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kicking the toy monkey

25c-nBOME - 1 tab

Me and my two mates went to meet our dude at around 11:30 and dropped around midnight, the tabs were from a desert theme sheet with cartoons of mexican skeletons playing guitar and cactus's

We sat and chilled holding the tab on our bottom gums for about an hour, 25c can be a breezy come up sometimes and the next time be a shitty one but fortunately i eased into the trip pretty comfortably, the first thing i noticed was heaps of energy and a feeling of readyness for my trip to fully start. 

Had some billys to kick start it and it worked wonderfully, we have a tradition for trips that once we have a billy and have come up we get up and walk around the backyard in a euphoric stupor, it is bliss. 
Visuals are crazy on this stuff, not like 25i were you have trouble focusing on it, they are much more lenient and enjoyable in my opinion, mad trails, patterns over every surface, the walls ripple so fucking much you are hypnotized by the visuals. I get a pretty regular trip feeling like i get with classic psychs on this chem, i love the headspace.

The trips in full mode now, we are just walking back and forth the backyard listening to tunes and doing random funny shit, i grab the dogs toy plush monkey and bash the absolute shit out of it making the noises it would make if it were alive, it was like a high pitch yell every time i kicked or punched the fucker. this makes us all laugh so fucking much i start to get cramp pains in ma cheeks. 
after fucking around for long enough we go for a walk to this local theatre were theres a chill as fuck bathroom we were gonna sesh in cause its like a cool atmosphere around there, on the walk the street lights have auroras of yellow and purple around them, this is were shit gets trippy.

We made it to the bathroom, immediately after walking in all the bricks on the walls are doing all sorts of crazy shit i can't even explain in words what they were doing, everything looked so beautiful it was like i was watching a movie, even know it looked amazing we all started to get this weird anxiety vibe from being in that small room as soon as we settle in there I'm like "should we go rage outside somewhere? and they immediately answer and we get the fuck out.

We went back to my mates and chilled on the floor smoking billys and listening to music has the right to children, i felt really good, like that feeling of oneness and inner peace you get from other psychs. we were still trippin when the sun came up so we decided to go walk to this old brick house thing surrounded by nature.

As we walked there i listened to tame impala and never had i heard them in such an awesome way, we get there and theres all this bright pink graff along the stone walls that looks amazing, we chilled for abit listening to the doors having billys then we finally decide to call it a night/day 

In my opinion 25c is beautiful, i felt different after it in a good, electric, colorful way


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