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4.5 grams first time


my friends and i have wanted to try either shrooms or salvia for a while now and finally things just kind of worked out and we found ourselves with a half ounce of some pretty nice looking shrooms. my one friend j had only smoked weed before, but not regularely. myself and my other friend T  smoke everyday and have also tried molly multiple times aswell as speed and e wich we did unknowingly after taking what we thought was m, so we were a bit more experienced with the idea of tripping. After picking up the shrooms at around 9:30pm and returning to js house shortly after we decided to take the shrooms on a pizza we had cooked. We had the basement set up with a projector on one wall with netflix ready to go. We decided to get into a calm and relaxed state before eating them so we went out to smoke a few bowls well the pizza was cooking. it did the trick for me and T but because of Js low tolerency he was already high off the kush. After blazinga bit we came back in but the pizza wasnt ready yet so me andT ate two deecent sized shrooms by themselves just to experience the taste. J waited to eat them on his pizza. When the pizzza was done we loade up our slice untill it was pretty much covered (just to give you an idea of how much we took, a full slice of pizza the whole piece covered and two deecent sized shrooms before). we headed downstairs after finishing the pizza and turned on a movie.

About 20 minutes in i felt them kicking in and colours started looking more interesting, as well as a light that was away from the screen kept distracting me from the movie because it looked so different. 30 minutes in and i was definitely high, not in a bad or scary way at all though, the movie was hilarious and the amazing colours and sounds were extremely entertaining. I definitely felt euphoric and some of my thoughts included "how have i never tried this before, why have i only been smoking weed when this is so much better?" About half way through the movie characters faces started looking strange, almost mishaped and alien like, i had read online about how you're vision and mind gets "wide" and now was definitely expereiencing that. but still it wasnt frightening and i just thought it was funny. Around the same time i started noticing my vision getting wavy, kalydescope ish or whatever you know what i mean. The three of us seemed to all be having a good time but also seemed to notice we were progressively getting higher and higher at around the same time, when we noticed the waves and faces, i suddenly realized, (more of an epiphany actualy) we had the whole world to look at and jumped up and suggested we should go for a walk. J was hesitent at first saying we should just enjoy the movie but me and t convinced him to come along. As soon as i opened the front door and looked outside i froze...the first thing i noticed was how enourmous the world was and that scared me a bit, but then i realized every house was covered in the most amazing christmas lights i had ever seen...i took one small step out and litterly did a 360 on the spot taking it all in. J and T laughed watching me and then urged me to go on. we started walking down the street gasping at all the lights. it was beautiful untill we turned the corner to  a street that had no lights and suddenly the world got alot darker, and i got a bit nervous, as it was Js complex he told us wed just do a quick lap and then go back to his house. Three quarters around the block things started getting trippy.

I couldnt tell if i was the only one high or not and my mind started experiencing loops of the same thought, am i the only one high? no... theyre the same as me...holy fuck im high.... Then it almost seemed as if i had completely forgot what i just told myself and my mind went right back to, oh shit am i the only one thats this high? no...theyre the same...holy fuck im even higher, i tried to explain the waves to T and J, T agreed and said he was feeling the exact same thing, waves and loops everytime getting higher. This worried me as i was defintely high as fuck now and now it was just put in my mind that im getting higher and higher and cant do anything about it. We made it back to jakes house and were all relieved to finally be back inside down in the basement. I remember getting back to the basement and us turning the movie back on, however the rest of the movie made absolutely no sense to me as i was so stuck in my mind. at one point i didnt know where i was, i just accepted the high and thats when i got the first sense that my senses were mixing...my mind felt extremely conected, very "wide" and my hearing smelling and vision were all brought together as one. But something in my mind kept telling me to panic and this isnt right, kept telling me i need to just watch the movie, and return to reality, thats what i was here for and if i let myself go like this ill be stuck like this forever. I decided i needed to do something and said im going to the bathroom to take a shit, anything to try and distract myself, but as soon as i got in the bathroom i freaked out because there were mirrors everywhere and i had been told looking in a mirror can trigger a bad trip, so i peaced the fuck out of the bathroom and put my head down on a ledge, bad idea because as soon as i closed my eyes i started drifting into an extremely euphoric state that was so comfortable suddenly i was also very tired and this felt amazing to just relax and start drifting off, but then i paniced because falling asleep felt like i was dying so i quickly got up and went back to the movie room and sat on the couch with J and T. They had put on lord of the rings because we had planned to watch it. The advertisements came on and every advertisement felt like an entire movie time was moving so slowly...so you can probably guess how fucking scared i was when an ad for insidious came on, demonss were jumping off the screen but as  soon as T yelled Guys dont watch its just an add! i still saw the demons but wasnt as scared and reasured myself the movie would start soon. By now i was extremely tired kept closing my eyes and drifting not realizing i was aloud to go to sleep without it killing me, so when T said dude just pass out, and i said wait im aloud to?? and he said yea...thats the whole point...i was so happy that i was aloud to go to sleep i told them i was going to bed and went to the sapre room to lay down. this was around 1am and my mind was still extremely confused...i wanted to not be tripping anymore and that was aall that mattered now, for some reason i thought going home would make it end but my mind was stuck in those loops/waves again they went something like this: I need this to end how to i end it??? go home leave so you can go to bed and it will be over, wait...im in bed right now all i need to do is go to sleep...ok try to sleep....oh fuck why am i like this i need it to end!! no dude...you took the shrooms now enjoy it your where you need to be just go to sleep... but ya as soon as id try to relax id just panic. i finally realizedi just needed to wait it out and that the only way for it to end was time to pass...so i looked at the clock...2:18...this is when i felt i experienced a moment of eternity because i went through so many waves and so much thought inside my head and when i was like please just please let it be an hour later so the trip will almost be over and i look at the clock and its 2:18 still. Something that really helped was starting a stopwatch and watching the seconds go by to assure myself time was passing. i watched a clock for 2 minutes and they felt relatively normal. this is when i started returning to normal. another hour or so passed of not tripping but still not normal, at 4 i was normal again and was extremely relieved. i fell asleep pretty fast
sorry i wrote so much i just felt like i had alot to explain haha all in all i enjoyed the first part of the trip very much, best movie ive watched in my life and looking at all the lights and up at the stars was absolutely gorgeous, gave me a whole new appreciation for what i am. Im unsure wether i will try shrooms again or not, if i do it wont be as much.

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