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Amsterdam Sclerotia Truffles (NOV-2013)

10 gram adventure


Reason for review: Truffles being quite new on the market and lack of reviews online, this is to raise awareness!

Truffle Type: Royal Beluga Sclerotia 10gram & Purple Rain Sclerotia 10gram
(Google These types of truffles for more info. Royal beluga was one of the strongest types available, and Purple Rain was a medium strength type.)

Onset: 40-60mins
Duration: 6 hours 
Side effects: mild initial confusion
Come down: None existent 


Me and My girlfriend decided to take a trip to Amsterdam for a long weekend, Thursday to Monday, The entire holiday was really fun and enjoyable we had plenty of laughs and we have quite a solid relationship with each other so we never got too bored or annoyed. I have been using psychedelics for around 4 and a half years now, i would regard myself as an experienced user varying from connoisseur cannabis strains, synthetic psychedelics such as 2C family, ketamine (tab&liquid)LSD, to the more natural alternatives like HBWR/LSA seeds and DMT. Even to this day i respect psychedelics and i am an advocate of psychedelic use, even though i'm not a regular user anymore. My girlfriend however had no knowledge on psychedelics and had a generic view on them based on hear/say stories and mainstream propaganda. I totally wanted to show her and give her an experience which would open her eyes to the psychedelic world. I spent months thinking about the night ahead and how to prevent potential threats to our trip!

So went hadn't eaten for hours, and decided to head into Amsterdam to find truffles, we decided to go into a different shop rather than the one i usually go to which is based near the permanent canal market, we eventually found one in a dark alley way with strange aliens in the window. We spoke to the guy who worked/owned the shop and picked from the truffles list, I chose a strong one (Royal Beluga) and my girlfriend wasn't completely unsure, she finally came to a decision and pointed to the (Purple Rain) ones. I paid the man 40 EURO and the guy smiled at my girlfriend and said enjoy your first trip! We head back to our hotel and decided to half each of the truffle types, so we had half of each type, so we could trip on a similar level. We got to the hotel room and split the two boxes of truffles,shared them out, ate them in about 10 minutes. 

While my girlfriend was relaxing on the bed, i put on some music reggae/dub/psy-ambient genre tunes, took out my full spectrum L.E.D light which makes crazy cool light patterns and colours all over the room, then i hung up a huge 2.50meter x 2.50meter african wallhanging, this made out hotel room super homely and ambient and in my opinion almost perfect :)

After 40minutes a mellow stoned feeling overcame us both, similar to vaping cannabis, this continued until an overwhelming sense of difference to that of normal conscious reality occured, as we all know when this hits you know you're heading into the psychedelic world and emotions are all over the place, my girlfriend was confused as to why we took it, then laughing, then confused, then bursting out laughing at the strangeness of the beginnings of a psychedelic trip. This was understandable due to zero experience, she eventually calmed into the trip and was glad she was in her hotel room with me rather than out in the public. For the first hour or so,  my girlfriend was half in hysterics and basically couldn't believe what she was seeing in her world, this kicked me off as we were laughing rolling around in our bed, nothing in our room was serious, we had a great vibe going. I looked up for a while at the coloured lights reflecting off the ceiling, as i gazed the lights showed the outlines of a blue god-like face (he) looked old but fresh faced and was wisely watching over us two, he seemed so content watching us, i was just astonished as to why he was watching us, i then realized that if i was him i would probably be doing the same thing! :) i laughed and he disappeared back into just being the room itself. After this happened i knew we had reached the beginning the visual experience and warping/breathing and patterning was emerging from all walls and (C.E.V) were coming on very prominently. There was a short period where my girlfriend thought i was a black person, or a monkey, or maybe even kingkong, as she told me this, she turned into Jane from Tarzan LOL! she felt very protected by me at this point in time. This then altered into another reality where we were both animals in a psychedelic jungle, as the room walls started producing intense multicoloured rich visuals, neither of us knew what was going on which kept us in constant amazement. The last part of our peak experience transcended us both into a more divine realm where i was an infinite god and she was my goddess, the room turned golden and with reds and had a god like 'egpytic' feel and presence to it,  i had got the point where time was none existent, life and death had no meaning or concept basically the entire illusion was lifted from me all i knew was infinite love for absolutely everything constantly, i looked at my girlfriend and she was glowing with light and beauty beyond words she literally looked like an Italian princess from the ancient world! It was sooo incredible. we then laid in bed together looking into each others eyes till the early morning before smoking a joint outside the hotel!

I've never tripped with a girlfriend before, it was the most beautiful and fun thing i've ever done, I hadn't tripped in a year before this month, and the magic of the psychedelic world was really showing me a great time and that things are really working in life. I also had a few deep incites and realizations as usual some serious and some very perceptively changing thoughts on a holistic level. My girlfriend wants to trip again she loved it loads, Liberty caps trip will be fun but we promised to wait at least two months!

I highly recommend these truffles, if your a novice, go for average to strong ones, or experienced go for a box of Mothers Finest Truffles, a tiny it stronger than royal belugas! I say this because truffles are certainly weaker than cubes & Liberty caps. Truffles are definitely more manageable physically and have a more of a funny side then a spiritual element, but this of course depends on set/setting/user/intention.

Sorry this is so long, its my first review, and wanted to get some of this down while it was fresh.

Feel free to comment ask me anything about AMSTERDAM or TRUFFLES, or various other things relating to the Psychedelic Experience

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