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best trip ever

my backyard

   Some background first:
I have always been fascinated with the effect ingesting shrooms gives. Ever since the first time I've tried them, about 2 years ago, I always went with any chance I got to be able to try them again. So a couple months ago I introduced them to my two friends (we'll call them X, Y, and Z). They've tried acid before so they already had the idea of what they're getting into, so they were quite excited to see what it would be like with shrooms instead. At this time, my sister got ahold of a bunch so we had several occasions in which we were able to trip together. Later that summer, I decided it was my turn to get some, so I found a reliable guy, and got a bunch, leading up to my best trip ever story.

X, Y, Z and myself decided it would be awesome to trip with a whole group. A lot of our friends knew I had some at the time and many of them were willing to try them with us. So I spread the word, inviting my friends over to my house, to hang out it my backyard. Now this is no ordinary backyard. Of course I have my usual porch and lawn full of grass, but what that lawn leads up to is one of my favorite spots in the world, which I've been to with X and Y only twice in the past.

2:00- everyone starts showing up at my house, some people can't make it, and some people are running a bit late. I send out one last text to tell everyone the day is about to start, and whoever can't make it soon will not be able to meet with us once we start.

2:30- no one else shows up, so we decide it is about time to start. We get prepared, bring everything we need and start walking to my backyard. We get to the border of my lawn (though not the end of my property) and stop at the first tree. I look back and say "prepare yourself for the experience of a lifetime". Then we begin to head up the forest.

2:45- about half a mile in, not much of a hike, we get to my fort (it isn't much of a fort, but its nice for what it is). We all get on and everyone pulls out their share of shroomies (I had previously gave everyone what they payed for) and a huge bag of skittles. We eat the two together, a mouthful of skittles, and bit by bit the shrooms into the sweet mushy mess that is already in out mouth. We all finish, and as there were a few kids who weren't tripping because I felt they were too young yet, I packed a bowl for them while I save my weed high for the upcoming peak as I usually love to do.

3:00- we are ready to continue our hike. We look forward and see that this will indeed be quite a hike, and some people begin to complain as it seems like an intense rock climb.. I just tell everyone "it will all be worth it, trust me". So they quiet down and follow along

3:20- the trees get older and bigger, as the hike gets steeper and rockier. We stop for a quick breath. This is when I first notice the effects. At the same time, I am breathing like a whale, so the light headedness isn't making the effects so nice. Then we continue on.

3:45- it finally begins to flatten out, and everything looks so beautiful. We find a small meadow with soft green grass, and big blueberry bushes surrounding the border. Everyone stops for another breather and I say "we're almost there, don't get too comfy just yet"

3:50- we find an opening and walk through to the other side. It was like being born to a new world, the sun was beaming down and we were finally out of the dense forest, now at the top of a mountain (more like a hill, but it is a pretty big hill). on this hill is a long path that stretches out for many miles. we begin to walk, passing through long nature tunnels, awesome giant rocks with cool looking moss on it, many bushes and weedy flowers, until we finally reach a nice meadow to rest at and call our base.

4:00- we put all of our stuff down and finally begin to fully trip. everyone is feeling good and i am on the floor finding a nice spot to lay down and cuddle myself. at the same time, my friend, Z, is acting a little weird. he is sweaty as hell, his pupils are dilated out as far as possible, and he is sitting in his corner staring at his hand. i ask is he is okay and he tells me he might just be tripping too hard. i pack a victory hike bowl and give him the first hit, knowing he will be fine. this hit did seem to calm him a bit and he just laid back and relaxed for a little while. we sat at this beautiful meadow, with a great view ahead of us reaching out for at least 5 miles as far as we can see, for some time. everyone was happy, telling jokes and listening to each other just having an awesome day. i pack a bowl every once in a while and make sure no one hogs it so everyone can get at least one hit.

5:00- my friend Z sits up from a nice little non sleeping nap. i see he looks better but is still tripping hardcore. we all ask how he is feeling and he tells us his crazy thoughts. he had somewhat of a dream, but more of an intense closed eye trip. patters were going like crazy, and he said he could see inside his hand, inspecting every single vain, bone, and cell. he was tripping the hardest out of all, maybe had some of the more potent shrooms, but i can tell after his nap he was feeling much better. i packed another bowl and let him hold onto it for a bit.

5:30- we've been chillling for some time, and i ask if anyone is up for another adventure. everyone is. we leave all of our heavy stuff like water, backpacks, extra cloths, and anything else we don't want to carry, at our base, and head out. we follow along the path to another meadow. this one is not as big, but the path leading to it was amazing. we continue and decide to have a little job through the forest as the path began to widen. this was one of my favorite parts, just wind in your face, leaves, and branches passing over your head as you step to dodge any big rocks or sticks on the floor. everything was fine, until one particular spot. one person wanted to go down a path that didn't exactly seem like a normal path. not that someone would get hurt, but i didn't want to go off the main path, as i've gotten lost in my backyard a few times in the past.

6:00- we get back to our base and rest after a nice journey. the sun isn't directly above us anymore, but we think nothing of it at the moment. we all sit down and me, and my two friends X and Y begin to roll up some tobacco (better than cigarettes IMO) and pass them around. by the time i finish rolling another, the first is long gone and down the line, so i continue to roll them. at the same time i keep packing my bowl. i don't worry about the cigs, but i ask to get my bowl back whenever i can so i can repack it, and to make sure it isn't lost in the tall grass. my friend Y starts to talk about some awesome stuff. he is a smart guy so i barely understood, but his voice was calming. everyone gathers in a circle around him and he continues to talk as everyone pitches in a few ideas which help him continue. we sit like this for a good half hour or so just listening, smoking and relaxing.

7:00- the sun starts to go down and everything slowly gets darker. again we don't think much of it and continue on. we walk over to another meadow and start a game. we call this game 'rocks in a bag'. we found a plastic bag in someone's backpack, and added rocks to help it glide through the air. we throw it into the air and watch it come down. this entertained us for a good chunk of time and we now realize how dark it is really getting...

7:30- we look into the horizon and see several lights turn on as the land gets darker and darker.. then we realize we are not here to spend the night..
35- everyone begins to panic.. we go to grab all our stuff and head back the direction we initially came from.
40- we don't exactly know where we are, but we know which side of the mountain we came up on
45- we decide it is time to head into the forest so everyone mans up and sticks close together.
50- we head in... BOOM it is dark as ink. we can't see anything at all. we take baby steps until our eyes begin to slooowwwllly adjust.. at this rate, we'd be down the next day..
55- two people still have living phones, so we form two groups and keep close together.
-it looks nothing like it did the way up
-every once in a while someone would yell for everyone to stop. they slipped, they can't see, they dropped something, or are just scared.
-we have no idea where we are, we can't see past 5 or so feet ahead of us..
-every once in a while we heard a noise.. everyone stopped in their tracks and was dead silent for a few moments. i yell "we need to keep moving"
-luckily my brother's phone has gps on it so we stopped for a minute and huddled around to see where we are headed.
-10% battery so we had to find out where we are, where we are going, and fast. then just keep walking straight
-someone fell and needs help the rest of the way (a girlfriend fell was helped by her boyfriend)
-my hand felt wet i look over and i was bleeding.. i don't know when it happened or how but i got some on my shirt and just stuck my finger in my mouth
8:45- everything starts to flatten out and i start to recognize where we were. i look around and sure enough we were at my fort. everyone begins to cheer and we take a small break. since i now know where we are everyone follows me and i take the remaining light and slowly walk.
-we see some lights in the distance and everyone starts to walk faster
-closer, as all the leaves rustle under our fast moving feet

9:00- WE ARE HOME. i run inside and turn on all of my backyard lights. i come outside and everyone is jumping on each other, so happy we made it and no serious injuries. everyone is shouting and laughing with happiness. all the lights slowly get brighter as i get my fire pit started up.

9:30- everyone is sitting around the fire, going over the day and how great of a time we had. my mom is now home and comes out to check on us and surprisingly asks if we are hungry (there were almost 10 people).

9:45- my friend had brought a Frisbee so we all spread out in my backyard and throw it around for a little while, until my mom calls us back to the porch. she brings out some awesome polish kelbasa to which we wandered back into the forest to find suitable cooking sticks. we feast on this and bread, then my mom brings out broccoli and ranch and a bunch of grapes for desert.

10:30- we are stuffed like pigs. we are so happy with the way the day went and are only sad that it is over. my mom says goodnight, and i pack another few bowls before the rest of us head to bed.

11:00- we all think back to the way the day has went and talk one last time about all the great times we had. everyone one by one slowly says goodnight and goes off to their car, until it is me and my friend Z left. we get in my car and i drive him to the bus station to get a ride back home.

12:00- i finally get to my bedroom, change into PJs, brush my teeth, then lay in bed and instantly pass out. literally within the first 10 seconds i had been laying down, i was already asleep.

[thanks all for reading, i know it was long, but i hope it was worth it.. it took me a while to write lol, but to me it really was worth it. i finally have a documented story of my best and most wonderful trip ever] [... also sorry that this whole thing came out in weird color, it got a little messed up while i was writing and i couldn't change it back to normal...]

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