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First trip

2.5 grams cubensis

I've tried mushrooms before, but I spaced out my dose and didn't trip at all. I wanted to experience mushrooms, and actually trip, so I decided to try them again. It was a great experience.

6:45 - I take the shrooms, and wait for them to kick in.

7:10 - 7:30 - I can definitely feel some effects, my vision is zooming out, I feel excessive energy like I need to just get up and do something, maybe run a couple miles.

7:45 - I start peaking. My vision is all wavey and zoomed out, not that intense, but if you got up and walked around you could definitely tell the room was lagging (?) and waving slightly.  I felt like I was being noticed by everything, it was really weird. It's not the stereotypical "trip" you read about/hear about on the internet/television. It's way more real, and more in your mind than the objects and walls actually doing stuff.

8:00 - I decide to smoke a bowl. I walk outside to go smoke and I could definitely notice weird waves. It wasn't too intense, like it wasn't 100% noticeable waving, but at the same time it was. Just not as deep as I thought it would be. Being in nature sounds fucking awesome, and all I want to do is be in nature, but when I look outside, it was all rainy and gave me a bad vibe. I decided to go outside anyways. The second I stepped outside I felt shitty. Everyone was staring at me, it was creepy and I felt like I needed to go back to my happy place so I turned around and went back home. I could definitely notice my short term memory fucking up. I couldn't remember what I had just said before, and I couldn't stop talking to my friend over the phone. I felt obligated to tell people about the experience.

9:30 - When I close my eyes, I see patterns and objects. It's not true color, it's more like looking at the sun with your eyes closed. You see that red/purple hue/shadow, and that's what was making up the visuals. I could imagine myself on rainbow road (Mario Kart) and as I kept typing I felt like I was racing faster on the track. It felt like you were watching a 3d movie without the 3d glasses, and how you see double of what's on the screen. I guess a better way to explain that would be fuzzy vision. The shroomery icon was mixing in with my purple/green/blue wallpaper. The purple really stood out. The brighter colors were fucking amazing, I could see all the colors of the rainbow. At one point while listening to music I saw and felt noise (not sound noise, video noise), and it confused the shit out of me. That was the first time I experienced a mix of my senses, and it was amazing. If I concentrated on the ceiling, I could see it moving slightly, same with the floor. Visuals were not too intense and I was not hallucinating like I was hoping I would, but the overwhelming euphoria definitely made up for it, and distracted me from it.

10:00 - I'm starting to come down, and I'm very tired. (I hadn't slept the night before). The total trip I felt lasted 4 hours, and the peak lasted for around 1 hour and a half. I've learnt that you can't go into shrooms with a plan of what you are going to/will be doing. It might end up being the complete opposite. You just have to let them take you where they want to take you, and try not to fight it.

Definitely going to up my dose next time I try shrooms. I'll make sure to take them on a clear sunny day, because it was really upsetting not being able to be out in nature because of the cold rainy weather. Great experience. Wouldn't say it changed my life, but maybe that was cause I took a smaller dose. People always say "woah man shrooms changed the way I look at things, I questioned myself, my life, everything!", and I didn't really feel any of that, but again, it might have just been the low dose.

My favorite part would definitely have had to been the rainbow and brighter colors. It felt great to see colors mixing.

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