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A welcome expierience.

I had never even considered doing mushrooms before , although i had experimented with other drugs in the past and always enjoyed them in some way, always realising something new about myself and my body which i'm putting all this 'stuff' into.

I had never even considered doing mushrooms before , although i had experimented with other drugs in the past and always enjoyed them in some way, always realising something new about myself and my body which i'm putting all this 'stuff' into. The thing with my first expierience with mushrooms is that it was completly unplanned... pure spontaneity which added to the magic of the whole trip!

I had been clubbing and enjoyed a night of dancing and chatting about the most insane things, of course helped along by three pills. God knows what was in them, but damn they made me feel good. However on leaving the club at about the 3am, (which i usually do on drugs as i like to see the lights turn on at the end, to reveal the creatures of the night lerking in the shadows) my friend was approached by a very polite young man wearing a leather shoulder bag and clutching a handful of business cards. He was probably the same age as myself, 22.

He handed us his card , no name just a contact number informing us that he could deliver anytime! And after a brief explaination of what we should expect, my mate bought a box of shrooms from him. The box was about the size of large portion of rice from a chinese take-away.

I had only ever seen pictures of magic mushrooms before, where they looked small, but these things were quite large in size and fuck me did they taste of shit!

Anyways, you must remember i'm already battered on the three ectasy pills, and coming down a little by this time, but i felt good and up for anything. If i was sober, or had been drinking i certainly would have said no to an offer of a mushroom but the pills had cast all inhibitions aside.

I live by the coast, so after buying a large carton of orange juice and packet of fags we headed for the sea.
It was whilst walking to the pier that i took two and a half mushrooms washed down by several glugs of orange juice. we found an early morning rave along the promenade and decided that we should join in festivities, with a bunch of very shifty looking people. It was within half an hour than i began to see all kinds of crazy hallucinations.

With my back to a beach hut surrounded by people i didn't know, i looked across the sea, taking deep breaths and admiring its beauty. slowly as the sunlight crept above the line of the horizon, the shimmering light on the sea created structures before my eyes. Staring hard, befor me the images become clearer... Pylons!( Yes those big electricity towers!)

It was breathtaking, the Pylons were transparent as if made of glass, like they had been designed so that we can't see them, but now they were lit in a way that the sun was revaling them to me. I was very calm about this ,which now looking back i find quite astonishing.

As i informed my friend of this incredible moment he said he was yet to feel anything. So he rolled a joint whilst i began to trip. As he began to do so , i couldn't help but stare at his hands whilst rolling. I was tranfixed by the rolling paper (Rizla) that he was manipualting in his hands.
It appeared to me that he was holding a white strip of what could only be described as, the fluffy or soft side of a pice of velcro, and he was rolling a joint with it! As i looked harder, the soft aesthetic that the rizla had gained, then merged into a pattern that took me a little time to locate the style, but as the image became clearer it was a Baroque wallpaper print style. I was in awe of how cool his joint began to look adorned with this pattern.

I felt as if i could finally see the unseen. I felt that i was watching everyone around me and i was'nt even there! That i had become invisible like a ghost and my view of everything was very clear and confident.

My friend began feel the effects too whist smoking the joint, and we both grew very silent seemingly taking it all in. Oh, and those pylons, they now looked like a ghost ships on the sea. As if the ghost of the Mary rose was setting sail!

It was early in the morning and it was very cold, so we got a taxi home. However i did'nt realise that the trip would last so long. In the taxi the road beneath the car began to pulsate with large bright pink polka dots. But i was as cool as a cucumber, that is until i saw a truck emerge from the headlights of a car on the opposite side of the road and it was heading straight for us... but of course, there was no truck!

I felt a bit paranoid from then on, it became a mental battle of whether i felt positive or negative about what was going on. I became indicisive and was talking absolute cod-shit to everyone around me. But they were all very understanding.

When i fianlly arrived home alone i think i stood at my from door trying to get the key into the lock for what seemed like an eternity. It could have been thirty seconds it might have been an hour, I had no aspect of time whatsoever.

On entering my house, i became even more indicisive. Do i sleep? Watch telly? i could'nt make a solid or informed decision. I put the kettle on and what is normally a very quiet kettle seemed to rattle as if it was powered by clockwork cogs within.

I was absolutly hammerd i felt physically very stiff and couln't move quickly! I could hear voices, and the music i had heard earlier in the night was playing in my ears, with amazing depth and clarity. I found i could alter the pace and rythym of the music that was playing in my head. it became the most amazingly interactive music expierience!

The phone rang, it was my friend who was at his house now tripping out like me. We were talking but conversation was all over the place. We could'nt construct a decent route for the conversational themes to follow. I took security just knowing that we were sharing similar expieriences. As the call ended, i closed my eyes, thinkin that it might all dissapear if i bretheathed deeply and relaxed, but the patterns became stronger, the noises louder.

Lying on my bed trying to sleep i noticed that my cd rack that sits in the corner of the room was now a little girl, dressed in black and white and was sweetly singing to me. Trippy! but again i was very calm about it all, this was because i was fully aware of what was happening to me, i felt in touch with reality but there were lots going on that was very odd, but i knew why... it was the shrooms, so i was ok with it.

The most vivid image of all was my TV set, which was now made and constructed entirely out of jigsaw pieces! (except for the screen, that was still solid glass.)

Not long after that i had a really good sleep. Far better than if i had taken pills on their own. The shrooms made a memorable night out, and were a welcome expierience. HM

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