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Gaia is an African Goddess

Spiritual transformation

My First Mushroom Trip:

Took approximately 2.5 grams dry of mushrooms on Dec. 12, 2011. I did them with my husband and my brother, both of their dosages around the same, but I think my husband had the mildest trip. Mine seemed to be the most intense of the three.

After rolling them up in fruit roll-ups and eating them, about 30 minutes later, I start to feel funny. After a few minutes, I am on the floor, laughing uncontrollably and insanely. I feel like I am spiraling into the next laugh, and again more laughter, to what seems to be everything. Literally, EVERYTHING was funny, was insanely silly, and I laughed without restraint or embarrassment. I was finally free to laugh completely and totally. It felt like I was laughing at every single joke I had ever heard in my life, but never got the chance to laugh at them all until NOW.

After this laughter fit, I sat in the corner of the living room, Indian style sitting. I wanted to form a triangle of three people, of "3 powers" of sorts. But this did not manifest for some reason. I don't think my brother was ready.

So I decided to sit on the couch for a while, and then I started seeing the "eyes". First I saw them in a painting (framed Robert Frost poem with beautiful forest art- lots of greens and golds) - The entire painting/picture was covered in these beautiful, gentle, all-seeing eyes. They were also what appeared to be 3-D! As I looked around the room, I saw the eyes everywhere- appearing to all look at ME. I was at total peace with this and in awe. I also saw golden numbers/letters- rows and rows of them in front of me, taking the form of all objects. It was as if reality itself was MADE UP of this "golden code" that was everywhere!

When I closed my eyes, I saw a 3-D pyramid with transforming geometric patterns. I didn't leave my eyes closed for long though, because I was too interested in experiencing the trip with my husband and brother. My brother had some records playing and also live percussions.

One of the records that he put on was authentic African tribal music. As the chanting, humming, drumming, and percussions were playing, he started to play live percussion which triggered a very intense experience for me. I became an African goddess that spoke directly from Gaia. This is when this trip becomes unbelievable and hard to really transfer the real meaning of this into words...

I looked up, not knowing if my eyes were open or actually closed, I could not tell the difference. I felt possessed, like I was not actually me. My face was moving in ways my facial muscles have never moved in my entire life, it felt alien, the way my face was moving and how I felt even mentally and emotionally. The way I was speaking was even more confirmation that I was not speaking, it was not my voice. It started talking.

"You, all you humans, have disappointed me. You have betrayed me. You destroy your own children's home. How dare you! The blacks....we....had NOTHING, we were treated as NOTHING!!! You worked us to death!! How DARE YOU, white people?! The ones who have poisoned and killed this earth!"  ......at which point I was collapsed and crying on the floor, weeping desperately for the past slaves' abuse, all the torture and terror they went through, every drop of blood they bled for their white enslavers...

I begged and cried for forgiveness, I wanted to so desperately cry out every tear of the deep cut of regret and disgust of my own ancestors. "I'm so sorry!!!!!" I screamed, begging at Mother Earth's feet. I was also enraged with eternal fury which burned for the ones who enslaved the people. I think my brother and husband were trying to calm me down, but this raw emotional energy HAD to be expressed by me- it was explosive emotional energy with past ancestral pain that went unresolved for centuries- it had to be released!....

Then, a wave of calmness spread over me. I saw a group of dark, shadow warriors, all circling the room. I felt like they were an African tribe of warriors, from the far past. Their spirits were here to witness something, it felt like. And they made me feel calm and happy to see them. It was an instinct to trust them and feel calm around them.

At this point, the trip began to change direction because everyone was freaked out at the intensity of it. My brother changed the African record that was playing to something else (Bjork eventually) which calmed me down and just had me laying there smiling, enjoying the visuals. My husband's face transformed into a wolf. My brother's face transformed into his 4-year-old self which was interesting.

At one point I remember seeing a toothbrush in the bathroom and then hitting my leg on the edge of the door. This prompted me to say "Pain is a toothbrush. Just another waveform experienced by another sensory system, essentially the same."

I felt connected to Gaia, which is our living planet, actually alive and conscious on another level. It was trying to say something to us humans, through the mushrooms. But I felt like humans weren't quite ready to hear the whole message yet.

I eventually fell asleep, exhausted. Then woke up after an hour or so and watched "Meet the Parents" which is an excellent movie for a come-down.

Overall, the most intense, most spiritual experience of my entire life. Looking back, I realize that my experience with the mushrooms that night created a tiny seed of peace that will spread throughout the ages. It is very true when they say that every human that takes mushrooms and trips, contributes to the collective trip and the mycelium network as a whole. Also, every single time someone trips on mushrooms, it helps evolve the entire human species as a collective! We may seem stagnant now, but the human species is actually evolving every time one of its members decides to "tap into" the psychedelic mushroom network!

So, keep tripping, kids!!!

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