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First trip

So as it goes, my friend and i had been wanting to do LSD for some time, and when i was offered some of course i accepted.
At his place at around 12pm we decided to drop, 1 hit each.
At probably around 12:40 i suppose i started feeling the effects, a kind of energetic buzz feeling, and within about the next 20 minutes his bed sheet started to make out some weird symbols in it that kind of looked like words but i was unable to read. 
After staring at his bed sheet for some time we decided to go out in the sun, it was beautiful, and we probably sat there for and hour or so before i started to really full that i was tripping, i went and layed on his deck and listened all the way through 'The Dark Side of The Moon'. It was beautiful, intense, and had some open eyed visuals of the floor moving around in sort of circles when i stared at one spot for a few seconds, and some colourful shapes behind closed eyes. 
After being on his deck for an hour and a half i suppose, we just laughed and danced and talked random talk and listened to more music.
At the end of the day, on the comedownm i felt as if it didnt last as long and wasnt as intense as what LSD was made out to be, i have a fairly strong feeling that what i got was not LSD but just a 'fake' version as you will, still hallucinogenic, but not what LSD was, in my opinion.
Never the less it was a good first trip experience, although i have already done mushrooms, and i will be definatly doing it again hopefully with some real/ better stuff.

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