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i pissed him off

so i close my eyes and find myself looking back at this blank canvas world. Im seeing great patterns and fractal designs,like native american drawings and Halloween skulls are forming.Then the next thing i know these large shining bridges are lowered in my arrival .Im watching these bridge like things come closer for a while with like flying entities around them. Next ting i know im at the end of the bridge in this room ,i notice another person there walking around like preparing the room for ,this room was large and this man was just making art and statues appear from no where....around this time im thinking "damn i have go to work tomorrow" so then the man is done preparing the room for me .He now confronts me ,a faceless glowing entity ,asking me a question ,rather a choice. I either turn the lights off close my eyes and go to sleep and have great dreams while im on dmt. Or i can fight it and stay awake to go to sleep tonight.  I chose to fight it .The entity was kinda mad at me ,i tell him i have work and have alot of things to think about in the real world. he then started making great shapes and pictures like snakes and dragons in a dark color and background like reds and oranges ,(before it was pretty neon color and shining white or gold) He was obviously pretty mad i didnt fall asleep to stay in ""dmt land""...and then the effects slowly wore of as im seeing these birds or bats fly around    

Some other things i noticed was when i opened my eyes and looked at reality i was disgusted ,all the material things around me looked dirty and reminded me of a materialistic capitalist lifestyle (that we live). 

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