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a walk in the park ... and shpongle at home

Keep in mind that this is and only can be a summary .

Keep in mind that this is and only can be a summary ... it's impossible to remember everything that happened and that went through your mind. This is probably only about 1% of what I saw, felt, and thought about, but consists of the things I remember most significantly:

(Me and two friends took 30g wet each of Yangoon magic mushrooms at about 2pm. It is pretty cold and wintry up here and the forecast said it was going to snow all day... but there wasn't any snow (unfortunately), so it was cold and drab, not a great day. We decided to walk out for a while anyway, to the nearest park. It's not a great park to be honest... there is a small river with horrible blue fencing, a few geese and ducks and various plants and trees; so still not a bad place to trip. There were unfortunately loggers cutting down parts of trees... and we occasionally had to step out of the way of a trailer car carrying branches. We walked slowly around the park.)

The colours of the ducks and the trees intensifying... the spacial depth of my hearing expanding... the windows from the houses looking ... a weird bumpy hill section near the end of the park ... car tyres are growing out of the ground ... they are growing tyres! ... a race track ... the hills are wavy and visually stimulating ... a loud car beeps and cuts into all of our consciousness ... we walk back ... the sound of the artifical waterfall is very loud ... the sound of smashing of water begins to disintegrate into machine like noise ... this is unpleasant and I try to move on ... we are no longer talking ... or my friends are but i am not registering it ... the subnatural suburban sounds of the park mixing nature with civilization is strange but quite an atmosphere ... i am thinking about the week ... my decision to become a musician/writer instead of a teacher ... for once i am happy with the way my life is going ... perhaps because this is a true and pure intention rather than a secondary, easy-option .... i see a duck with an intensely green neck ... i try to change my perception of the colour into blue by willing it ... nothing happens ... the duck is expecting bread ... it seems perplexed ... i walk on ... the water is beautiful and rippling ... i begin to think about a homeless person i passed earlier in the week ... i imagine myself as homeless and how i would try to get a job and a place to live ... it would be impossible ... society would prevent it .... i am beginning to think i need to go to the toilet, and i have a strong desire for a hot cup of tea ... i decide to go home.

(I told the others I was going and one of my friends came with me. The walk was not very enjoyable through the busy street filled with cars, and seemed to go on for longer than it should have. At home we made tea and went into my room to listen to Shpongle-Are You Shpongled. This was the first time I had listened to it.)

My mood, sensations, and spacial awareness begin to expand immediately as the sweeping beauty of the first track begins... hallucinations are beginning to intensify ... Shpongle is perfectly amazing ... there is no comfortable position to lie at ... I am twitching and shivering .. it is cold ... the walls are breathing and the ceiling has patterns ... i focus on the music ... me and my friend laugh very hard at a particular moment, and my other friend arrives and joins us ... i am finding it hard to think about anything .... the music is beginning to lose its appeal ... i am feeling sick ... i try to let is pass ... it begins to increase ... i am not sure whether it is the music or not ... i gradually gain the energy to get up and go to the bathroom ... i throw up and make sure my stomach is completely empty... the taste of acidic coke in my mouth ... the smell of stomach acids ... the blur of the toilet bowl ... my hair a mess in front of my eyes ... the mirror showing a horrible image of my face ... i clean the toilet ... i finally wash and return to the room ... i feel much better ... enjoy the music ... i am seeing complex geometric hallucinations ... closed eyes are beautiful images and patterns ... i think about life after death and the essence of the soul ... i look forward to death for numerous reasons ... i have a desire to create and find my paper and pencil crayons ... i draw patterns ... i am not good at drawing ... i have the fantastic idea of creating something brilliant ... i can put it up on the wall in our living room ! ... i struggle to try to put down what is in my head and fail ... i start afresh and draw a sweeping golden spiral perfectly naturally ... i add stick men, some happy, some sad, along the spiral ... all spiralling into nothing ... in theory i am a good artist ... my friend thinks it is horrible ... that was my intention in a way ... i have a thought that watching Countdown would be really good ... I decide exercising my brain and doing lots of art and composing and writing should be how I spend my time ... I am extremely happy ... we are starting to come down.

(For the rest of the trip we sat around and chilled out to music (Ott), watched The Simpsons - very funny and very clever, and had a great time in a great atmosphere for the rest of the night. My friends drank lots of port and I drank lots of tea... they got drunk and I got very relaxed. We'd listened to loads of music by the end of the night, and all were very happy and had had excellent trips. Obviously I had pretty bad nausea at the peak which wasn't good, but 95% of the day was extremely enjoyable.)

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