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Trees disappearing while smoking granny cigarettes

Ingested an unknown ammount of cubes pool side

Hello Fellow shroomites. This is my 2nd trip report, and also my 2nd trip.  So lets get started. I got what I thought was 10.5 grams from my real good friends super sketchy idiot boy friend. She insisted that they were good, and they were all crying on them the night before because of their beautiful open eye visuals. As soon as I heard that I was sold and got 60 bucks worth for me and 2 friends to munch down the next day at a show. When I got the mushrooms, I immedietly thought it was not 10.5 grams. I had gotten an ounce for my friends a few months back, and they gave me some of it for doing the deed of getting them, so I had an idea on their weight worth. My friends gave me 5 grams of cubes my first time, and those 5 grams where bigger than the 10.5 that I got from my friends sketchy boyfriend. I was really dissapointed that I waisted  money and I had to let my friends down. I thought I was a fool not to go to my other guy who always conducted his business very well and professionally, and had great prices and shrooms. But I was just sold as soon as I heard they were crying because of their visuals. I wanted a profound experience. Since I had no scale at the time, I had no choice but to  guess and just eat the whole bag. Or at least thats what my 16 year old mind was telling me. So I ate the whole bag except for one MASSIVE stem. I wish I took a picture of it, it was like 2 inches in diameter at the base and a few inches tall, and it grew to a point at tip. Thing was crazy. Completely solid. I weighed it the next day at my friends and it weighed 4.5 grams... So then I came to the conclusion that I didn't really get ripped off, and was a fucking idiot for thinking other wise. I injested the estimated 6 grams, and played some assassins creed to kill the time. About an hour later, I was starting to feel very strange. But good strange. These mushrooms had one hell of a body load. I just felt so weird, and dissoriented. I began laughing extremely hard at nothing, absolutely fucking nothing, just bustin my gut. I called up my good friend who knew I got the shrooms, and asked I just asked why I couldnt stop laughing, he started laughing, then he put me on speaker phone and everybody started laughing too. He told me to go outside, smoke a cigarette and listen to some tunes. So I did just that. I got my pack of Eve 120 menthol lights that my friends grandma gave me because she quit smoking cigarettes. I popped in the head phones, and listened to Bob marleys greatest hits. As soon as I started listening to that music it put chills in my entire body. I proceeded to my pool and layed down in this lounge chair smoking my never ending granny cigarette and listening to the wonderful tunes. Heres where It really hit me, there was this fog coming out of my pool, this HUGE cloud just coming right out of it, spinning around flipping everywhere, it was so elegant and beautiful, I was stairing at it for some time. The water in pool, how it bounces around a little bit, was amplified by 1000 it seemed like, it was just going crazy, up and down and all around. It was putting on a show for me. My attention had drawn from the steamy fog to this massive tree that right in front of me. Its branches were spreading apart, almost dancing..and when these branches spread, super creepy faces imerged from were they spread, then they would retract, and the branched would cover them, then they would spread again and back where the faces. This was happening all over this huge tree. And when I say creepy, I mean Fucking creepy, Its hard to describe, but they where like dark demonic monsters. I knew that I was on allot of drugs, and they weren't really there, so I accepted them, and embraced them. The same exact thing happened to me on my first trip, but I saw the faces in a tapestry. But the tree faces where way more creepy. Ever since then Ive never seen anything super creepy while tripping. Its like they wanted to test  me, and see if I could handle their presence and the mushroom experience. Still smoking my rediculas cigarette and listening to chilling bob marley music, I was stairing at that tree, and the faces, I was focusing my attention more towards the tip on the tree, and all of a sudden, the entire tree turn black starting from the top and going to the bottom super quickly. I was in shock, My imediete emotions were sadness since my creepy ass friends had left me. The whole tree was just black emptiness for maybe 5 seconds. I closed my eyes, and discovered that I was having extremely amazing closed eye visuals. The closest thing I can describe it to, is those gambling wheel things in casinos where you throw the ball on it, and it falls on a number, but it was spinning the whole time, and changing shape and color allong with all of these other super colorful twisty lines all around it. I had my eyes closed for maybe 30 seconds, and I remembered about the tree, and my friends inside of it, So I open my eyes to see if its there, and it was there, But it wasnt doing the thing with the faces any more.I was kind of disapointed, but I just continued with my closed eye visuals. At one point in the trip, I remember walking to the tree and hugging it, and thanking it for the show, From there on, i started to come down. That was my 2nd trip at age 16 hope you guys enjoyed. 

Peace and thanks, -FungiJB 

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