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A Wonderful Night

Alright, it was me (Raelee), my bf Terrie and our best guy-friend, Arron.

Alright, it was me (Raelee), my bf Terrie and our best guy-friend, Arron. Arron was at about level 4. Me and Terrie were at level 3. Well somehow we all ended up at this guy Ray's on our own. We never go over there. What made us all go over there one by one is beyond me. We ate our shrooms over there and smoked a joint.

And at about 11:00pm Ray's mom came home (right after the joint) so us three decide to leave. Well, we live in a small desert town. It was the first day of winter and it was raining (which hardly ever happens). We had no were to go so we decide to take a journey to the bar and get a pack of smokes. Well we decided to cut thru the desert. If we were sober it would have taken 20 min but it took us obver an hour. We kept going into our own little world and just tripping and going of in the wrong direction. So we'd have to stop and try to look fo clues for going the right way. Then we ended up at a wash. I just ran down it. It took Arron 5 min and Terrie was too scared to try (it was a cinch. Finally we somehow all got to the other side safely. We ended up at a street and I walked right into a puddle. It almost runed my night. But in 5 min I forgot all about it. It was sooooo wonderful. It was raining just perfecly and the kyotees were singing and the desert was so pretty and I was with my closest friends. Well, we finally found our way to the bar did our thing and headed back. By that time we weren't as "high" but still going. This time we used the power line road. But we kept wondering of of that. I'd gotta say it was the best night of my night.

What was wierd is it took us so long to end our journey yet time went bye soooo slow. The only thing we worried about all night was that the night had to end sometime. It depressed us a little.

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