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first time tripping on freon(AC)(air conditioning coolant)

first time ever hallucinating. cryed

this is my first post to the website. i hope you find it interesting.
when this happened i have never done any pysichedelics before.
this is the first time i tripped on AC. i have done it plently of more times after this and i will post more of these expeiences.

so i found out how to take the gas out of and air conditioning unit and get high off of it by a friend. he would get a trash bag and a stick to realease the saftey valve and fill the trash bad with the gas. we would inhale lungfulls but when he put the bag to my mouth to let me inhale he would always close his fist around the opening to prevent me from inhaling too much, which i thought nothing of.when i would huff this stuff i would feel extremly giggly and my body "vibrated" the gas is heavier than air too so out voices would get very deep and it was very funny. he told me to never do it with anybody else but him becuase he "knew how to do it" and that i would probably die if i did it without him. but i didint listen.

i waited for my family was asleep and then got a trashbag and went around back to the AC unit. it was raining so i tryed to hurry. i found a stick and unscrewed the cap on one of the valves on the base of the unit. i filled my bag and 
went to my parents' car to get high. the rain was pouring onto the windshield making a nice veiw and sound. i prepared myself and took a FULL lung full. more than i have done ever before. i held it in for 10 seconts then let it out becuase my body started to vibrate intensly. then it hit me very very very hard. i heard the "WHOM WHOM WHOM" you hear when you huff freon and then just a *piiiiinnnngggg* like a gernade went off i went deaf. i couldent 
hear anymore, but i could still see, everything was shaking. i had forgot where i was, what i was doing and who i was.

i felt something in my mouth and it tasted weird i didint like it. ( it was the gum i was chewing but i had completly forggoton.) i spit the nasty whatever-it-was out and what appeared to be a quarter sized, very vivid purple pumpkin. 
or berry thing.  i am at a complete lost of what to think or do. my facial expression was that of"what in fuck' name!?"
i feel somthing poke my head and fall into my lap, another pumpkin,berry thing. then another. i realize they are hitting me from infront of me so i look up and on the hood of the car is a halo soldier operating a giant hightech alien cannon, or giant gun bolted to the hood of the car. he is blasting purple berries at my face and head and i am thinking he is going to kill me and im freaking out. i try to hide under the stearing wheel when he jumps down

off of his purple berry blaster and grabs his side arm and lays on his belly ontop of the hood aiming for a head shot.
his body language was mockinging and meanacing as if he was saying "yeah!yeah! ima shoot you dead i will kill you!" at this point i am crying and i say please lets just talk this out man dont kill me. 

i have forggoton that i was high and didint know i was hallucinating. after a few seconts i hear the rain on the windshield again and i realize i spit my gum out and dropped my bag and wasted all the gas.

sorry about the spelling. if anyone has ever tripped balls on AC id love to hear about it.

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