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Tripping While Witnessing A Bad Trip

Some people react to drugs differently....a lot differently

A week or two after my first LSD experience I decided to buy more tabs but instead of the one tab I had taken the first time I wanted to try two. The dealer I copped from suggested I go all out and try four but I didn't feel comfortable with that after only doing one. So I purchased the two tabs and me the dealer, D, and my friends M, R, and K went to M's house. I decided to only take 1 tab at first to see how that went and if I could handle that well enough in this not ideal environment then I would take the 2nd one. So I took one tab and talked and played Grand Theft Auto 5 with everyone in M's living room. Everything was pretty chill and funny so all my anxieties about the environment disappeared. after about 30 minutes the effects started rolling in. Everything looked like when you look at a 3-D movie without the 3-D glasses on and the trails behind objects started to happen. I wasn't peaking yet but the mild effects were becoming more noticeable and intense. My friend K walked behind the sofa I was sitting on into the kitchen to get something to drink but when he swallowed it sounded as if was right beside my ear so I turned around thinking he was messing with when in actuality he was probably 10 ft  away and hadn't even finished filling up his cup yet. Everything remained in a good atmosphere while playing GTA 5. all incoming cars and object looked stationary until I was about to hit them then they would grow actually making it easier to drive but the trippiest part of the game was the sky. It was a cloudy day in the game and for some reason the clouds looked totally life like but when I looked directly at the clouds in the game they all just looked like bundles of skulls but it wasn't scary just sort of creepy. I had taken the first tab about 1 hour and 40 minutes ago so the effect were still building up to the peak. This is when things went sour.

I was still sitting on the sofa when K stood up from the other couch an asked if I still had that other tab. I said yea and he asked if he could take it. Looking back at this moment. If I was sober and in a clear mind state I wouldn't have allowed this but being in the euphoric mood I was in and content with the trip I was having I had no need for the 2nd tab so I decided to give it to him. Something I know about K that should of stopped me was that K over thinks everything and had only been high off weed and even then he would spazz out from half a blunt of regular weed nothing too dank but I wasn't thinking so I gave it to him. Another thing that should of stopped me was. He didn't know how to take a tab showing that he had no knowledge of what to expect. Afterward I realized he thought it was going to be like a strong weed high so he definitely wasn't prepared for the things to come but it was too late. The tab had already touched his tongue so all I could do was wait it out and see what happen. As we set in the the same setting playing GTA 5 and laughing I would periodically look over to check on K. He looked tense and uneasy but it had only been 5 to 10 minutes after placing the tab on his tongue so I tried to easy his mind before the trip started but my efforts seemed to have no effect. It was about 30 minutes after K had been giving the tab and he was staying he was starting to feel a body high while my trip was still building when M and R wanted to drive around. So D left in his car and me, R, M, and K all got into M's car and we drove around blasting music at Midnight. Few cars were on the road and the mood was perfect. It was at this point K stated "This is the best feeling ever this is like 1000x better than weed! oh my fucking god!". That boosted my mood because I figured he wasn't going to have a bad trip after all. So for the next 20 minutes we drove around I finally hit my peak and K seemed to be building up to his. He tried to explain what he was seeing to us but me and him beginning the only ones tripping made it pretty much impossible for them to understand him. Me and K seemed to have had a telepathy thing going on. A car passed and me and K both exclaimed "Yo there was no one in that car!". As the night continued things such as this continued to happen throughout the night. Everything was okay until we went to take R home to pick up somethings. On the way we stopped at a train track that was flashing indicating a train was coming. So we sat there for about 5 minutes and hearing the sound the lights made and the flashing lights made me believe cops were behind us or going to come so I was slightly uneasy especially when a train never came. Which I guess K perceived as something more significant because after that moment he seemed to spiral into a bad trip. After we decided to just cross the tracks because obviously no train was coming and we got to R's house but after R got back into the car we were leaving his neighborhood when we see a rather large group of people on the lawn in front of a house watching two chick holding eachother in a head lock about to fight. M went a little ways down the street before parking the car to watch the fight. We looked on and I believe the negative vibes of the fight and over thinking the coincidence of this fight happening at that moment completely sent K into a bad trip. As well continued to drive. K began to say things along the lines of "Yo I'm dying...I think I'm dying" "I'm in hell" and things along those lines. We tried to ease his mind but out efforts only seems to create a momentary remedy for what he was feeling before going right back into the mind state we worked to prevent.

We arrived at Wal-Mart as we thought it would be a good idea to just walk around the empty Wal-Mart at 2 o clock in the morning. When we walked in and left the car K seemed to be calming down which allowed me to continue to enjoy my trip. Walking seemed like a weightless task. My feet felt like wheels that glided me across the ground and all the isles seemed to bending to the point where they looked like they were going to collapse over. We passed by the fish isle and I wanted to stay because something about these fish seemed to pull me in and I couldn't look away but I had to continue walking as to not get separated from the others and probably lost in countless rows of products. Randomly K said  "YOOO! WTF? I CAN SEE EVERYONE'S AURA!" something that I had been thinking but didn't state for the simple fact that in my first trip I had exclaimed the same thing. So we walked out of the store after seeing there wasn't much to do in there so we went to an iHop down the street. Still blasting music on the way there and Matt seeming to fall right back into a bad trip. Sitting in the iHop I realized I had lost understanding of what I couldn't see. I stared ahead of me but felt like the iHop was in the middle of the desert even though it definitely isn't. When I looked on K's face I could see like Aztec lines on his face forming different patterns. His face had a look showing me that he was completely drenched in a bad trip. At this point we all still tried to push him out of it but we realized nothing we said could push him out of his mind state. The waitress was cool. She was an older lady that kind of reminded me of an older waitress that you'd see in old movie with a sassy attitude. I think she knew we were on something but didn't seem to care. K's mood still in a bad trip when cops walk into the iHop and sit on the other side of the restaurant. Me still being in a good trip mind state even while worrying about K didn't  see the cops as a threat since we weren't really doing anything but the sight of cops sent K just deeper into his bad trip. I wasn't hungry so I just ordered a sweet tea while M and R ordered food that probably looked good but made my stomach feel uneasy. After leaving iHop it was 5am in the morning and the sun was just coming up. When K found out it was 5am he started freaking about because he was still tripping but had to babysit his nephew at his house at 7am. It was like the icing on the cake to an already bad trip. We told him he still had time and we went to M's house since the place he had to babysit at was just 1 minute down the street from there. When we walked in the door M's mom was awake and she was mad and screaming because she thought we had burned the carpet smoking hookah when actually it had happened a few days before when M and another friend of ours was smoking. So she started yelling while M tried to explain the situation and I know his moms cool so I wasn't worried but coming inside to a women yelling on a bad trip sent K into a completely even more fucked up trip.

We left and walked around for a while while M and his mom talked. While waking K kept trying to say he needed to go home to babysit but it was still only 5am so for 10 minutes we had this battle of him saying he was going home then he would calm down then he would try to go home again. It ended when he took off running back to M's house so me and R ran after him. When we got there everyone had calmed down and M was talking to him mom in her room. So we set on the couch talking for a few while the sun came up. When M came back into the livingroom and set on the couch he put on trippy videos and we tried to watch them for a few minutes cause they looked pretty cool to me but K kept saying "I can't watch this turn it off!". We were still just trying to tell him to calm down but 7am was approaching quick but then K informed us that his mom would be home with his nephew so that she could watch him while he tried to get some sleep before going home. When I told K the trip can last up to 12 hours he tried to sleep it off but sleeping on acid is pretty impossible so me, R, and K stayed up while M pasted out in an arm chair in front of us before just laying on the floor. K finally calmed down around 8am and from that point the worst was over so we just started reflecting on the night and everything that happen. R passed out soon after M so it was just me and K up talking. We normally don't agree when it comes to spirituality but this time we realized that our or anyone's beliefs didn't matter and we should live life like Bruce Lee said "Be like water" so for the rest of the morning that was the catch phrase. I remember K saying something along the lines of "Karma is the only thing real" we had a very spiritual experience and I remember crying at the beauty of the day. Since then my out look on life is like water. I go with the flow. Afterwards I was surprised that seeing K have a bad trip didn't spiral me into a bad trip along with him but I'm glad it didn't. I'm glad to of had the experience and glad K wasn't mentally scarred from the experience but by the morning he was saying "Fuck drugs" haha.

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