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First time...


Ok guys, let me start by saying that this was my very first time, and as of right now, the only.

 A friend of mine, who I rarely saw, and never really spent much time with, outside of seeing eachother at a party or what now, asked me if i would like to eat some mushrooms with him. Having been a big marijuana smoker for 10 years or so, i had always wanted to try shrooms, but never really tried to do it, and since i no longer smoke, i was more than ready to experience something new.

   I ended up finding a friend who got me hooked up with some penis envy, and me, and 3 other friends, ( one who was a very long lifetime friend, another who i had once spent many years with, but and grown apart, and finally the friend who asked if i would like to shroom), and we went to his house to dose that night. It was a friday, and since i knew i was doing it that night, i kept from eating alot. All i had to eat that day was an apple in the morning, and an apple about 2 hours prior to eating them. I ate just over 3 grams, as well as everyone else, and was very excited about what was coming. 

  it started maybe 30 mins after i ate them, when we were out back. I was smoking a cig, and found myself feeling really happy, laughing alot, knowing that they were kicking in. The sun wasnt 100% down yet, and it began. Light itself, became more vibrant, the sky, the walls, the plants, everything started to look more beautiful. The palm trees were blowing in the wind, but as the ferns would raise and spike out, the lighting got brighter, and dimmer as they dropped. This excited me!! I was in a world of awe! Everything was going great. We all went for a walk, and by this time the sun was down, however it was a full moon, and the stars were bright. That walk brought me the greatest level of happiness, right up until the point when my 2 long time friends went negative....they started saying they felt sick(first timers as well) and were saying they were trippping really bad. I felt GREAT, me and my other friend, were vibing off eachother so well, but i kept looking back at my 2 other friends and it kept bringing a bad feeling to me.

 This is where it got weird...

 As we were walking back to his house, my visuals were peaking. Everything had a red/dark green tinge to it, as well as looking earthy ( as if everything was a tree, or branch, plants ect...) but in a dark eerie way... We were walking up to his front door, and i told him i was trippin haard, and i didnt know what was happening. I went upstairs, laid in his bed, and listened to the music playing. It was amazing for a while. The bed seemed to be 50 feet wide, and 3 feet deep. I was caught back up into a mind blowing experience of just WOW, right until my 2 other friends walked in. I imediately felt wrong... closed my eyes...and went away....I was lost. I couldnt imagine anything about anything. I had no idea where i was, who i was, did anything exist? can i sleep? am i awake? am i real? I couldnt think of anything or anyone. NOTHING EXISTED. and for a while i was almost afraid, because conciously i knew i ate mushrooms, and thats what caused this, but at the same time, i just didnt understand anything, because nothing existed? It was just a bizzare feeling. I slowly had to build myself back into reality, with little things like hearing the sound of my heart beat, knowing that its there, then to my lungs, knowing that I breathe. It progressed the point where i figured out how to fart, and pee, and look around, and then how to think, and comprehend things.

 After the peak, and weird trip, there was such a huge state of confusion going through my head, that i didnt understand, nor could i explain it.

I still cant explain what i felt, thought, and the visions i saw with closed eyes. 

I have just purchased more of the same mushrooms, and plan on dosing the same, and expect to come at this differently, to help me understand what happened and why.

 It was deff an experience to remember, and i look forward to more. 
Im ready to learn

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