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A Walk in the Woods.

It all started when I aquire two eighths of Cubes, separetly bagged, from a friend, Nish.

It all started when I aquire two eighths of Cubes, separetly bagged, from a friend, Nish.

I had decided that today would be the day... I had the whole day to myself at the house, and it was a beautiful, mildly warm day. It was about nine in the morning, the beginning of June. I took a good look at my bag, choosing two caps and two stems out of one (the eiths as a whole weighed 4 grams a piece), roughly eyeballing about 3 grams worth. Laying them on the table, I chopped them up and mixed them into a bowl of ceral, quickly consuming them and not tasting them one bit.

I packed a backpack with a towl (to lay on later), bread, honey, celery, and a two-liter of water. I grabbed my favorite walking stick (a five-foot piece of cedar... thin and light, yet very strong) and walked off into the woods behind my house. I had a set destination in mind... the rock formation at the very top of the hill, about a two-mile walk. No sweat. I clambered to the top of the ridgeline, taking a route straight up the slope, and by the time I got to the top, i was sweating already. I took a seat among some friendly-looking trees and took a drink of water.

Being the spiritual person I am, I meditated briefly, asking the Powers that Be for guidance on this day. Not a second after I opened my eyes, the Shrooms set in, roughtly 15-20 minutes after consumption. The leaves and the bark of the trees were vibrating softly, and I could see AMAZING detail... my vision was a full 180 degrees and not a thing was left out.. absolutely spectacular. I had a small queasy feeling in my stomach, so I sat there for a few moments, tellign myself that it was nothing, and willing myself to not upchuck. I was successful.

I stood and prepared myself mentally. Since noone was around, I had no problem talking to myself... simply letting myself know that I knew were I was. And I did. I was happy, cheerful, and glad to be away from everything. I found a trail I had never seen before, and followed it. The world was brand new, the sun was shining through the canopy, and I felt at home. Following the ridge, I was heading uphill.

After several minutes of walking, I came to an old stone fence. this let me know I was goign the right way. On the other side there was a beatiful grove of ivy and sweet clover, sheltered by Cedar, Poplar, and Beach. I picked a few leaves of sweet clover and ate them, the taste exploding in my mouth, and settling my stomach. I marched onward, now walking paralell to the fence. Then.. I came the dead place.

I was idly walking along, when my attention was caught by this stunted cedar, its branches gnarled and half-dead, surrounded by a rubble of rocks, a mond on one side, a pit on the other. I was immediatly overcome with... something dark. I was drawn to the pit, my eyes focused on it, my heart pounding in my ears, as I began to hear.. whispers of sorts. Everything seemed to slow down, then I snapped myself to my senses. Shaking of the dark feeling, I trudged on, now manuevering my way through a groved of stunted Cedars, all overcrowding on one another, leaving very little room for a human like myself to pass.

Ememerging from the tangle of trees, I cam into a clearing. The sun was brilliant, shining off the leaves, revealing its full spectrum to me... I could see aura-like rainbow patterns on the glistening edges of the leaves... I stood there perplexed for a moment.. but did not allow myself to tarry... I had a place to be.

I walked on, following a wide trail I knew well... my thoughts racing as the secrets of my own mind and the world seem to reveal themselves to me... a hoard of knowledge in a single leaf, inspiration in the glimpse of a hawk.

I arrived at the top of the hill, the rock formations coming into view. To briefly describe these rocks, they emerge from the ground, trees growing on and between them, bare on the top, framed by sunken pits of soil... rocky islands in the center of a lush forest, all sheltered by a high canopy of Poplars, beaches, maples, oaks, mulberry, and some I could not identify. I plopped down on my favorite stone, taking off my pack and chgging down a third of the bottle of water. I felt great.

Then I grew lethargic.

I had finished drinking, when I aws overcome with a urge to just lay there, not to rise or move at all, just lay. So I layed out my town and layed on it, staring upward at the sky. My eyes felt watery, but not sore. My mind was racing, and the world around me was shifting slightly, the trees waving to and fro, the world almost seeming.. under water. I stared upward and marveled.

Then a curious thing happened... a single tree began to glow, and became golden, but only in the canopy. Its leaves almost seemed to shine, as if glowing from a light or heat from within. Then I looked away, and the sky was purple. It was quite curious, really. I rubbed my eyes, seeing if I could shake it.. but no.. the sky remained a sort of lavender, the single tree's boughs glowing golden in the canopy, and then I began seeing colors again.. the edges of all the tree's leaves were sheathed in spectrum, as if I could see the full breakdown of light into its separate colors.

I then found the motivation to rise and explore my hilltop. I grabbed my stick, and began hopping from rock slab to rock slab, sometimes onto fallen trees or treestumps. I ranted and raved, speaking to myself and to anything that was listening... talkign of the secrets of the world, of the phenominal thoughts racing through my brain, trying to get it out, sort it out, listening to even what I was saying, trying to further register it in my brain, so as to not loose track of it.. as I seem to do so many times...

I spent my time up there, and began to feel the trip slowly decreasing around one o'clock, dropping off slowly but surely, spiking every once in a while. The tracers I saw the whole time began to fade, but remained until much later. I returned by the way I came, my thoughts filled with the previous experiences, what seemed like days only happening in a mere hours...

I had a most wonderful and exciting walk in the woods...

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