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First time just smoking weed

That was unexpected..

[Sorry for my bad english!]

I was with 6 friends of mine, at the house of one of them.. We decided to smoke some weed that night, and it was my first time with weed or any other drugs..

First we went to a pub and drank a beer eating caffeine-choccolate little balls, then we got home, and started smoking outside, in a big terrace. We had 2 joint at the same time and we passed them in circle (one of my friend didn't smoke, he was afraid lol). I take the 3 first drags of the joint, and I was "dead".. I had  the urge to throw up (I didn't)  and I couldn't talk.. They saw me and didn't understand.. So I fall down to the ground (that was wet because it was raining) and I passed out.
When I was fainted, I began to dream: I was in a forest following the friend who wasn't smoking that day, and this dream was long hours in my mind. Then one of my friend wake me up, and I freaked out when i saw him dressed in Hospital clothes (he was dressed normal though).. They brought me inside on the couch, brought me a bucket in case I threw up and then ask me a lot of question! 
I couldn't say a word, and I was greyish.. so they began to freak out thinking I was very sick and that i could die because it was my first time..

Then it all started: I was still on the couch and I couldn't move too, but I began to think a thousand thought.. They was very clear even if my body was high as hell.. At the beginning I was laughing inside me, watching my friends freaking out, then I began to think horrible things.. I thought that I was dead when I passed out outside, and the situation I was experiencing was the actual "after-life" or something like that or maybe that my heart was beating very fast, and at the end of the night I could die (I even tried to call my parents to say goodbye for the last time).. This kind of thoughts made me very sad, but suddenly I was happy again, and so on.. So my friends didn't understand why I was sad and after a second I had a huge smile!
In the meanwhile, they acted as normal stoned guys, and they got used to me sitting on the couch tripping silently.. I was very cold and shivering so they covered me in all ways possible and then i was just fine, only trapped in my mind..
Then I experienced a weird feeling: It seemed like I went out of my body, watching all my actions, but now I could move (without talking), and every movements I decided, take like 30 minutes before actual doing it.. like a virtual delay..
I began writing short sentences in a book to comunicate with my friends, and that make them laugh very hard lol, but at this time I was able to move even if it seemed I couldn't control my body and it felt like I was acting in a '20s Silent Film (the guy who didn't smoke said also "He's like a character of an old movie" and i found that funny)

As the hours passed by, I sat again on the couch with them, we started eating something and then we watched a movie.. During the movie, even if I was in that condition, I could only notice how stoned was my friends, like if I was the only normal guy there!

Then we went to bed, and the following morning they came to me wandering if I would talk again..

Obviously I can't remember all my thought, because they were a lot and very weird, but i can say they were sometime horrible and sometime very funny..

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