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tripping on AC (freon)(air conditioning coolant)

the sun dragon.

this trip took place under my 2ct story deck. right beside my airconditioning unit sitting up against my house at sunset.

i had just got back from school and waited for everyone of my family members to be inside so they wouldent see me. it was beautiful outside with the dim sum shining thru the leafs of the trees some 10 yards away. it was dim enough to were you could look at it without your eyes hurting. i filled my bag with the gas and inhaled hard and deep, i held it in aslong as i could. i could feel it sitting heavily in my lungs like it was rocks. (the gas is denser than air) i look at the sun and hope to get insane visuales. my vision starts to vibrate and it becomes very hard hold in the gas. then i dont know if i became limber or if my body forced it out but all of the gas escaped my lungs while i felt like i just got upercutted in the stomach. 

i looked at the sun, it shaked intensly then with a increadibly loud roar/screech a vividly golden chinease looking dragon with exrtemly bright golden scales burst out of the center of the sun. the dragon had a long skinny body with thos wiskers and sort legs with claws. it's eyes were huge and buldging looking right at me. my jaw had dropped, andthats when they dragon flew into my mouth and streight into what felt like my soul. it slammed me into my house behind me and i fell over and blacked out. i woke up mybe what seemed like 20 or 40 seconts later with my face on the ground and dirt in my mouth. 

the whole trip lasted mybe 2 minites at most.

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