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First Psychedelic Trip in the Summer

Mind bent ever since

Well I had just graduated high school (Class of 2013) and was chilling the summer before i started college. My days where pretty boring considered the day after graduation I moved a good 30 minute drive away from all the people I knew and only had my permit so I was pretty much stuck. I had ordered LSA from 200 Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds and tripped on those a few times during July but before that my 'Drugs Done' list consisted of: Weed, Xanax, Ambien, Alcohol, Codiene, Promethazine(liquid and tablets), Vicodin, and that was pretty much it. No psychedelics but I had wanted to do shrooms or LSD since 8th grade but its never been around my area but during the summer I had finally found a connect to substances such as LSD, Shrooms, and DMT but chose to do LSD first.

So my mom went out of town for the weekend to visit family and left me home alone and she had also left the car at home as well since she took a flight and didn't drive so I had transportation to my friends. Even though I only had my permit I felt as though I was skilled enough to drive without the cops obviously seeing I was an inexperienced driver. So I drove to my friend M's house and we picked up our friends R, Y, and called the dude with the LSD and he told us to meet him in the parking lot of this apartment complex 15 minutes from M's house so we went and picked up the LSD which was wrapped in aluminum foil. It was a sunny summer day so I decided that we should go to this rather large park near by and I'd take it there. When we get there M suggest that I take it on the path so by the time we got to this tall hill that was our destination I'd feel the effects. I had done extensive research on acid and knew that by the time we got to the hill I wouldn't be feeling any of the effects yet but I didn't see any harm in taking it then anyways. So I unwrapped it from the aluminum foil and it was one tab with like a picture of a blue blob monster on it. So I put it on my tongue and began walking. I had debated if I should of gotten 1 or 2 tabs for my first time but I'm only 115lbs and normally drugs seems to hit me harder easily so I thought 1 tab should be enough. So we got to the hill which was basically a dwarf mountain in size. We set on top of the hill talking for 20 minutes and I remember vividly one converstation me and Y had that went something like

Y: "Do you feel anything yet?"
Me: "Nah. My tongues numb but that's it"
Y: "What is acid like I know it's a drug but whats it suppose to do?"
Me: "Its a psychedelic its suppose to make you hallucinate and shit"
Y: "Have you ever done crack?"
Me: "HAHAHAH! What?! No!"
Y: "Aight just checking. Acid seems pretty crazy to me"
Me: "HAHAH! Its not in the same group as crack though!"

After that conversation that I found funny as fuck I started to feel a trippy feeling building like I had no body effects or visuals but like little things felt slightly trippier than normal. for example from the hill you could see this lake on the other side of the trees and there was an island on the other side but storm clouds had started moving in so it made it seem like the island disappeared so everyone was wondering where the island went or if it was even and island so in my head I was thinking I had started tripping without even noticing or something and that somehow everyone else was too but I quickly realize I was still sober. These storm clouds got closer and it got extremely windy on the hill and M and R started making remarks like "This is nature coming to join you on your trip!" haha. Then it started raining so we went to sit under these rather nice picnic tables under these gazebos. Sitting there for 10 minutes I started to realize it had been at most 45 minutes since I took the tab and only thing i felt was a numb tongue but I remand optimistic since I knew a numb tongue was a sign that it was LSD on the tab and I hadn't gotten an empty tab plus it didn't have a taste or anything so I knew it wasn't 25i that some report having a metal taste. So the rain stopped after only a few minutes and this is when the effects started :)

So I looked onto the grass field littered with hills and the sun was shining again and the grass was really bright and vibrant and the rain water made it sparkle and I found it so beautiful and R had said something so I looked over to him and he was wearing this galaxy 5 panel hat and I asked if I could see it because all the stars and planets on it just seemed to pop more than before. At this point I still didn't have a body high or any other visuals until I looked back into the distance then at the sky and I saw that the sky was blue at the highest part I could see but then it faded to green and then purple was closet to the ground. At this point I knew I was about to start the trip so I checked the time and it was only 3:00pm. So Y and R wanted to go to Starbucks because they where hungry. I didn't want to leave the beauty of the park when the trip had just started but I said "Fuck it" and we got in the car to go to Starbucks. I was in the driver seat haha. Everyone asked me "YOUR GOING TO DRIVE!?!?!" I tried to ensure them no strong visuals had started so I could drive. They said "okay" so I pulled out the parking space and got probably 1 or 2 meters driving when i stopped and put the car in park and asked M to drive. He asked why and I remember saying "Because the trees in front of us are bending in and out and two just fused into one" so we all busted into laughter and me and M switched places and he began to drive. Sitting in the car I really started to feel the body high and the visual effects went from just being vivid colors to everything warping and my hearing seemed over sensitive. I sat in the passenger seat laughing for no reason for only a few minutes when all of a sudden I just started zoning out to one of my favorite songs at the time I was playing it off the speakers of  the car using one of those cords. The song sounded so beautiful and it has this echoing voice effect that I never noticed before but It was really trippy at the time. 75% of the way through the song I realized that I hadn't even put the cord all the way into the headphone jack on my phone so it was really static-e sounding so I cut it down and I was said "Yo I didn't even notice the static. Did yall hear it this whole time?" and R said "Yea all I really heard was static haha" and that blew my mind cause I believe that you manifest your reality but I never really saw the direct effect of it but seeing that I had heard a beautiful song but everyone else only heard static blew me away. We arrived at the Starbucks and I remember just craving some water. The coffee smell was nice and all but I just kept asking "Do they sell....just a bottle of water?" but tripping I never went to the counter to see I sat in the lounge area with R, Y, and M after R and Y had gotten there coffees or whatever and I swore up and down I could see there auras so I told them what I saw but after that I remember sitting for a good 20 minutes just moving my hand back and forward just watching the little trail of hands that followed behind my own. After the food stop we dropped Y off at his house and went to M's house but only for a few minutes before we drove to take R home. On the way I was playing Candy Crush on M's iPad and that games colors where nearly blinding but every time I removed a row or did even the smallest matches it seemed to make it seem as though I had done something major which made the game 100x better and all the candies were all wiggling and jumping up and down in place. This is were I started the peak of my trip

After destroying a bottle of water which was the best water of my life but it was strange because it was as though i could hear the water loud as fuck going down my throat I was sat on M's couch and he has these textured ceilings and I stared at the ceiling because the texture on the ceiling was like sinking into the surface making it appear flat then emerging back out to reveal its texture again.  At this point M's little brother who is only around 9 or 10 comes up and I asked him to bring me the games for the PS3 they had. When he did I just started laughing and then M's little brother asked him if I was high but M said no. So me and M's little brother started playing Madden 2k13 I believe. Not my type of game seeing as I'm not a sports guy but I once was so I was completely ignorant to the game. So we started playing and for a young kid M's brother knew more on how to play then me and feeling care free from the acid tab I really wasn't going too try-hard on the game but on the first kick-off of the game. I received the ball and ran directly to the touchdown. At this point I was surprised because I could barely tell who I was controlling and the whole TV itself seemed to be bending forward and backward in some areas. After going roughly 27 to 0 against M's little bro me and M walk to 7-11 to get snacks. By this time it was dark and on the way there all the cars we passed wheels seemed to be melting into puddles on the concrete and trees looked as though all their leaves were flowers and they were going through the life cycle of a flower within seconds in front of my eyes. So that was cool. When we got to 7-11 All the rows of candy and shit seemed really bright to me and it made everything look delicious. I had lost my perception of height so even though I saw the set up to get behind the counter I thought everyone behind the counter had grown every time I looked away. When we got back to M's house his mom was spazzing because apparently he had left popcorn cooking in the microwave before we left so it had burned and the whole house was full of smoke. Her yelling made me feel uneasy but wasn't serious enough to send me into a bad trip. After that we watched trippy videos on youtube and music videos trippy videos were making me just zone out into them but one music video in particular was The Underachievers - The Proclamation. It was suppose to mimic the effects of a light shroom trip I believe but it hadn't impressed me until I watched it trippy. I said to M while we watched it "YOOOO! This is almost exactly what I'm seeing right now"(Later I watched it again after the trip was over and all the effects I thought I had saw that I hadn't before were actually an effect of the LSD haha). It was around 8:00pm when I pulled out my phone to message our friend K to see if he wanted to hang out. After I unlocked my phone I looked at my background which is a photo of one of my paintings and It seemed as though it was colorless which freaked me out and all the icons on the iphone seemed to shake constantly. The same as they do when you go to delete an app on an iphone or ipod touch. Plus the keys on the keyboard seemed to be shuffling around as I typed which made me wonder how I was even able to type. We drove literally 1 minute down the street and met up with K parked the car in front of his car and Walked around the neighborhood. At this point in the trip I had lost all connections to reality. I saw nothing as being real and I truely felt as though I was everything so I lost concept of distance so the moon seemed in arms reach. I also knew time haha like I figured out time really wasn't time and the visuals got even stronger. I thought I saw to people walking infront of us when out of nowhere they melted into puddles that then turned into a fire hydrant. I told K and M this and they insured me that that there was never any people infront of us it was just the fire hydrant the whole time. We walked past two tree stumps which I thought were puppies but when I went to get a closer look is when they turned to stumps. We walked to M's house when 2 people walked out of a house near by but when I looked it looked as though 2 people walked out followed by 50 people at least all wearing red so I quickly got inside and for the rest of the night I just enjoyed the effects and had many spiritual epiphanies. By the end of the night I was the only one up because I could not shut my brain off. I had taken the LSD at 2pm and felt the effects until 5-6am when I had finally passed out.

Since than I have done acid on other occasions and will soon be getting DMT. Although I didn't state the exact spiritual epiphanies of my trip they have changed my life for the best. LSD and Ambien remain my favorite drugs but acid especially. It allowed me to get a really introspective view inside myself and be completely honest with myself as well as gave me a different view on life.

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