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Supposed 750ug Trip (aka The Matrix)

Whats a caption again?

What's up everybody?! For the reasons of safety in protecting the person who really experienced what is written here, he/she will now plainly use "I" to describe him/herself. lol.  SO what up I just recently tripped on some L and had SUCH a good trip that I really wanted to share it, despite that I usually would consider putting this online a pretty dumb idea haha but anyway...

I am ~130lb male 21yo for those of you who need that info

I took confirmed needlepoint L that I got from a friend I met who knows the chemist (not allowed to discuss that lol) so I knew it was strong stuff aka 250ug needlepoint...

STOP... before anybody reading this, because I know almost every person who's had real L nd has been into it for awhile knows 90% of the time that b.s. and "I don't know it", to you I say I have been in this for long enough, know enough people, and more importantly have done cid, 2c-unameit, nbome, etc., and amongst the cid I've had my fair share of lav, silver, fluff, and also the occasional needlepoint. So I am 100% this is the BEST cid ive ever had!

I planned the trip ahead about a week in advance, but when it came to it, everything that actually happened was on a last minute whim, the only thing remaining the same was the place we were all supposed to be staying for the night. 5 of us met at a friends old burnt down house and walked into the woods to a sweet place where you can see our entire valley, and there we dosed 2 hits each, except for me I took 3 :) I had previously taken 2 on 3 different occasions, all from the same sweet ass batch, and one time in between I took 1 hit, just to see how strong it was.
     We stood in the woods at the scenic spot, talking, until we finally started to feel it, which was also right around sundown, as planned. We dropped at 4:15pm and it was now 5pm and we were all clearly in altered states of mind. Out of the 5 of us I have tripped the most, with 3 others that tripped a couple times, and one newbie. It was funny to hear the newbie talk when he first started tripping, because the shit was so damn clean he nearly didnt realize he came up!
    As it started to get dark, we set off on the walk back to our cars and then to our friends house. (NO we didnt drive we just passed our cars on the way!) haha sorry Im still fucking giddy off how awesome this shit was nd Im being stupid but anyway... we got to this kids house, and I just realized earlier in this story I noted him as a "friend" but in actuality he was a friend of a friend I met one time, and I had never been at his house before... woops. Well needless to say the house was a dump, there were a multitude of foreign (not like ethnically just wierd) people and just an overall not good place to trip cuz it looked like the exact opposite of a sound home, dirty floor, wierd shit on the walls, trash, in fact the upstairs where we were to trip only consisted of a "chill room" and a bedroom that had strange writing all over the walls and dirty sesame street drapes over the windows!!!! I didnt know what the fuck to do haha it really was kinda funny, I pride myself on being smart in trip-planning and then I end up on an extremely high amount of LSD in a very unstable place. Despite that, I hung around, and ended up dosing 7 or 8 other people, each with 2 drops from my dropper. We all sat down and immediately I hit the bathroom which was just a door separating a toilet from the chill room, and I threw up out of nowhere( which has happened before to me and others on cid, its like the purge). I instantly got intense visuals upon vomiting, and cleaned up and went back through the door to sit and talk, whatever, when I get hit again with nausea.... I hit the bathroom, throw up, and the visuals get insane.
   At this point I realize that the L brought me to this place for a reason. I looked at all the shit and garbage and realized that without the experience all these kids were about to face, their lives would have ended up to shit indefinitely. I went back through the door and saw all of them arguing over money, while my friends who had tripped sat staring. In my state I felt the urge to not say anything on the grounds that I felt like I had infinite wisdom instilled on me, and that when one has infinite wisdom, they don't intervene, but only respond when questioned, because true realization comes from ones own first hand discovery. My friend (well call him Mike, I like that name) Mike didn't feel the same as me. Unlike me, I will admit, Mike came from a rough path. Jail at a young age, no adult role model, drugs, theft, blah blah hes been there, and with that he just freaked on these kids. Like really just last thing a person who's never taken acid would think you should say to someone on acid. Like he criticized them very directly on their lives and pretty much just gave them a wake up call, just a harsh one. Here I learned alot about life and I got to think alot about my life and where it was going ( I was asking the questions that would later be answered by the giant brick wall that crashes into your face that is the LSD breakthrough. I would love to talk about all of it in detail, but it would be a waste of time. If you're reading this because your curious about lsd, take it from someone who's done it and done alot of it: its worth it. Thats my opinion. So here's the part you really want to hear about.
     The day before the trip, I told my friend (lets call him Tom) Tom that I'd be taking three hits of "my L" which he from experience knew was alot, and to my lack of knowledge, Tim had broken through on acid before, which I didnt even know was a real thing until it happened, which again is why I know its genuine: because nobody told me that shit was gunna happen, it just did, and it was amazing... but yea if your putting shit together you're realizing that he knew I would break through, and hadn't yet, and he knew that I didnt know he had broken through, or even that that shit happened on cid. So I'm sitting the next day talking to kids tripping, playing guitar (I am a musician) and just having a good time tripping balls when Tom calls me- "Hey you wanna go get a half of fire?!" and of course Im not gunna say no, but I'm like 20min away from where Tom lives and I dont think hes gunna come get me just for that, but he did anyway. In fact, he insisted. Then we get on the road and I realize in the stupor of my trip that I never called my dude, and that hes at work and we cant get.. he doesnt seem to care for someone who just drove 20min to pick up a kid and get bud that now will not have bud AND haveto drive me back... So then he offers me to come chill at his place, and DUH im gunna say yes because he has some LSD weed he grew thats fire and hes got that 4foot bong swag so yea... So me him and his girlfriend are chilling watching tv, and BOOM...

My entire life stops...I break through...

I realize that we are all one and every inch of life is just one subjective point of view of the whole which is GOD... I AM GOD...well at least one small part of him:) we are all part of God, and when we die we go to the ALL. And that ALL of life that we know by the metaphor GOD is actually just Love... duh! why didnt you think of that! Well actually apparently everyone really has the same trip after all, no matter how different they may seem..

You can have two mac computers, and download netflix on one and download hulu on the other. Well there not the same computer now by a) A different shell of hardware, and b.) Different Software (aka the sum of all inputs a person gets through sensory perception like how they look in the mirror and all of the conversations, smells, sights, sounds...) but the coding is the same. Thats how people are. The only thing that makes us all different is the input, but the processing is the same, and only when you take away the inputs do you see the core. I realized that people really do live like in the movie the matrix. They are part of one motion of life (known as mainstream) that the majority of people follow aka go to school get a job have a family grow old die... and people just cling to their ego, who they have come to know themselves as. When you take acid and breakthrough you realize that your ego isnt really you, its just the you you learned to be because you didnt know anything else was there because society is made to pull you in as early as possible and prevent you from knowing. Schools drill kids into zombies of a machine where, ironically, the slaves run themselves. And what keeps them from breaking out you ask? Well in my opinion- doubt. Children are vulnerable, and the school system takes advantage of that. They teach you what they want you to know, and mix the made up stuff in with math and science and art to make it less noticeable. Kids doubt themselves. They are taught from birth to rely on others for information. Then your pretty much hopeless from there, because you keep living the lie, afraid to break from it because someone tells you drugs will eat your brain and make you crazy... and then you die I imagine and look back and just laugh at the people at your funeral for the irony that is that the only person happy at that funeral left their body days ago.

So yea pretty intense, I didnt really delve into the whole room melting and shit cuz it wasnt really important, as all you lucy lovers know. But yea once I realized all that above shit I just freaked and started yelling WHAT!?!? NO...NO FUCKING WAY DUDE!!  I couldnt hold shit together, and he just goes "so your peaking finally" haha and then he asked his girlfriend to go get me a drink, and while she was gone he told me that she didnt know he tripped before and he doesnt wanna tell her cuz she wants them to trip "first time together" shit uno whatever I can respect it, but he just said "hey Ive taken alot of acid at once and I know what just happened" and I was almost in tears I was so happy. I really truely felt pure hapiness, like how people describe death. My whole body was overwhelmed, I just couldnt believe theres like a whole group of people who have broken through that I really now understand LSD thumbprinting and why the Family makes people do it. It really is amazing though and I cant imagine the feeling of a thumbprint haha. Anyway yea I just wanted to share my thoughts on the experience and try to put to words the experience cuz it seems for most people pretty hard to describe. I would say though I forget his name but the character in the matrix who took the red pill and regretted it later.. hes in the story and part of the allegory for a reason. Some people really would rather just live in the illusion until they die, which is perfectly fine you know people just need to be aware of that shit before they break through. Expect your life to drastically change (for the better) but dont expect communication with people still in that fog to be normal.

I talked to my Dad on the phone the next morning, and by the way I tripped over 18hrs and took 1mg of Klonopin and eventually slept. Felt great the next day, and once I got sleep felt normal again, but anyway Im on the phone with my Dad and it almost put me to tears in fact to the point where I could barely answer him I was so choked up. He called me to tell me there was a sale at a store and he sounded brainwashed, like his voice sounded like it was mimicking the ad on tv.. "theres a SALE going on at **** today, BUY 2 GET ONE FREE, im just saying its ONLY TODAY so get down there..." seriously though it was pretty fucked up and im 100% set on one day getting him to trip...

Good looks everyone, enjoy your day and happy journies wherever you find yourself lol peace!

 I turn to my left at the same time my friends cat, sitting about half a rooms length away from me on top of a cabinet, turn right and we both just stared at each other... I was staring to see if he would keep staring back, and let me tell you after 30seconds I was beginning to doubt it would ever even blink! It was insane. So i say to my friend "hey your cats staring at me dude" and granted this is after me and this cat spend a seemingly eternal time staring at each other, and he just looks and goes "yea i guess so" and

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