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A whole new way...

I ended up heading over to Gina's house after I got off the internet.

I ended up heading over to Gina's house after I got off the
internet. I decided- heck, why not? We shroomed as they say... :) It was to be my first time. All I kept thinking about the whole time was my best friend telling me about his experiences and the things he'd read to me from this site... It was cool. I felt like I was morphing into my surroundings. Everything that was there, was there more intensely. My most dominant muscles stood out and were felt in a way I had never felt before. I was tense, yet so relaxed... Then, the visuals came on. I was watching the movie Bullworth and I knew that it was me, not the movie that was doing wierd things. It hit me when someone stood up and his face just did this weird bubbling thing and meshed in with the wall behind him and then came back again... my thoughts were, i must experience this with my best friend soon... Things became more intense as the night went on. I watched music videos and thought to myself constantly- why has this happened before? Why do I feel like I am repeating this moment? Over and over again. Time, as they say, was not an issue. It no longer existed. The clock read numbers, but who cares. They meant nothing. I know what they mean, but i'm too absorbed in looking at other things and really experiencing this. I ventured into the bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror, my face does not change, but everything else in the reflection is morphing and melting and twisting... I'm blending in with my surroundings.... I must try this with someone else who understands the more spiritual side.... that would be my friend. I peak for hours it seems.... but what are hours? I know that tomorrow i must go to class, and that i'll be fine. I try to call my friend but the clock says 4 am and my cell phone is
dead. Damnit. I wish i could talk to him about what I'm seeing. Everything seemed so normal, nothing really frightened me even though sometimes peoples faces nearly melted on the TV. Gina looked like an awesome cartoon
character, just as beautiful, but real, not a drawing. I write in my journal, my hand looks so alive... The color of purple spreads across the page.... it's hard to control how my handwriting looks... i can hardly hold a pen, my
hand meshes with it. Is this what reality is like in the spirit world? I feel as though my body is just something that carries my soul, the only thing that the simple human mind can fathom. The feeling of the mushrooms makes me think
that I am slowly reaching out of my body and the whole world is one... why have I done this before? the question keeps coming to my head- why have I been in this moment, this very moment before? But i'm happy... Life is good. The clock reads 6 am, I fall asleep. The clock reads 9:22a, time to awaken. I feel good. I go home and shower, I feel envigorated, full of life, and good. I go to school and things are normal, my senses are hightened incredibly.....I fell everything, but it is anew. So this is what my best friend was talking about? I am curious as to what level I experienced.... Must try this with him... :) It will be so incredible once again. Alot of people just don't understand it the way we do.... To me it's not just a fun drug... It's experiencing life in a whole new and different way of seeing things.....and all of life, is good. That is my story... Wow.

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