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In love with Liberty caps

Natural Ecstasy

         After numerous unsuccessful  mushroom hunts this year , i finally struck gold when i was invited to a spot that a friend had picked at last year . just the experience of finding these beauties out in their natural habitat was very uplifting in itself , i'd done libertys once before many years back but that time they were just sold to me in a bag. We didnt come back with a massive yield as we only went a week ago (first week of december) which i understand is pretty damn late in the season !  So after about 3 hours of foraging we only manged about 30 or so medium to large size Libs and about 50 tiny ones. Plus one or two haycaps in there for good measure. 

 We went 50/50 and split the shrooms , by the time i'd removed some of the blacker and more rotten looking ones , i probably had around 25-30 Libs left , i dreid them on a plate for two days then transfered them to a 'dodgy bag' , sealed it up and left it in darkness for another 2 days .

Friday comes and its time to go on the journey ! i'd been psyching myself up for this for many months and it had been at least 5 years since i;d tripped on shrooms ( the last ones being P.cubensis ) and i'd had about 5 trips in my life time . But the Liberty Caps were what i desired the most as its effects seem much controllable than what i'd previously experienced on P.Cubensis , my guess would be that the Liberty Caps higher percentage of Baeocystin acts as a regulator to the Psilocybin? which would explain why tripping on them seems much more subtle in comparison. I dunno ...Cubensis strains were always a bit of a mind rape for me , but Libs just seem to have a perfect balance .

I took my Libs with my other friend , who had actually provided the transport for the pick , i put the dried libs in my weed grinder the put the lib powder into a Twinnings tea bag with a blend of Pineapple and Grapefruit tea still in it . I then boiled the kettle , poured two mugs worth of hot water into a saucepan and chucked in the fruity tea/mush bag mixture in there and brewed it for a good 15 mins , i was afraid that the tea itself would be too overpowering for such a small amount of powdered shrooms and that the effects may be dampened by this , but i was so wrong . The tea tasted absolutely delicious , and on the first sip i could definitely sense some magic properties in there . 

We sipped at our brews for about 15 mins whilst smoking a pineapple kush blunt :) . The warm , fuzziness had started to set in about 10 mins after drinking the fruity brew. Another 15 mins later i definitely felt i was starting to come up , it was now time for the Psycadellic trance to come one . i Came up F***ING HARD , we were listening to 'Eat Static' and playing Geometry Wars , i was rushing so much that my whole body was vibrating wildly  , i felt like a fish out of water lol , It was just like taking Ecstasy but so much purer and cleaner , All the lights and colors in my room became super enhanced , If i closed my eyes i had 3D visuals of weird tube like patterns , i felt like i was staring into my own body . My freind came up about 15 mins after i did , his face was flushed red like a cherry tomato. we both carried on playin Geometry Wars for most of thr trip , which in all lasted something like 2 hours, my friend mentioned that he experienced super enhanced HD vision when we were playing video games on my 46 inch TV , also at one point we were watching a music video of a Psy Trance tune which had a slideshow of images from ancient Egyptian structures , in one of them i saw the Sphinx , but i actually visualized that it was building the Pyramids ! ..which of course bedazzled me and i convinced myself that i'd come to realize some great secret of mankind , as you do on these sorts of drugs :) 

We tried to brew a second mug each , but this was to no effect , we even downed all the bits that come out of the tea bag from stirring it around so much , but all those psychoactive compounds must have been efficiently absorbed first time round . 

Coming back to normality , i was already starting to miss the mushrooms , im left with a profound love for them , and i desire to go into a deeper state of mind with them , im thinking 3 times the dose i had , but thats only if i can find enough , and i dont want to wait until next year ! ...i will go picking again on the next full moon DEC 17th and  hope that they are still about .

I love you LIbs 

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