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Scared to trip again..What's the worst that can happen?

Odd physical reaction to shrooms.

Before I begin. I'd like to ask for advice on how I should prepare myself for my next trip.
I've only tripped twice and the second time simply blew me away.
Any words of wisdom will be appreciated.

In November of last year, my boyfriend and I went over to his friends house where we planned to split a quarter of shrooms. I weigh about 100 lbs, so I assume taking an eighth was a bad idea from the start. About an hour after eating the shrooms, we head to the garage with 5 friends to smoke a few bowls. I was getting pretty excited, "I'm feeling it, man." Suddenly, eyes. Hundreds of eyes peering at me from the concrete, the walls... everywhere. Just observing. I began to feel as if something were tugging on my scalp. In order to avoid a bad trip, I suggested we go inside where we can relax and listen to music. On the very short walk from the garage to the house, I knew something was going to happen. I looked around  for my boyfriend, but I could hardly see. My scalp....oh my soul is being torn straight out my scalp. We reached the house. I place my hand on the siding before I was going to attempt to go inside. And just like that,
I'm gone. I'm no where. It's just me, in nothingness. I didn't even ask myself, "WHERE AM I?" It was as if I knew I couldn't do anything about my state of consciousness. Like I died or something.
I wake up and my friends mom is standing over me. Everyone is standing over me, but there's a light glowing around his moms body. A color signifying help and love... she's asks if I'm okay. CONFUSED AS HELL, I respond, "What happened?" "You passed out." Someone says. Shocked that I'm laying on the floor and covered in sweat, I stand up in a frenzy . "I think you had a seizure." (After my trip was over they went into detail, explaining how my eyes turned yellow and rolled in the back of my head, and how my unconscious body was shaking." Back to when I woke up, I walk into the kitchen and ask a friend how long I was out for."I don't know, 10, 15 seconds?" Instantly remembering that I'm tripping balls, I immediately passed out for a second time. Now this time I recall what happened as I was lying there on the kitchen floor, unconscious.
There I was, hovering over my "sleeping" body at a birds eye view. There was no one with me, but I feel the presence of something in the distance. I saw endless amounts of colors... love, hate, sorrow, happiness... I understood so much in such a little amount of time. As my view gets closer to my body, I see someone, or something, standing over me. It was a dark figure, impossible to make out  who are what it was. With open arms, it got closer. I couldn't tell you how I felt, because it was a mixture of so many emotions. I was at peace with the knowledge I had obtained, but I suppose I also felt anxious. The figure disappears and I am back inside of my body.
I wake up again, so shocked. Needless to say the rest of my trip wasn't as intense, but it was sure as shit a bad couple of hours.

I'm just dying to trip again, but I'm afraid of letting my fear get in the way of a good trip. 
I'm also afraid to have any more incidents relating to seizures. I've never had one before that.
The only logical explanation is that my sugar was low  or something. I have no idea. 

FEEDBACK PLEASE! My future trips depend on it!

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