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Questioning God/Source and going beyond... Amazing trip with complete obliteration of Ego.

Cubensis 4g.

This will be a different report, instead of using a chronologic occurrence of events, I will just share the most amazing stuff that happened and that I can recall. Even though is very hard to put into words, I will write my thoughts, but I got from the trip. I tripped on 4g of Cubensis, strong potency, with my friend F. The shrooms came from F%u2019s harvest.


Hallucinations/stuff that occurred in addition of mind expansion%u2026

I could see during most of the peak of the trip the entire world collapsing. The walls were melting, bent; it felt like if the room turned into a triangle. The noise from a far TV that was in other room was disrupted, sounding metallic, very distorted and without volume at some points. My own body did not feel it existed. I could not feel it. My thoughts and consciousness was the only thing that it felt real. Time was massively distorted, heavy time dilation occurred. Gazing without focusing the eyes lead to sacred geometry, I could literally see through solid objects, I could see the very energy forming other objects, different shapes of flashes of light.


Questioning Source/God. What is the Purpose of Source? What lies beyond source?

Something indeed lies behind Source. There is a greater light, a much higher awakened being behind source that our bodies literally cannot access. During my trip, I attempted to seek Source for answers. I started to float and to get closer to Source. I went past our planet, our solar system, our galaxy, went pass our Universe, pass our Spirit Guides and even past a void of nothingness. I was energy, I was consciousness, I did not even existed anymore, I could not feel my body at all, I could not even remember I was tripping, I knew I was tripping, I knew my purpose, but nothing mattered anymore, I was in the here and now%u2026

I reached a very high state of awareness and I was surrounded by the Light. I was connected to Source and Source wanted to receive me. I received love, bliss, joy, happiness, all these positive feelings we seek so desperately. Are these feelings even real? I questioned instead of accepting it. We are based on acceptance; we accept whatever crap they show on TV, we accept whatever junk we see online, videogames, food we eat, literally everything. What if these so called feelings of joy, bliss, etc are there because we just accept it? I decided not to accepted, I decided to keep going forward, breaking my believe system and my acceptance of Source being the highest step.

I faced Source and questioned its own existence, its own purpose and what was sitting behind I t, as there is infinite wherever you look into. I demanded information about the very purpose of the Universe. If we are just a spec of a bigger existence yet that existence is a mere spec for something even great to an infinite amount of times, what is the purpose of all of that? I questioned Source without allowing it to distract me. I receive no response so I decided to keep going forward, to enter the Light, to find its core, its meaning.

As soon as I got into the light, I felt a huge jolt around my entire body. My ears buzzed very loud and my whole body was stunned. Despite my eyes were closed, I saw a flash of light, brighter than you can imagine. I recalled that this happens usually once in all my trips, so I refocused again and tried to enter Source%u2026 Once again, the same zap, but even stronger%u2026 I never felt it twice on a trip before, so I was surprised. I tried a third time, I was zapped once again, but this time, I was able to see something behind. There was in even brighter light, very intense and there was a much higher existence behind. There was a bigger consciousness that Source felt like a fragment off%u2026 Or maybe it was a deeper state of Source%u2026 who knows? What if this was just another mental defense, to distract us from something much greater sitting out there.

Every single time I tried to access this information, I felt zapped and pushed away. It was done with love, it did not provide fear, but I was pushed away, not allowed to tap into this information. Now I ask, why? Beings of Light do not hide the truth, why there very Source, as we believe, the highest being of light, Is hiding its very own truth from those who want to know? How about the Law of the Free Will in the Universe, why some information it is prevented from us? This is something that I shall keep seeking and discover.


What is the true meaning of being Spiritually Awakened?

Many of us might have a greater awareness of a higher existence and yet, we know that religion was made by men. We acknowledge we have Spirit Guides, we all come from God-Source and that we are all energy. Some of us do not believe on the so called Bible%u2026 book of life, whatever, as these were written by men. We believe that what is not written by men is where the truth lies.

 But%u2026 what is the truth? Isn%u2019t Spirituality another religion? Maybe it is a different type of religion, one where we do not need to go to church, to donate money so %u201CGod%u201D can %u201Cbless%u201D the pastor with a BWM. Religion made by men is just a distraction, a lie and an illusion%u2026 Have you ever questioned the fact that Spirituality is just another illusion? How sure are we really that Spirituality it is not another lie, another distraction, an illusion preventing us to know a greater truth, to have answers to our most profound and deepest questions.

When we %u201Cawaken%u201D spirituality, we believe we know the truth. A Christian believes they know the truth, a Muslin believes they know the truth%u2026 even the atheist believes they know the truth (of not being truth at all) but where is the truth really? We cannot find the truth on man-made information; neither can we find it in higher realms, as always additional questions lie ahead. Is there a truth at all? Isn%u2019t all of this a lie? If so, why do we even exist? What it is the purpose of our existence?

The shrooms were a gift from our ancestors, from higher beings that give us the opportunity to tap into a greater reality. But not even the shrooms are able to answer all our questions. The shrooms allow us to question everything, to realize the illusion we live into, but do not provide answers. What is the purpose then of knowing where the truth lies, if there is any truth at all, and if not, what is the purpose of existence as a whole?

I connected with my Spirit Guides, my most beloved beings that help me in my work as a Psychic Medium, beings who work with me and protect my human vessel. I went into them seeking for advice, but they literally closed my eyes. They told me there is information even unknown to them, and information that it is too big for me to handle. That is a reality and my guides avoid me to know that information in order to protect me, but apparently, denial of information is what the darkness gives, why I am denied information from beings of light?

There is this Law of the Free Will from the Universe, where each individual has its own life and makes its own decisions. If the information is so much, vibrates so high that could destroy us, it might be our own decisions to %u201Ctake the risk%u201D or not to, but if for the mere excuse of protection, we are denied this information, then the Highest Beings of Light are breaking the v very first rule of the Universe. No one seems to be able to give the ultimate truth.  Wherever you seek, you just find another lie, or you just find another mental block, or an incomplete answer. Only tapping into what we call or believe what the Highest is, there is a major block, a small peak to see that there is much more behind of what we call Ultimate.

This was literally amazing, and my mind is still going at hundred miles per hour. We know nothing%u2026 everything is infinite yet everything is nothing%u2026


Next time I trip, I will do it with my own grown shrooms, using the spores from the shrooms we used for this trip. Wish me luck growing them%u2026 will inoculate in a couple of days probably! 

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