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The next dimension

DMT blasting off

So a little background first before I dive into the story. I have tried many substances in the past, many of them being psychedelic. My experiences on mushrooms, acid 2C-I etc. have been very  insightful, but nothing in comparison to my favorite of all time DMT. I have tried DMT maybe around 30 times, most of those times being a few years ago while graduating high school. I was obsessed with DMT for a while before I got to try it, reading “DMT The Spirit Molecule”, watching the documentary and reading up on it online. So if anyone deserved the experience I thought it was me and my little group of friends that were interested. DMT is my favorite drug and drug of recommendation because it is short, very intense and it gets to the point. Anyway although I don’t follow a religion I was raised Hindu so those types of figures always play a role in my trips. This took place a few months ago and it would be my first time having the full blown DMT experience in a few years, so I was anxious. Also I tripped the next day and even though that was more intense of an experience, I felt this one had more meaning.

I couldn’t believe it. I finally found DMT again for the first time in three years. I was with a friend in his room at home. We each had a bong loaded and planned on blasting off at the same time and meeting each other in the next dimension. We put our cell phones, wallets and keys to the side so we were not distracted from the experience that we both had not had in so long. He had some trippy things in his room so we set up a shrine in front of us to entertain our experience. It consisted of some Buddha statues, other trippy looking figures and a Ganesh statue (Hindu God with elephant head and human body). We counted it down 3….2….1… and hit our bongs. The taste and smell of burning plastic was so familiar. The anxious wait for the trip to kick in was so familiar. My friend asked “Do you feel it yet?”, but I didn’t need to answer because we clearly felt it at the same time. I laid back on his bed and closed my eyes. A bright orange swept over my vision, nothing but bright orange. Then as usual I was launched into the next dimension, with other beings there usually mumbling to me some things that I barely ever pay attention too. This was too familiar and too much like many of my other trips so I decided to open my eyes and sit up to see what this world had to offer in that state. Some beings were still trying to communicate with me, I felt they were sitting right next to me and staring. My friend later said he felt the same thing that a being was sitting next to him and staring. We both asked each other the same question, “What is it (the DMT) trying to say?”.

It wasn’t long before the Ganesh statue tried communicating with me. Not by talking, but it would send me signals that I could literally see and when the signal traveled to me or something else I would get the message. For example, my friend was saying something and I was responding, but the figure sent a symbol that looked like the astrological male symbol (Mars), it was pointing to the right and as it moved through the air towards my friend it rotated and point to the left towards him and gave me the message “Quiet”. So I told him to be quiet. Another example is we were wondering what the time was since we didn’t have our phone, but the figure sent me a message that said “Don’t check the time”, so I didn’t. But anyway at this point in my life I was making some pretty bad decisions and I’ve also seen people close to me make bad decisions and do some destructive things to their lives. So the DMT was giving me an overview on this and basically telling me to straighten out my life before something goes wrong. Something I would advise everyone to follow if the DMT gives them this message.

That’s pretty much it. DMT is something that is very intense and can be scary, but in the end it is more than worth it. Tripping is not something I feel I have to do anymore because I’ve gotten the message. It has taught me a way of thinking that I wouldn’t have had any other way. I hope this helps those of you that are planning on doing DMT, or are just browsing the site reading reports.

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