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3.5g Psilocybe Cyanescens - Solo

Eternal Bliss, A day of Beauty

"""" Come Up """""

9:15 AM - Consumed 2.5g cracker dry cyanescens lemon tekked.

10:00 AM - Starting to feel the comeup effects, coming in pretty big waves

10:30 AM - Waves went away and I'm growing anxious for something to happen but feeling nothing but a light weed high if anything.

11:00 AM - Sitting around waiting for something to happen, I can see the floor morph if I stare at it long, enough but nothing else.

11:30 AM - Feeling a really strong weed high if anything but nothing out of the ordinary(waves are gone by now) 

11:45 AM - Decide to eat another 1.0 Gram, but this time in food.

12:00 PM - Just sitting around in my house waiting for something to happen watching CNN or something, smoked 1 more bowl.

12:30 PM - Decide to go walk down to the beach and experience it outside because I thought I felt something else coming on.. Well yeah it was

""" Trip """

12:45 PM - Walked out of my house, put on my Beats by Dre, hooked up my iPhone, put them around my neck as I started walking down to the beach. I feel like I'm a giant basketball player over 7 ft tall when I look down at the ground.

1:00 PM - It's partly cloudy out, but some sun and blue is in the sky, I put on a song called ""Above and Beyond - You Gotta go(7 Lions Remix)"" And am walking down a hill to the beach, I am walking on the side of the road and I am looking at all the beautiful plants and scenery that surrounded me, thinking how beautiful they all looked. I glanced into this grove with beautiful trees, they reminded me of the trees in Alice in Wonderland, and when I thought that I completely felt like I was in the Movie.

1:10 PM - I turned off my music after about 50 seconds and just took a look around at the world, I couldn't believe how beautiful it was. I put back on my music and a really good part of the song comes on with a woman's voice that felt like angels were singing to me, I was walking by this beautiful bush like plant that was a wall of about 20 long and 6 ft tall. The leaves were opened up completely with a magical look to them that felt like they were carrying me as I walked past them with their magic.

1:15 PM - I turned off my music again after that and restarted the song and paused it. I am approaching the beach front now and it reminds me of one of those Cards that has a picture of the beach and a Gazebo.  It looks so awesomely similar that I can't wait to just walk up to it and be in the area. I look around for a few minutes and start to feel a really good feeling come on, so I feel like I have to sit down on this bench and stare straight out at the ocean..

1:30 PM - This is where it gets crazy! I put back on my Beats and start to play the song and stare out into the ocean, the bay's water starts dancing to the woman's voice, I felt as if the water was completely connected to me and was feeling what I was feeling. The wind, the clouds, and everything start to flow into one big giant feeling of bliss and it's starting to get a bit overwhelming and I start to shed tears because it is so beautiful. I could feel my walls being broken down, surrounded by a bunch of costly beach houses I feel as if everyone is staring at me and watching my walls be broke down as I am staring at this beautiful amazing event that is just so awe inspiring. 

1:35 PM - I let it show me what it wants to, and I take in all the emotion that it is giving, I continue to watch the show of the entire ocean dancing and carrying me into complete eternal bliss.

1:40 PM - The song is coming to an end, and I look behind me, I notice it started to get cold and the wind and water was blowing in a way which basically said to me  "The show is over, move on" 

1:50 PM - I start to walk out of the beach area and back up the hill that gets me home. I look back at the water seeing if I maybe wanted to go back and to experience that again because it was so amazing. I looked at the water and for 1 second knew that what I saw was over and can't be experienced again, it was telling me that it should stay with me for a long time don't try to go back. The water was moving in a way that it was telling me to go up the other side of this hill which goes around a loop.

2:00 PM - I decide to go up the other side of the hill, and as I do the scene I was in completely changes like a movie when you turn down the wrong road and no trespassing signs are up everywhere. Right as I start to walk up the hill, there is a power pole there which has an arrow on it which is pointing behind me, a tree behind that which says NO TRESPASSING, and a few other hints that what I thought was trying to tell me to go the other way. As I was seeing these signs as well, a dark cloud went over the sun and a loud rumbling jet was flying over ahead, and creepy woods and frogs croaking started to appear. 

2:10 PM - I still don't know what to make of this, but am slightly scared as it felt it was JUST like a movie which I took the "wrong turn" I think whatever it was, was trying to tell me that back there at the ocean are the happiest moments of life, which I learned a lot from just sitting there for 10 minutes; and this is the darkest parts of life. 

2:30 PM - I walk up it a ways and the song turns off again so I turn around and walk the other way and back up to my house, thinking deeply and feeling completely mesmerized by what has just happened back there, flooding with emotions and feeling completely amazed.... I listen to a few more songs, and they sound so so good like nothing I've ever heard before.

2:45 PM - I am having a bunch of thoughts about life and other things, completely connecting and finding out a lot of things about life in general. I come to a conclusion that all life really is, is love.

"""" Come down """""

3:00 PM - I arrive back at my house, I sit down and watch the football game Broncos vs Chiefs(they were both 9-2 at the time) I am still feeling this unexplainable love/euphoric feeling all throughout my body.

3:15 PM - I get into the game and it is QUITE a sight to see. I was having trouble comprehending the game because I was in awe to how fucking GOOD the players were. I could hardly believe the plays that they were pulling off. It was REALLY fun to watch to say the least.

4:30 PM - About half way through the game, I am still feeling this amazing feeling in my body but also the come down, I feel completely relaxed and have a very strong body high. I feel serotonin deprived but it wasn't a bad feeling in any way. I felt completely relaxed.

5:30 PM - The come down is basically gone and I hop in the shower. 

For the next few hours I reflect and can't stop thinking about that moment at the beach which I felt completely connected to life itself. It was a priceless experience, if I had 100 Million dollars I would spend it all to relive that experience.

Complete eternal bliss and love. I will never forget this day of beauty.

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