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My Room Is a Rave


This was my first real psychedelic trip. I had purchased a tab of 25i. It was about 8:30 at night. I left the 25i blotter in my mouth. It wasn’t until 9:30 I began to feel something. My heart beat felt slightly faster and I started getting small visuals. I was texting my friend. We call him D. I told him I felt high. I ate a cupcake and drank some mountain dew. I threw up the cup caked.  I also trimed part of my beard off . Thinking that I looked like a drug person and society couldn’t except that. But after that I said well I should So I enjoy this trip. I  watched a YouTube video about Wilfred Brimely and his diadeutus. It was a remixed video so it sounds like he is raping. I start getting some visuals for example. It starts to turn blue and red like the old school 3d stuff.

I talk to my friends d and another guy will call they were both tripping on 25i in another location. Anyway b said he felt like he was on fire. I told chill and listen some pink flyod. He said listen to some dubstep. I was tripping so hard dubstep actually sounded like a good idea. I am more of a rock guy. I also had a lot of energy with this substance. It felt great I watched a music sonic video YouTube it sounded amazing everything sounded great. I listened to  some pink flyod on my computer it also sounded really great.   

I watched king of the hill and everything morphed around looking like that crazy 3d pattern again. As came down a bit around say 2:30 am I watched Fear and Loathing in las vegas. Also still many patterns on the wall and vibrant colors. I thought about two people in a mattress store playing a piano. When the worker there was with a customer the customer asked what they were doing he said there on acid. The customer asked how long have they been there he said nobody knows. Now back to the movie.

I couldn’t stop laughing at it. Especially when they pick up the hitch hicker. When they parked on the side I heard you can’t park on the side walk walk. In an echoey cave sound. Those are the best parts of the trip. I still felt buzzed until 12 the next day. My pupils were really big. I tired sleep some from 8 to 10 that morning I kept  waking up from strange dreams. In one a gay dude hit on me. Many strange things during these dreams I had one every minute they kept waking me up.

I felt kind of stonedish for two more hours afterwards. All in one awesome experience. 

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