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A Wonderful Night of Insanity!

The date is March 15th, 2006.

The date is March 15th, 2006. I had known that my first mushroom trip was approaching that evening and while I was excited, I was also nervous. I had bought half of an ounce of mushrooms and had planned on sharing them with 2-3 friends, each of us would take one 1/8th. The day beat on slowly and soon turned into night. By now I had acquired the company of all personnel intending to trip with me.

There we were. Me, Patrick, Jake, and my girlfriend Johanna. I invited my 2 closest friends to shroom for free with me and they had no objections. I gave everyone their individual 1/8th except my girlfriend who had changed her mind and wanted to do ecstasy instead. I kept the most potent bag with all the closed caps to myself and held it in my hand as Jake opened his bag. He popped the mushrooms in his mouth one by one, making horrible faces while chewing, and washing them down with a bottle of orange juice. Patrick opened his bag now and began to eat as I kept my bag closed resting in my jacket pocket. I was starting to get nervous but kept calm and started to relax.

It was about 6:45pm when we decided to go to the park across the street and hang out, we had to get out of the house because my little brother was home with a baby sitter. We sat in the car and just as the shrooms started to lay in affect on Jake I ate about a third of my 1/8th. They didn't taste nearly as bad as my friends made them appear but they weren't cotton candy either.

It was about 7:20 or 7:30 PM when my trip started to commence. It was amazing, it was almost like being on ecstasy, being drunk, and being kinda stoned all at once. The clouds had a very strange pattern and as I looked at them they started moving and twirling like a kaleidescope. I started walking towards the school near the park and with every step I took it seemed as if the school was moving further away. Everything was moving and I felt great!

I had lost track of time now and remember calling the guy who was going to sell my girlfriend her ecstasy over and over because he was taking so long, or so I thought. Sergio (The E dealer) finally got there and I accidentally over-payed him $5, he didn't complain. As I continued to trip out I thought this was it, I remember saying "How can anyone have a bad trip off of these?!" about 100 times. My girlfriend popped 2 of the E pills and I ate the rest of my mushrooms without a second thought. I had now consumed the most potent 1/8th out of the bunch.

For a while everything was good, great even. Things were moving, I saw crazy stuff when I closed my eyes, and I felt as if I were in a room where there was a bunch of lights on dimmer switches, which someone was slowly turning up and down. I sat on the curb in front of my friend's car and stared into his headlight while he flashes them and nudges me with the car. I looked at the car as a big puppy that wanted to be loved but was soon distracted by my girlfriend. She was spitting up blood. I wasn't sure if I was seeing things or if she had just chewed on the inside of her mouth too much do to the E. Either way, it bothered me a lot.

I got up fast and started walking to the playground as I mumbled that I was seeing things and she wasn't really spitting up blood. She was telling me she was alright and trying to keep me calm but I wasn't listening.

I thought I had already peaked, I thought that it was going to be 6 hours of this amazing feeling, damn was I wrong. As I walked to the playground I knew instantly that what I had experienced before was nothing compared to what I was about to experience. I murmured out loud "I'm peaking...". The grass I was staring down at turned white and the ground came up and hit me in the face. The next thing I know, I'm waking up on the cement, my girlfriend is in my face asking me if I'm okay. I didn't know I had collapsed and been passed out for a good minute or 2. As I layed there on the cement i thought i was standing up straight but soon realized I was laying on an uncomfortable curb.

From then on it was just a blur. I remember looking at the clock and seeing the time. I remember watching the clock change from about 9:08 yo 9:09 and when I looked again it was back at 9:08. Time was going slower than I would have liked. No matter what I did, how I moved, or where I was, I felt totally uncomfortable. Not in an awkward way, just physically and utterly uncomfortable.

Certain things would distract me for the moment and I just remember my girlfriend staying by my side the whole night. I knew she was rolling on E and I knew she was scared out of her mind, but she acted as if nothing was wrong and told me everything I wanted to hear. She later told me I had freaked out quite a few times on my friends, yelling at them and trying to fight them. I remember being concerned about certain things they were doing but I don't remember it being so dramatic.

For about an hour or what seemed to be forever, I sat in the back of my friend's car with my girlfriend and thought about numerous things. As it got close to 10:00 pm I knew it was time to go back to the house and so Patrick, Johanna, and I went back home while Jake got a ride home from a sober friend.

From about 10:30 until I went to sleep at about 1:00 am I was coming down and it was a long drawn out trip. I remember laying in my bed and just tripping out on everything around me. My walls looked like they were coming in on me, my T.V. looked like it was floating towards me, and my door and lamp would frequently vanish from my peripheral vision until I looked and it reappeared. I tried to sleep but it was impossible, I was uncomfortable and I was starving. I hadn't eaten since about 6:00 pm. I tried to eat some chips and it felt like my mouth was separated from my body. Like I was chewing in another room but I was in my room, it was weird. Weird enough to keep me from eating.

It was now about midnight and I knew Patrick, who was trying to sleep downstairs, was still awake. I knew the only way any of us were going to eat or get some sleep is if we smoked some weed. So still shrooming I went down stairs in my boxers, got Patrick, and we all went out into my car while Patrick rolled a joint. I wasn't completely sober but I could control my mind a little better and I was just sitting there thinking about the night and what had happened.

We smoked the joint and went inside. About 10 minutes later I was ready to eat. I ate, and ate, and ate. It felt so awesome to be able to eat. Somehow the smoking the weed brought my trip on again and I was ready to go to bed. I went upstairs and layed in bed trying to sleep. Eventually after a lot of silent thought and comforting from Johanna I fell asleep.

It was definitely a night I will remember forever. Am I glad I took the mushrooms? Yes, I am very glad, it made me realize a lot of things and helped me grip with reality on many different subjects. Would I do it again? Well, I still have an 1/8th left sitting in the drawer next to me, and I don't think it's going to eat itself.

I hope you enjoyed my lengthy story, but I know I would have wanted to read one this lengthy and descriptive before I did it my first time. I think now that some of the negative things you may feel, no matter how bad, can't change the fact that mushrooms are something that everyone should try at least one time in their lives. It wasn't all negative however, I experienced many good feelings that night as well! Oh and yes, I really blacked out and fell. Hard to, I have a huge bruise on my head I didn't feel until I woke up the next morning.

Anyway, have a good life and trip on my friends!

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