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The first Time MountainFeller tripped

first post.

Hello. This is the true story of Mountain Fellers first trip, and first experience with psychedelics period.

So at this point in my life i was 20 years old and have had plenty experience with hard drugs since about the age of 13, i had been wanting to do shrooms litterly since i was a kid. I even went as far as giving myself a tattoo of a mushroom patch on my leg. So I liked em before I ever tried em lol.

Now to the point.  Psychedelics are extremely rare in my area  so I knew if I could get ahold of some killer shrooms, there would be some extra money to be made and I also could finally experience them for my self. So I litterly hunted them down and found a old man that was a grower of 20 plus years! (Law of attraction?).

Anyway I bought 35 grams of Columbians for 95 dollars. Got back to the house actually my parents house (moved back in to work at amazon) so I get on the horn and sell a half oz for 125.
Now that I made my money back and then some im ready to eat some my self.

2:00 pm: I weighed out 2.0 and sucked on em till they got real soft then chewd and swallowed, then I told my mom what I had just ate lol she said "o lord" and my dad just laughs and says "your in for a helluva time son, dont fight it just let it hit ya" I agree.

2:30 : We all proceed to the bedroom to smoke a couple bowls of some fire headband.
3:00 : done smoking, stoned and I realize my cigs are in the living room I stand up to retrieve them and I feel completly weightless! "Oh shit I feel it now lol, this feels weird as hell hahaha im weightless." And my parents laugh as im lifting my legs up and down. I get the cigs and go out side to smoke and I notice the trees look amazing vibrant green on a overcast day and as if all the leaves are pulling towards me.

3:30 : still out side laughing to myself and I think "the neighbors must think im a damn nut out here"  so i try to do somthing normal and I go prop my arm up on the hood of my truck and look around and say to myself "this isnt normal damn I gotta go back in"  so I do and I lay str8 on the couch and once again think "why am I laying down I would never lie down mid day"

4:00 : got up when back to the parents room whith a smile on my face. And I tell my mom "im tripping lol" she laughs and looks at me and says " wth you look like a completly diffrent person"
"Bs"I say and my dad tells my mom she must be tripping too witch makes me feel better.but she insisted I did.

4:30 : they carry on to the kitchen to cook a good meal I stay behind and begin to notice the room looks much darker and theres green dots all over the walls I know its from the shrooms and I enjoy this for a while. I decide to lay on the bed and as I lay there enjoying my visuals I look to my left out the window and theres a lil neighbor kid in a bright yellow shirt stairing at me through the window! 
Needless to say this freaks me the hell out. But all I do is simply turn my head in the oppisite directon and keep it there for what seems like 20 mins. When I finally look back shes gone.

6:00 : I leave the room to find parents have alredy ate and listening to classic rock. I grub on piece of chicken pot pie and realise how lucky I am to have a mom that cooks so damn good and always from scratch. I head to the extra bed room where its pitch black and I can hear the music playing through the wall. I lay down in the darkness and close my eyes and begin to see a colorful and black and white checkerboard tht was moving forward like guitar hero with music notes riding along. This was cool but i opend my eyes and look at my hand tht was on the wall and at tht moment my hand morphed into the wall also enjoyd this and contuied listening to the music. And I thought this is what ive always been looking for in a high. And I thought its way better to trip in a dark room by ur self lol.

8:00 : by now I think im str8 again I feel normal and im sitting on the couch amazed by my experience and I notice what looks like a flaming ball of fire coming towards the house like a comet I see this through the front door window so I began yelling "mom!! Come here wth is this"
She rushes in and looks out the door to discover its just a street light with a tree blowing in front of it making it appear to be a pulsating light through the door lol. Well thts about it I hope yall enjoy.

Sincerely. .....MountainMan

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