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Amazing night on 5g cyans

Understood life completely

     This was my fourth trip, slowly working my way up and my first time with good visuals. I downed just over 5g of dried P. Cyanescens before bed and sat there waiting for it to kick in while talking to a friend. I felt it in about 30 minutes (a lot sooner than i usually do) and it hit hard. At first I had a headache but soon calmed down and layed in bed. As I moved my head everything was blurring and looked like it was breathing. Everything was outlined with rainbows and faint kaleidoscope patterns flew around the room. I was laughing my ass off and listening to music (which sounded amazing). Definately my best trip yet. I don't think I ended up sleeping that night, because i was awake when my alarm went off but I didn't really have any memory after about 2 a.m.

     I woke up in the morning extremely light-headed with shaky legs. After getting dressed I almost collapsed and was unable to walk properly, And i had to sit down and relax my legs for about 5 minutes. It seemed like I forgot how to do many basic functions but soon re-learned them (such as swishing water in my mouth, I couldn't move my cheeks back and forth and the water just kept falling out of my mouth). It was definitely a weird and beautiful experience, and I would definitely do it again, I just need some more shrooms ;(

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