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525 micrograms lsd- over 2 hours

changed SWIM's life

Several weeks ago, SWIM and his friend got thier hands on some clean potent lsd. They dropped around 10:00pm, SWIM dropped 2.5 tabs and his friend 2 tabs. The tabs were 150 micrograms each. They were sitting in the bedroom waiting for it to kick in. SWIM put a one hour shamanic music mix on to set the mood right. Swim and he's friend sat on the bed and waited listening to the music. As the acid kicked in SWIM felt the best feeling come through his body, almost like an orgasm. after about 1hr 30, the visuals started to kick in. looking at the back of his hand SWIM noticed a slight movement and breathing of his skin and also noticed this with nearly everything he looked at. at one point SWIM and his friend started laughing uncontrollabley at nothing.

 at about the 2 hour mark there were strong breathing and oily visuals, also seeing these symbols, some looking like aztec symbols and some SWIM cant explain. at the 2 hour mark SWIM and his friend decided to drop another 1.5 tabs each. SWIM and his friend continued enjoying the body feeling and visuals. as the other tabs were kicking in, they decided to go outside. outside was beautiful, there were geometric patterns on the ground. SWIM and his friend continued walking for what felt like quite a while and having the most intense feelings of happiness and euphoria. they felt like they were having all sorts of revelation and epiphanies every 10 seconds. They realised how important it was not to be caught in the negative energy of others and that positive thinking was also extremely important. SWIM and friend started heading home and SWIM stopped for a moment and a big dome of visuals overlayed his vision which was awsome! All of the trees looked almost hexagonal in the bunches of leaves and everything seemed symmetrical. SWIM and friend got home around 1:00 in the morning. they stayed on the front porch for a good 30 min and discussed life and also came to the realization that this life is just one part of an everlasting existence and that other people who try and control SWIM can just be ingnored as they have no idea what the meaining of all of this is. Swim and friend were experiencing the exact same feelings. The visuals were still strong and colours were moving around SWIMS vision.

SWIM and friend were still sitting on the front porch and started to feel as if they had telepathy between eachother and that they were becoming one with the universe and merging with the universe. The best feelings washed over thier bodies periodically and was the best feeling ever. Swim and friend went inside and back into the bedroom and contiuned having epiphanies and experiencing extremley strong visuals.

Swim saw his friends soul, which looked somewhat alien like with a green colour. Swim could also see kaleidoscopic green symbols on his friends face that moved and were symmetrical. if SWIM and friend were getting caught in negative thought loops the symbols on his friends face would change and look bad.

The experience lasted until the morning and slightly through the next day.

This is not every detail but the main things SWIM learnt was that it is so important to just 'be' and be in the state of being. and also that everything is connected. SWIM has also feels more kindess and love to everything.

This experience was infinitley beautiful and changed SWIMS life!    

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