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Most epic, terrifying, and enlightening experiance in my life

4 grams

Well first let me say this, shrooms are my favorite psychedelic drug. Though this experience was terrifying, it is entirely my fault it ended up this way, not the mushroom's.

I bought a quarter ounce of mushrooms (forgot the species name), then i decided to trip two days in a row, both very mild, level 1 doses. Which for me was about 1.5g. The plan was to trip mildly for two days then eat a lot the third day because I didn't have to wake up early the next day for college. The third night started off great, about 10 minutes after i ate the shrooms i smoked about .6g of cannabis which ended up getting me really stoned. while i was stoned i began to trip. At this stage it was very beautiful, I saw what seemed to look like lightening bolts of rainbow colors moving horizontally across my vision.

 I decided to go to my living room, turned on the tv, and laid on the couch. Slowly i felt myself going deeper and deeper into the trip and things got stranger and stranger. The colors on the tv started to merge together and spin and the voices from the tv sounded as if they were on the other side of a long tunnel. While this was going on my dog walked over to me, so i started to pet my dog then things went downhill. As i was petting him i felt a wet, warm and slimy sensation on my hand though nothing was actually on it. but since i felt it after touching my dog i thought it was from him. I started looking at him and trying to see where the wetness on my hand came from, then somehow the terrifying thought popped in my head thinking that i hurt him and his blood was what was on my hands. At this point i was seeing just about anything i thought about, if i thought about the walls melting they would begin slightly moving downwards like water. So i started to imagine blood on my hands, one of my friends were there so i asked him if my dog was ok and he said yes, so i moved the dog away from me so i didn't get scared of hurting him anymore, but after this it was too late. My heart started racing, i started breathing heavy and so i ran to my room. After i got to my room the first thing i thought of was to strip down to my boxers and lay in my bed like i was going to sleep. I laid here for about what seemed like 10 minutes. Then i started loosing my F**king mind. I couldn't remember my name, i couldn't comprehend time and it was just all around a nightmare that i couldn't escape. So for some reason my shower came to mind. I ran to my shower and quickly turned on the water and jumped in. at this point all reality, laws of physics and my own living being seemed to break down to a point of extreme confusion. As i was laying in the shower things got extremely intense. I began thinking about time and space, and began to feel like i was pointless and nothing mattered. every time i started relaxing i would feel like i was fading away into nothing. I had also completely forgotten everything leading up to this point in time including that i even ate mushrooms. Then came the most extreme hallucinations of my entire life. i walked past a digital clock that was not set yet so it was blinking 12:00. So I began to think that the shrooms killed me and i was in hell where time stood still. The bathroom began to feel like a prison that i was stuck in for eternity. i kept looking at my body to see if it was still there, though i could see it, just seeing it wasn't enough to convince my mind it was there. Then i thought well maybe if i look at myself in the mirror and not be a skeleton then i was alive, so i walked to the mirror and though now when i look back on it i saw myself and i looked normal, in my mind i was a skeleton with a few remaining muscles and then i got so scared i dropped to my knees and covered my eyes with my head on the ground. Screaming in my thoughts "Please let this be a dream". Then i started to sing, trying to comfort myself which woke up my sister. She knocked on the door asking if i was drunk and then i said yes. She had somehow convinced me that i was drunk, so i started chugging water from the shower. after i finished chugging the water i looked at my hands again, After i saw my hands were normal i put them down then thought that maybe i should look at them again to make sure that the skin was still on them. Then i started to see the bones in my hands start to pop out like i was ageing. This is when i started to think i was alive but i was permanently stuck this way so i felt like i was going to have to re learn everything so i started pointing out stuff, trying to tell myself what is was. Like the ceiling and the mirror. then i started doing math like 2 2=4 and 8 8=16. This is when i started to come back around and stuff began to make sense again. Which is when i went back downstairs to see what messes i made. The bathroom floor was soaked, all the towles were pulled of the racks, all the shampoo bottles were on the bathtub floor, and my bed was soaked in water. from running back and forth from the shower to my bed.

I believe it was the combination of bad choices of set and setting that put me in this horrible place
  1. My family was home so i thought i could get caught.
  2. My friend was here so i couldn't do everything i wanted to.
  3. i tripped 2 days in a row prior to this trip, so i didn't know if that much can be damaging
  4. I ate barely anything before this
  5. it was dark so i couldn't see outside my window to know that i wasn't isolated from the world

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