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The unexpected trip

2.5 - 3.2 grams

Hello, before I start to talk about my trip, let me tell you a little bit about my previous experiences. I've done shrooms for 3 times in total, but it was never as close mind opening as the one that happened recently. Previous week we had an english test for first two hours at school and for some reason I thought it might be interesting if I took 2-3 shrooms (1.5g max) before it. It didn't really do much to me, because I just felt them slighty, nothing special. So, after that went down the drain, I decided to eat more of them next week when the school starts. Here is where the shit went down:

6:30 AM
I woke up, made myself a breakfast and put on my clothes, brush my teeths, etc (prepare for school)..After all that, the hour was about 7.15 AM and my bus to school goes from the station at about 7.18 AM. I said to myself fuck it, I will take the next bus at 8.00 AM and miss my first two hours of class. Right after that decision I sattle down and ate 2 shrooms, lay on the couch and watch TV while I wait for the next bus. After 15-20 minutes I said what the hell, I didn't felt anything special previous week, so it might be a bright thing to take 2-3 more shrooms, just to see if there will be a difference. However, at that time, I didn't fucking realize I'm going to enter god damn matrix, because of those two or three more shrooms.

8:10 AM

I was already sitting on the bus and was just heading out of my town to the city where my school is, which is about 30 minute ride with bus from my town. Meanwhile on bus, I comfortably sat down and close my eyes trying to sleep until I arrive at the bus station. Like what the fuck are you supposed to do else, than sit down and just wait until you arrive at the bus station. Carrying on, while I was just waiting to arrive to the bus station with my eyes closed, there was this Indian guy that popped up in my head. At that time, I thought it was just one of my retarded thoughts and it is not significant or related to shrooms. He was chill as fuck, but when he said or done something, he meant it. Furthermore, for some reason he also wore this 'space' suit (it was like dark blue color with sprinkles on it and galaxy on the side, I realized sprinkles are probablly just stars in the surrounding cosmos). So, he told me to use my imagination and for various reasons I had my brains 'shut down' for past month, because I've worked a lot and didn't really use my brains too much. He was getting mad at me and I started to se him in a black/white color, I also couldn't hear the sound he was making when he was talking, but I understood he was saying to use my god damn fucking imagination already. For some reason, I got my color back and reached out for his hand (I understand now that was just an action I did which lead me to him grabbing my arm and helping me), he grabbed my hand and pulled it into this wormhole that spinned in spiral into eternity. After that I imidiatelly opened my eyes and felt different, I just knew something has happened. I started thinking about how our lives are already written and the beginning of our existance. We are born and then we go to kindergarden, school, high school, collage, get job and fucking die. It was saddening fact to me, that we don't get more time for what our heart is desired to do. Why don't our parents just let us be what ever the fuck we want to grow up into. I understand school is important and you will 'almost' definatelly end up broke if you don't complete it, unless you have super rich parents, but that is another story.. However in this realization of how our time is limited to stuff we don't really want to do in order to become what we want, I understood we are given free will. You can think whatever the fuck your mind wants to in any certain moment in space and time. The only thing seperating you from being in prison of this retarded path you are given in 21st century, that I've mentioned before (kindergarden, school,..) is your will to think free. Nobody, usually, knows what kind of domestic things might go on in your head. This thoughts went through for a few minutes and I've realized that this just might be a start of an awesome trip.

8.35 AM
About 100 metres in front of a bus station, the bus stopped at the red light. I was still fascinated by the fact that we can think and was asking myself why can we think. Why are we made as we are, why do we have hair, eyebrows, eyes, nose, etc.. at the places they are MEANT to be. Why don't we fucking have a penis where our nose is meant to be. How ridiclious would that be, but we would think nothing of it, if everyone would be born in that way. Why the fuck are we designed as we are? Okay, I'm sure there are some answers to these thoughts, that I'm not aware of, but still, how the fuck did life itself manifest into something so logical that we accept it as it is. We have this specific body, that have five things sticking out of it, that we call arms, legs and head, but WHY?

So, while the bus stopped at the red light I started scanning people and the environment they are in. I felt like they are just part of the system. They are like organism in this weird matrix we are in. Like bacteria spreads all over the place and develops into some shit, the people are the same thing. They aren't more important than that bacteria, maybe if there would be one bacteria less, there wouldn't be anyone from the group of people I was scanning. I realized I'm also part of this system, but for first time in my life I understood what this meant. It was so obviouslly connected, maybe I just felt that way or maybe because it just simply is.

8:40 AM
I arrive at the bus station and get off the bus. Since I knew I was tripping, I went to the toilet on the bus station and see myself in the mirror if I look normal. I looked perfectly normal, except the eyes. I usually look tired/sleepy and have red eyes, as if I was a little bit stoned and the color of my eyes is blue. Nothing to special if you ask me.. but this time, I swear to fucking Jesus if he existed, that my eyes were white as a snow and I didn't have blue eyes anymore. My pupils (or whatever that black dot in the middle of your eye is called) were so big, you could only see a little blue edge from the color of my eyes around them. My eyes were almost completly black and white, which I found fascinating. I was a little bit freaked out when I thought what someone would think of me when he sees my eyes, because they were so fucking unbelievable different and in my opnion beautiful from normal eyes, it just looked as if I am from outer space. I also reminded myself or reptilian. Yes, I know there is a theory that reptilians are controling this world and there have already been witnesses that claim they've been visited by them, but I didn't really buy that shit. However, this time, I just fucking couldn't get over the fact how familiar my face and eyes are compared to some reptile. For a second I thought I look like Reptile from Mortal Kombat, but whatever... I stepped out of the bathroom completly amazed what shrooms have done to my eyes. I've also thought this is the symbol I see things so differently. The same way my pupils were wide, the same way my mind expanded. It was like pupils opened up, because I saw everything in completely different way. They have seen things that they have never even thought of before and it made such an impact on them. That is how I explained this shit to myself.. Okay, now that I've stepped out of the toilet, I was walking down the bus station and again realized we are achitects of our reality. We can build anything in our mind and that shit will happen if our thought is strong enough. For some reason I also started to think about how can I unluck my mind even more and there it was, tens of drawers have popped into my head and I started to open them. I didn't know what I was looking for in them, but there was a light in of them. I thought to myself, this is the holy trinity, the key. After that. shit got even more intense. I didn't feel my body anymore, there was only mind and thoughts that I could feel and see. For first time in my life, my thoughts were singing like birds do in the morning. It was beautiful, after brain shut down that I had for past month, my brains went on steroids. I was so happy this happened, it was like it was meant to happen. What if I wouldn't ate those two shrooms that I did? My mind was so clear and in peace I couldn't even believe it is possible. I just oiled an old rusty engine and now it turns out to be V8 on NO2. While walking down the bus station, I saw this cleaner that looked at me and I thought to myself, what if I could make her disappear. There was this instant flash in my head that made her gone, as fast as I twitched with my fingers. From then on, every decision I made was in a fragment of a milisecond. While I still realized we are architect of how we percieve reality and what will happen, I started to draw the sketch of a random city in my head. I don't know why, probablly because my brains just felt they could pull off shit like this. So I draw that city in few seconds and thought to myself, well how the fuck did I do that and why. I carryed on down the station..

8:45 AM
I went to a shop to get water, because despite this awesome feel, I felt weird in a way. I drank some water and that weird feel went away, I was just dehydrated and exhausted from the bus ride. I went on to walk to my school (which is 20 minutes from my bus station). About 5 minutes from bus station, I went into this underground down the stairs that is made to get from one way of the road to another, so you don't have to wait at stop lights.. It is just a short cut. I've heard man playing on accordion for money as I walked down the stairs, which was nothing special, because I see him almost everyday when I'm heading from school or to school, but for the first time there was also another man... and that guess what, that fucking man looked like a hippie and played didgeridoo. I know this long ass shit causes low frequncies which somehow is important to shamans, because at low frequencis you go into this state of 'higher' mind. I was bafled, what were the fucking odds something like that happening. First I missed the bus, second I was on shrooms, I could choose another path, but there he was. For the first time in my life I see a hippe at 8.45 in the morning playing a god damn didgeridoo made out of plastic. The man with accordion was much lauder and I don't really like him, but the man with a didgeridoo sounded fantastic to me. I came to another realization again, which described my life in such a profound way, I thought fucking shrooms are causing all this events and it is not just random. Basically, you could hear the man from accordion when you were walking down the stairs to the underground, but you could hear the hippie motherfucker on a plastic didgeridoo just when you walked past him (and he sounded beautiful). As I was walking up the stairs again to cross the road, I could again only hear the retarded with accordion. However,  I was struck with the fact: that the sound of sheeps is lauder than the frequency of yourself. I knew at that moment, that the only thing you should listen to is your inner voice (or heart, whatever you wanna call it), because it might not seem to be as powerfull and loud as the opinion from other people, but fundamentally it is the loudest thing that is manifested from your thoughts. And that is the most important thing: THE TIGER DOESN'T LOOSE SLEEP OVER OPINION OF THE SHEEP.

8.50 AM

I had to pee, so I decided to enter this building with 4 floors full of shops and smaller companies selling their products. I knew the toilet was on the highest floor and I didn't want to take the elevator, so I had to go up on two escalators. It was so peacefull while waiting for escalators to take me one floor higher and there was this supermarket music playing in the background. It was like in a fucking movie. When I arrived up, I started to rush to another escalators. My mind was rushing again to get to the next floor. Again, I arrive to the escalators and they took me to next floor, I again start to feel as I were in a movie. I wanted to start writting things down and what is happening, but I didn't, which I regret now. I come to the toilet, look myself in the mirror and I was again fascinated by my eyes and how familiar do I look to reptiles. I go into toilet and lock myself in and pee. I then sit on the toilet and take out my phone on which I wrote: ''We are in system, we co-create, we build, we think.''. After that I had to take a shit, so I did. I thought maybe I will get shrooms out of my system and I wont trip so hard anymore. God I was wrong.. So I take shit, if you can call it, because if literally peed with a force of thousand Suns out of my anus. I felt better, so I left the toilet and wash my hands. I was again trapped with myself in the mirror and how fucking different my eyes look. I head back to the escalator and I was on the highest floor. I started to look around, I felt as if something was watching me. I didn't knew what, I thought it might be a being that might somehow know I'm tripping, because my thoughts were working on totally different frequency . In that moment I knew I'm party of the system and that I'm trapped in this matrix, but because of this realization I thought I brought some visitors from higher dimensions into my new reality. I thought they might watch over my shoulder or try to get me, because I might not be allowed into their world, yet. As I was going down at escelators, I was turning around trying to catch with a corner of my eye someonethat might be spying on me. I didn't saw anyone, but the feeling still didn't went away.

9.00 AM
As I head out of the building the feeling went away. I was again around the people, lots of people. I suddenly realized how big city this is, I never thought of it, despite driving to it 5 days a week for 4 years now.. All these people, they have no idea what I see. As I walked to my school, I decided I will go to a coffe bar until the school break (which is after first two hours of class). As I walked to the coffe bar near my school, I stopped at the stop sign, so I could cross the road. While I waited, I looked at the stripes for pedestrian crossings and they started to move. They were like curving in and out, not to much, but enough to freak me out a little bit. I knew I tripped, but I didn't expected to trip so hard, surfaces are going to fucking change their patterns and move. After I cross the street, I head to the bar and already step in. Magically, right on that day, they were taking some footage for TV and I imidiatelly turned around and head out. I came to fact, that it wouldn't be a good idea to get, by a chance, interviewed while tripping my ass off.

9.10 AM
I walk forward to next bar which is also very close to our school, luckily there wasn't any TV reporters.. I sat down and ordered fruit tea, took out a book and rip off a piece of paper to sum up what the fuck is happening. I started to write, but my mind thought to fast for my hand to write down, so I stopped doing that.. I took out some school stuff that I had to learn and it was amazing. I had an 2D image of Diocletians palace on a piece of paper and some info about it. I looked at that 2D picture and I could see it so clear in 3D in my mind, I could barelly believe how good my mind was working. All the details I saw, was just incredible. I spinned it around its axis for fun in my head, because my mind was bored I guess and did the hardest task within milisceonds. I had to go and pee, so I head to the toilet. I again catch a look of myself in the mirror and there they were again. Fucking brilliant reptilian eyes. I pee and then sit on the toilet again just to clear my thoughts a little. I decided I have to calm down and stop tripping, because it isn't so fun anymore. I was quite terrified of someone noticing my eyes and thinking something is wrong with me. In that exact moment, I had to take a shit again. So I take down my pants and shot like a cannon out of my ass. I thought that will definatelly clear shrooms out, but again, I was so fucking wrong.. I went back to my seat to drink the tea and I started looking on my phone. I started to feel sweat on my fingers and if something is wrong. I didn't feel comfortable anymore, so I rolled up a cigarette. When I finished rolling my cigarette, I noticed a number on my filter that I've made it from a paper I got from casino weeks before.. The number was of course, the one and only, 42. If you are not familiar with this number, let me just tell you it is also known as an answer to the ultimate question of life. Google or youtube it, whatever. I again asked myself what were the fucking chances that I rolled that specific paper, that I got weeks ago in a way to form out from 15 random number exactlly god damn number 42. What the fuck was going on. On the other side, I was so happy, I understood this shit is happening, because I'm 'thinking on higher frequency'. Despite being terrified of people sorrounding me, I knew I could manage to talk normally. In fact, everytime I thought of what I would say if someone stops me down at the street and asks me what the fuck I am on, I got 500 answers to what I would say. I was master of conversation for some reason. I knew exactlly what to say and at what time, I controlled the conversations with such precision I didn't even felt as me anymore. I was almost completely different version of myself. I was fucking amazed/scared, but happy. While sweating and sitting, I felt as if I'm melting into the stool I was sitting on. It wanted to suck me in, but when that happened I immidiatelly calmed down and went back to normal tripping state. After that I decided it might not be a smart idea to go to school in this mood, not because I was tripping, but what if teacher sees I'm tripping and they would kick me out of school.

9.30 AM
I head out back to the bus station. On the way back, I felt better, because I knew I'm going home. I was panicing a little bit too ,uch, but I knew I was strong enough person to calm down. As I was walking near my school, I wanted to stop at the supermarket to buy some food. Despite something saying in me, DON'T FUCKING DO IT, I changed my mind in the last second and went into the store. I didn't knew what could go wrong, because it was almost empty.. I picked up the first fruit chocolate bar that I see and head to the counter to buy it. It said the price was 0.37 cents so I quickly throw 40 cents on the counter and say it's okay and head to exit. Just before the exit the cashier said wait and I thought to myself what the fuck, I knew something will happen. He then just said the price is 0.57 centes and not 0.37 cents. I had to throw him 5euro bill, because I didn't have enough coins and had to wait for that cashier to count the money in super slow way while returning it to me. I thought holy fucking shit, why did I went in, if I knew some shit will happen. As I was approaching bus station I could still see patterns moving on tiles as I walked on them. The chocolate was so good I almost said 'njam' out loudy and I thought why the fuck did I almost did that again. Fucking 'njam', like I'm 8 year old kid discovering chips.

10.00 AM
I finally arrive at the bus station and look up when my next bus is going to home town. It said 10.15 and I was so happy, because I had to wait only 10 minutes. In that span of 10 minutes I sat down on bench and waited for my bus. My bus came quicklly after that and I felt great relief that I've made it so far and that I am heading home after all this crazyness. I threw myself on seat and started looking at the dust in the air that was floating. For some reason I started to understand that the cosmos on micro level is tight together with the largest forces in our universe. The M-theory, whatever happens in atoms, electrons, quarks, strings, happens in space itself. We are multidimensional beings, the beings of frequency.

I will end with my story here, because it i getting late and I don't really have anything smart more to write. I would rate my trip 4/5, because I was getting little terrified and the trip was TOTALLY UNEXPECTED. I thought nothing fucking special will happen, but the universe itself unfolded to myself as I was going through it. I started to question a lot about how time works after that trip, because the trip seemed as if lasted 5-6 hours, but it was 2.5 hours in total. Maybe a little bit more. It is incredible what shrooms do, at least to me and I'm looking forward to taking higher dosage and breaking through. If I learned one thing it is let the shrooms do what they have to, don't make some retarded last second wrong decisions, go by the flow. They will lead you and show you many things that you don't understand.

My last words would be, be prepared for them. In my case, I was totally unprepared for what happened, but with all the events taking in place as they did, I can't say it was all random. I know how I felt and what I saw, maybe the fact that I was unprepared made everything even more interesting, but terrified too. Take them with coution, but if you want to get in for a treat and have strong personality, take them when you aren't really prepared. Furthermore, they will lead you on your trip and it will be amazing, just don't panic. PEACE

Note: I know I've made some spelling mistakes and I will fix them in further days. I will also maybe add some other events that took place, but I will do so, when I find time to write it down.

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