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Tripping to jazz in a sunny room

First trip ever. Hundreds of times better than I expected.

I homegrew some mazatapec this fall and finally decided to try them out. (got the spores from sporeworks, they grew wonderfully with PF tek. about 6 weeks start to finish.) I don't own a scale but by rough estimates it was about a gram, but they must have been really potent (the longest ones were like 2" long. They were all tiny with big caps). I had never had (or even seen) shrooms before, and the only other drug I ever had was weed, which I have tried 2 or 3 times, so I had literally no tolerance or cross-tolerance or anything.

It was a chilly November afternoon in New England, about 12:15. My friend and I each had about a gram, with water. These shrooms were bone dry and it almost hurt to eat them without water. They were so bone dry that they tasted like nothing (maybe slightly salty), which is good at least.
We're sitting in his college dorm room watching a couple funny videos to pass the time while we wait for them to kick in. I'm actually feeling really sad at this point for no real reason. About 20 minutes later Pink Floyd's "Comfortably Numb" is playing and he goes off somewhere (to watch a movie I think, he wasn't expecting the shrooms to do much). At this point I'm lying on the ground relaxing in the warm sunlight, waiting for something to happen. My stomach feels a little queasy but I welcome this, knowing it's a sign that it's kicking in. The queasiness comes in waves too. Just as my friend gets up to leave I start feeling slightly dizzy, but in a good way. The ceiling I'm staring at seems to move the tiniest bit in and out, sort of like a damped oscillation that drifts to one side of the room in the most fleeting way. I find it quite funny and laugh- I normally don't laugh very much. My friend wishes me luck and leaves, not really feeling any effects. I lay there for the rest of the song and sort of let the psilocybin start to take over.

I stare at the sunlight with my eyes closed and see a little more than the typical orange glow you normally get. I remember seeing a small (like only 1/10th of my field of view at its longest) brownish tentacle-like figure (jellyfish) with the tentacles slowly moving in the current, swaying back and forth. I knew that if I lose focus it will go away. Still, I giggle to myself with pleasure, knowing that I grew these shrooms. (I now have the room to myself as well.) This is about 30-40 minutes after ingestion. I liked the song so much (and I had never heard it before) that I put it on repeat and kept looking at the sun with my eyes closed, concentrating heavily. There were decent size polygons (Voronoi-like) of differing hues or orange and brown, pulsating the slightest bit to the music. I then put my palms over my eyes and everything turned the deepest blue. Not a typical blue but a blue that was fluorescent and dark at the same time. Teal and blue Voronoi polygons pulsated again and went away. At this point I decided to change the music, as it had gone through the song two or three times. I wasn't really tripping but just seeing interesting patterns if I closed my eyes and really focused.

I changed the music to the "Lovely Vibes" album by Nujabes, a really trippy Japanese jazz DJ. Best decision I ever made. I lay down, close my eyes, and start seeing medium size hollow teal circles across my orange glowing field of view. They pop in and out with the music. I then try putting my palms over my eyes again and see something incredible. I still have to really focus for it to work though. I see a fluorescent blue grid-like network on a black background. It sort of had a 2-D crystalline feel to it, like sheets of graphite. The lines of the grid rattled in place. It was also interesting in that the pattern's only real line of symmetry was a vertical central line. At one point I giggle knowing that what I'm doing is illegal in almost all countries, but there's no way I can be caught by the monstrous governments of the world. The window is open and 30-degree November air comes in, but I'm laying in the sun so I'm fine. I sort of lost track of time at this point and I let Nujabes fully take control. I begin thinking about New Mexico for some reason (never even been) and giggle to myself.

I lay back down and there's a nice jazzy track ("Color of Autumn") playing, which sets the mood. I try to put my arms/fingers in weird positions across my eyes to play with the sunlight entering my eyes. As soon as the next song kicks in, I really start travelling. I begin to see tiny intricate red patterns on a bright yellow background. The patterns looked almost Mayan in nature, like symbols on the calendar. They drifted but remained aligned with each other. Then they disappeared. I saw green fern leaves on a teal background, and then the same thing with lavender and purple, and then a fleeting glimpse of fluorescent green and purple glowsticks on a black background. They all seem to be coming at me slowly from a point to my right, and I feel like I can grab any of them like a record in a jukebox and "play" them over on the left side of my view. I then try to NOT see things and that's when I know I'm really tripping and it's not just a placebo effect. I can't NOT see things. I am so f***ing happy at this point. Then for some reason (with the music perhaps) everything cuts to the darkest black color I've ever seen in my life, hundreds of times darker than pitch black. A cutout (shaped like one of the mayan figures) of that yellow and red mayan pattern appears on the black background and looks so bright and yellow. This is the most vivid visual I had during the whole trip. I remember the cutout having a manifold-like 2D nature to it, like a loosely folded sheet of bright yellow paper with literally millions of little red Mayan symbols on it. I have another thought about how f***ing evil the government is to take this away from people.

I shift my position on the ground to account for the shadows moving over me, to keep myself in the sun. Every time I put something dark like a pillow over my eyes I see the vivid tunnel-grid of rattling fluorescent blue again. I did this at least 5 separate times during the trip. This is about 90 minutes after ingestion- it's about 1:45 but it feels like it's maybe 5 or 6pm, maybe just because I'm hungry, or maybe because the shrooms did something to my sense of time. I get a couple more visuals, namely the teal Voronoi polygons. At this point "Peaceland" cuts out abruptly and "Light on the Land" kicks in. The trip shifts from visual to emotional in nature. I stare out the window at the clouds and sun and feel like I'm 35000 feet up in a floating room, with commercial airliners flying all around me. At this point I begin to feel slightly disconnected with the world, but at the same time feeling like I'm in an airline membership commercial or something. I get a hard-to-describe emotion relating to commercial aviation and executive world travel. Birds fly high outside my window as the weather deteriorates. I no longer really see vivid visuals but I'm at the most emotional part of the trip. I probably stared out that window for 10 minutes without turning away. Then I curl up and just relax as the album finishes out. I put on "Space Cowboy" by Jamiroquai as I put my coat on and get ready to leave. It's about 2:45 at this point.

I go get lunch, composed of breakfast sausages, noodles, and pesto. The milk I drink feels ice cold and just feels really good. The food just tastes and feels really interesting. I'm coming down at this point, only getting minor visuals if I close my eyes and concentrate. I do note that my speech is kind of slurred and I'm still laughing a lot. As a reality check, once I came down fully, I tried to close my eyes in the light and see patterns... nothing. It was totally real.

Reflections on my first trip:
*These things were potent as f***.
*You really have to try shrooms for yourself. This trip report doesn't do it justice.
*They really don't taste bad. In fact, they don't taste like anything.
*The visual climax hits first, and the emotional climax hits later on. My trip shifted from visual to emotional. Honestly, visuals got a little boring after a while and I looked for something more: an emotional side of the trip.
*Lovely Vibes is a f***ing GREAT album.

In general, now I totally understand what people mean when they say this or that in a trip report. 

10/10. Would recommend. Will trip again.

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