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my first psycedelic experince

psilocibe cubensis. freshly picked.

this is a report on my very first trip on shrooms. i remember it very well so it will be a bit long.
so i am in FL and i have always known about shrooms since i was about 12 from the internet. i heard the make you see things so i have always been interested. i enjoy altered states of mind. after living in florida a bit people ask me if i have done shrooms yet. its a populare thing where i live becuase there are loads of cowpastors and rain. i ask people people in my neighborhood where i can get them and how much. a buddy of mine tells me there is a cow pastor right at the end of out neighborhood where they grow. and he told me how to identify them.

so one day at school i get suspended for nine days. since i have too mucb time on my hands i go out to look for them. the first time i went i fond about 4 shrooms with purple rings. i eat them but dont get affects. my buddy told me to go right aftera rain. so i tryed again after a day that it rained. then i started to find a good bit. then i find a cubensis about as big as a dixie plate. mybe a tad bit smaller. when i see it i gasp in amazment and behold it.
i couldent help myself, i ate it in about 6 bites and it tasted very earthy. i found about 15 more and brought them back to my house to make tea. the last couple of times i tryed to trip nothing happened so i did a very bigger dose.

im home alone making my tea and im feeling excited and giggly. idk if it was the big one already kickin in or i was just happy to trip finally. i make about a liter of shroom tea and start sipping on it. i went to my room to play video game Kingom Hearts becuase i thought the flashing colors would make me laugh. as a couple minites go by and taking sips here and there istart feeling anxious. like i need to go get something done befor it is too late.

im starting to get high, everything looks a bit different, like when you smome weed. i liked it it felt funny. but it kinda stressed me out. i chugged the rest of the half liter of tea and wait. mybe 25 miniutes go by and i realize im zoneing out reallybad. like im falling asleep with my eyea open. there is trails in my vision when i look at something then turn away. i felt like the game wasent fun. it was stupid. so i try to vaccume and im saying to myself. "it is unbelievable how much dirt is in here!!" i stop vacuming. 

i start pacing around my house wondering what im supposed to do at time like this... i feel very veryhigh  and confused.everything is breathing and mimicking lava lamps. im standing in my kitchen when i blast off. i feel myself getting more and more high. and when i think its done i cant get higher, i blast off more. at this time im very happy to finally be tripping. but its scaring me at the same time. i start to think about peopleand thier faces...and i can hear their voices talking inside my head. my brain was on 127% i was living lives i didint remember i lived, my whole life didint just flash before my eyes..all my past lives and my ancestors's lives were going backwards into my head.

then i felt like i fell into an ocean with these dark skinned people under a golden sky. they were all going with the waves. i saw this man with a big gold grown on that was shaped like a orange slice with the curve facing up. i know this king was waiting for me. he said to me"yes, this is where you go on these mushrooms, your not doing anything new, we are already WAY ahead of you. thisisjust the beggining" i had visions of ancient cities that i cant recall but i remember seeing time lapses ofthem evolving. 

i have hit the mother load of imformation. i was tapped into the truth. i thought i was jesus reincarnated intothis body and i was working miricales. im still getting higher..i start seeing specks of shit and filth being flung onto everything around me. my mom gets home and it scared the hell out of me. HOW LONG HAVE I BEEN TRIPPING?!?! italked to my mom and i didint make any sence... i was asking her questions like what does all this mean whats goi g on?? she doesent know im tripping so she is like, wtf is wronge with you?? areyou on something?  look atme. 

she looks at my eyes and says "whatr you on???" i told  her,  mushrooms. then she starts yelling and asking me if i was trying to go to jail and this turned my trip into a torture. i started feeling scuicidal and wanted to escape by any means necisary. i walk in and out of my house not knowing what im trying to do. colors where merging with eachother, colors of the walls would strech out onto other things and mix. desingns on the funiture were flowing in perfect harmony. i decide to give up and lay down on my bed and just wait to die.

when i close my eyes i am lifted above earth from the back of my neck by an entity i belive now to be my spirit guild.it told me to roam free we want tk know where you spent most of your time. i was in space looking at earth. it was just a liquiod like mass that had a brownish color i knew to be filth. after zooming around the atmosphere a while my spirit guild lifted me byond that. it brought me to this ultimate all knowing spirit thag i believed  was  God.

the holy spirit opened my eyes and ears to see what was going on on everypart of the earth at every time. anything that has happened is happening or will happen i wittnessed. and most of what i saw was complete filth and destruction. i started to feel horrible!! to know every bad thing that is happening is too much. it  is insanity, i didint want to be god anymore. 

my spirit guild told me that we do it to ourselfs. and we should all deserve to be punished for our sinns andyoutoo.
i zoomed into the earth below the earth and into the center is where hell is. earth is a hell, and i saw my place in it. istarted to feel like this was it. i was here for ever. the spirit said its not too late to call apon your saviour. i cryed out to God to help me. forgive me. then i was in a bean of light , rising at a high speed . i was not going through space but the fabric of existance itself. i was going down a tunnel and i saw the light at the end. when arrived at the light it was so brilliant and amazingly holy i jerked up and opened my eyes and saw a cross. 

after that i started coming down. this experiance changed my life and taught me a lesson that there is more tothis world than just the flesh. 

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