trip. With Pink Floyd’s “Dark Side Of The Moon” blasting from my computer in the bedroom, we anxiously awaited for the shrooms to set in. Mike and Brian decided to play some super nintendo, while Phil and I decided to lay down on the ground to relax and listen to the music in my room.

Since neither of us had eaten all day, both Phil and I started to feel the effects first. In my apartment I have those white ceilings with all the little clumpy things all over it, and I remember looking at it and thinking that it had suddenly become almost like a lace design. Phil, on the other hand, was mesmerized by the wood paneling on my closet door, and began to think he saw some sort of lion staring at him. We wisely decided to leave the room.

Mike and Brian were still playing nintendo in the living room, and as we walked in they both complained of the shrooms “not working.” However, at this point Phil and I knew they were legit. As I walked into the room, it seemed as though my it had changed somehow. It seemed far bigger than usual, with warped walls bent a bit differently than normal.

Enjoying this change of atmosphere, I chose to try jumping up and down, as it seemed the logical thing to do. Jumping towards the ceiling was VERY fun, as it seemed like I came millimeters away from touching my nose to the ceiling. (Sure, I’m quite tall, but that just heightened the effect!) The feeling of jumping was quite nice as well. Inspired by my actions, the rest of the guys decided to try it out for themselves. This was when Mike started feeling the shrooms. Brian, however, was still upset about not feeling anything.

I remember pacing across the room at this point, just getting a kick out of how fun it was to walk. Then, to enjoy the new feelings some more, I decided to start seeing what things felt like in the room. Brian, at this time, was feeling a bit nauseous. After a bit, I chose to play around with a super nintendo controller that I had disconnected from my super nintendo. The cord was quite fun to wrap around my hands. I shared the other controller with Brian, and he soon began to enjoy himself as well.

Thats when I got a bright idea: To walk to the park with the super nintendo controllers, and control our movements like we were in a game! So we headed out, Phil and Mike with cigarettes, Brian and I with super nintendo controllers. Needless to say, about a block down the road we began to feel quite silly, and put the controllers away. But we certainly enjoyed walking! It felt as though the pavement had a springy feeling to it, and I felt as though I had discovered how I walked when I was on the playground as a kid. “I remember this!” came out of my mouth quite often, as nostalgia seemed to flood my senses at every turn.

Arriving at the park (very close to my apt.), Mike, Phil, and I stood around and talked. I remember talking a lot, using a cigarette as a sort of pointer, as I explained the intricacies of nature and the park to Mike and Phil. Unfortunately I cant remember the genius ideas I was coming up with, but at one point Mike said to me “Wow, I have so much more respect for you now, man, I totally get what you’re saying.” Heh, it was probably the shrooms. The cigarette eventually burned out, and I was quite dissappointed. However, a stick served as a nice replacement, and I noticed how nature sure is a lot more dependable than manufactured items.

Meanwhile, Brian had finally joined minds with the shrooms, and was enjoying himself about 20 yards away. “HIYAH!!” Brian yelled, “I AM IN A NINTENDO GAME! BAM KARATE CHOP!” He ran across the grass, completing ninja kicks at invisible foes, while chopping at the air with a stick he must’ve picked up somewhere. It made the rest of us fall on the ground with laughter.

Eventually we joined him on the grass, where we ran around, and re-discovered feelings and thoughts that we had left behind on the playgrounds of our childhood. Since Brian, Phil, and I had all been good friends in elementary school, the feeling was quite strong. We began to associate with each other in the ways we had as kids, and treated Mike as the “new kid at school,” and welcomed him into the group. Even our vocabulary reverted back to its childhood state, as we pondered why people never called and asked “to play” instead of asking to “hang out” like they had when we were kids.

At this point the shrooms were really hitting us hard, and I named a tree “Thomas.” The others agreed that was its name, and Thomas the Tree seemed to wave his branches back at us in an affirmative gesture. We bade Thomas goodbye, and began the short walk back towards my apartment.

Here, Brian and I decided to “ditch the other kids,” as we so notoriously put it when we were kids. We ran off, while Phil and Mike just went back into the apartment. Tiring of our game, Brian and I headed in as well. Around then, I found that reaching into my pockets was quite fun, since it felt as though my pockets were endless. “Endless pockets, now thats an invention for me!” I thought to myself.

We ran around the apartment some more, and Phil and Mike continued smoking cigarettes. After a bit, we all adjourned to my bedroom, for music and relaxation. We all hit our peak together, as we seemed to speak gibberish to each other. Fragmented sentences would leave our mouths, and others would pick up on exactly what we were saying. I felt as though each other the other guys could read my thoughts, and I felt as though I knew exactly what they were going to say next.

This is right about where I started messing with myself. Playing with things in my hands was a lot of fun, and I felt as though I was spider man, because things seemed to stick to my fingers, and I could roll quarters over the backs of my fingers rather quickly, something I had never been able to do in my normal state of mind.

I remember putting a chip bag clip underneath the blanket on my lap for one second, and in the magical world I was in, decided it was on the ground, and so I reached underneath my chair, and voila! There was the clip! This is an occurrence I still cant explain.

At the peak of my trip, I began to see people’s faces melting, and this was a bit too much for me. It almost made me sick to see their faces sag and melt, so I made sure not to look at the faces of my friends, and instead concentrated on other things. Reminding myself of the movie The Matrix, I began thinking how I was actually in a computer simulation, a thought which eventually led to the beginning of the bad stage in my trip.

While I was thinking of the matrix, we decided to leave the room. I sat at the kitchen table, while the others went outside. Ready to be finished with the shrooms, I decided that the entire trip was actually a dream, and that if I concentrated hard enough, we would all be back at the table, back at the instant we had eaten the mushrooms. This, of course, did not work at all. But as a first time user, I believed it, since I couldnt imagine how I could come out of this waking dream.

At this point, I escaped into my bedroom, for some solitude and comfort. I got in bed, and proceeded to trip myself out, but not in such a bad way. First, there were two blankets on my bed, one plaid, one striped. They both looked like they were the same blanket, and this provided a lot of frustration in my mind, especially since I couldnt seem to separate them, even when I really tried. My hands just wouldnt listen! So I resigned to just lay in bed and stare at my closet door. I saw a likeness of jesus in the wood design, and that was quite disturbing, to say the least!

I also looked at the clock...10:03. Then I thought in my head “NO, its 10:00!” And I looked, and sure enough, 10:00. Then I looked again, and it was 10:03. I had fun with this for a bit. I became amazed at how long time took to pass. I stayed in bed for the next 30 minutes or so, thinking abou things, and feeling a bit scared about my state of mind. I then began to come down, and I was fully functional by 10:43pm. I had enjoyed myself, except for the bit of nervousness towards the end.

I guess I can sum up my feelings of the trip in many ways. I found the passage of time interesting, as it had become so slow that minutes passed like hours. My favorite part was the strong feeling of nostalgia I experienced during my time in the park. There were some scary parts, but I think on the whole, I was left with a feeling of respect for the abilities of the brain to absorb surroundings. I was also left with a newfound respect for nature and life. My next trip (hopefully soon) will most likely take place somewhere that I am surrounded by nature, so I can enjoy it like last time!

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