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25i-nbome trip

scary nbome trip

 this was going to be my 5th time tripping but was a higher dose than ive ever done.
so it was a thursday night i'm heading my way to buy 3 hits of nbome layed onto blotter. i usually only do 2 hits as this source i get it from tries passing his nbome as lsd so i dont know the dose. but for some reason i felt like i could tale on 3 hits of an unknown dose. so i buy my 3 hits and head home.

 it was around 10:39 until my friend called me, he was stranded at mcdonalds and needed a ride i agreed to pick him up he would trip sit me. so i pick him up and now we're at my house.

 now it was 11:00 and i decided to dose all 3 at the same time. the blotters disolved under my tounge in 10 mins. it now has been 30 mins since dosing and i start to feel this wiered tingly twitch in the calves of my legs. another 10 mins i can feel it comming fast and hard. i told my friend we should walk to his place.

 it was about 11:45 when we stepped out of my house, i had already peaked. walking felt like i was walking on clouds and all i could see in the street was rainbows and wiered design patterns. halfway through the walk we stopped so i could find myself i was kinda lost. i looked at the sky and it looked like it was raining red but the rain looked like matrix and was really wiered.

 when we got to his place he locked himself out so we chilled in his van, it had to be atleast 20 degrees so i got really cold and my body went numb witch i knew was normal when i get cold. i was sitting there just thinking about how the "law" is non-existing and that i should rebel but i knew i would need everyone to rebel. i then looked around the van the visuals made the inside of his ghetto van lool like some sports car. 
 it was now 5:00 am and it looked like i wasnt tripping as much anymore. my friend has fell asleep so i decided to walk home. as i entered my neighborhood i saw this car drive past me but it was really sketchy the car had its emergency turn signals on then it stopped 4 ft in front of me. a person got out of both sides each ran up to the sidewalk and ran back into the car then in another 6 ft it did it agian then it turned around and went past me. this really scared me i thought i was being set-up and watched by the goverment. i was walking past a street and saw  them down the steet i was passing and they were doing that thing where they run out of the car and run back in. i knew it was going to come towards me so i panicked and ran as fast as i could home.

 when i got home there was a note from my probation officer. i went inside and went down stairs i then realized i was tripping hard eveything went slo-mo i went into the bathroom and myface was red and i was drenched in sweat. i then went to my room laid down and my body was still numb. i thoght i had overdosed and thought when i go to sleep i will die. i just layed thete really scared and sorry for myself i thought these would be the last moments of my life and felt bad for my family that they will find out i died to an overdose.

 it was now 10:30 am i was going to go to sleep and i said i promise to never take 3 hits of nbome ever again if i survive so i close my eyes and sleep
i woke up about 6 hours later i didnt know how iwas still alive i was really happy.

 i later tripped 3 weeks later on 2 hits. but it has now been 2 months since that 3 hit trip and i still get that wiered twitchy feeling in my legs so im also scared physically.
all i can say is 25i-nbome is no joke if you mess up youll be known as the one that died to a drug overdose.

UPDATE: After about another month the leg twitching thing went away.
I just came back to re-read and it was like I was reliving it man, I forgot how scary that night was I still remember that feeling, I remember when I realized I may have OD'd it felt like someone hit me with a baseball bat to the gut, I remember considering calling 9-1-1 but then I thought, "you know what I would rather die than call for help" I just remember laying in bed, waiting.... waiting for what? I honestly was waiting to die.. I was actually waiting for death to takeover that feeling I will never forget I'm tearing up writing this. Wow! Just the feelings from that night returned re-reading this. I've accepted it since that night I have been a different person, but a better person I appreciate life it was crazy just how one night could've been so fatal I never thought I could've felt so much fear but man, when I accepted it I had nothing to fear damn.
Anyways this experience has taught me to be a more responsible drug user whenever I try new drugs I go through a whole new procedure now, I make sure I know my source, my dosage, and my body, I also take allergy test whenever I receive a new batch of a new drug.
I HOPE however reads this next will understand the importance of being a RESPONSIBLE drug user, I don't regret that night I'm better because of it and I learned a new lesson it was really crazy to accept my death that night I just still can't believe I went through that and I hope to never again. So please be responsible people drugs are no joke but they're not dangerous as long as you take the right steps and precautions.
Thanks for reading!

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