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Estimated 60mg of zolpidem and able to remember

fairies, schizophrenia, lucid friends

  A couple months ago i was given a bottle of ambien pills for free from a friend.  Inside were multiple 12mg and 5mg pills and about 6-8 unmarked capsules filled with ambien which were most likely ordered   online or some nonprescription way.  If you are interested in trying ambien do like 20-30mg don't take this much.
  around 4:00 I snorted 17mg ambien and felt the effects very soon.  The burning was not very bad since i was expecting it to burn like crazy.  The high was very euphoric and relaxed,  like etizolam in some ways.  I sat outside and smoked a cigarette and the outdoors was so beautiful, the lighting was perfect and the sun felt great.  My vision was very bright and i seemed to notice every single shadow, color, and object outside.  I stared at the plants and the tiny irrelevant shadow each leaf would cast.  It was like living in the most perfect dream, similar to a large dose of opiates or a medium to small dose of mdma but it was a unique high.
  Around 8:30 i snorted 12mg more ambien.
  9:00 getting ready for bed i smoke a bowl and eat two of the capsules not thinking about dosing or whatever, just blindly eating them even though my friend said he got pretty damn high from one.
I stopped paying attention to the time and found myself smoking more bowls and slowly feeling the ambien high intensify.  I felt the most fucked up i have ever been on prescription pills.  I sat on my bed staring at my wall with my body feeling warm and like i'm nodding out and unable to move.  
  The room i was staring at began to sway back and forth and looked very fluid.  Each cabinet and poster swayed back and forth, back and forth slowly getting more and more and more distorted until my intire vision had dissolved into a blur.  During this time i felt as if i were spinning and my I turned off the lights.  everything went black and slowly regained sight as my eyes adjusted, what i saw was my entire room swaying like gelatine. I snapped out of it and took a deep breath and looked around my room,  everything had a sort of hazy glow to it, everything seemed warm and good.  I felt extremely tired to the point where i could just fall asleep standing up if i wanted to.  
Around this time i blacked out on what happened, i probably just laid around and enjoyed the high.  I don't remember when any of this happened i just remember what had happened.  

I took another 5mgambien pill  and slowly walked outside to have another cigarette.  In my bathroom saw a half smoked bowl and went to smoke it as i was holding the pipe i heard a tinkling of bells around me like a magic sparkling noise and on the corner of my eye I saw a colorful fairy fly around my head and zoom away giggling down my bathroom away from me.  Once outside i smoked and just enjoyed the atmosphere around me.  The moon looked very strange i can't really describe it, like it almost look paper mache in some ways.  
I blacked out on my memory again for a while here all i remember is as i sat in my bathroom i must've dropped my pipe and must have taken another capsule since i was missing one more and another pill.  
The only thing I remember from the last hour or so of this night is feeling an intense crash and then getting very lonely.  I sat there sad looking at my broke bowl piece and every couple minutes or so i'd feel the presence of someone around me and i would se them on my periferal vision and they would talk to me about random stuff and kept me company.  I would listen to them and mumble to them in response until i would try to look at them or realize they are there, then they would disappear.  They did this for a while and even told me to get tape and scizzors which i did.  I realized i was extremely high and just decided to fall asleep.  ~fuckspice

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