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First trip 2.6g caps

Solo first trip

Shrooms trip

So couple of weeks ago I had purchased what was meant to be 3.5g of dried cubinis in capsule form. Ended up being 3.3g total weight including the caps also ( 7 caps all up). I heard the caps weigh 0.1g so I'm guessing I only had roughly 2.6g of dry weight. They all looked nicely packed and seemed to be the real deal.

Before consumption-

As It was going to be my first shroom trip, I did a bit of reading online to try prepare myself for what I might expect. So I decided I would take them on Tuesday and stay at home as I felt safe there and had my roommate there also (sober) for peace of mind. 
-10am , had a light breaky of toast and eggs. Didn't eat anything else till I consumed the caps.


-3pm , 
Feeling very nervously and excited as I stare at the caps thinking should I do only a few or the whole lot. Poured myself a glass of OJ and popped down 4 caps. Started to think, oh what the heck it's my first time mose well take all 7.

I headed downstairs in my house as it's been made into a bit of a man cave with tv, stereo etc. started pacing around feeling good but bit nervous. So I put some tunes on ( Radiohead ) and just chill out on the couch for a bit.

Starting to kick in now. I txted my roomy that I'm starting come up as I forgot to tell him I had taken them. Just for reassurance I think. Feeling bit dizzy and light headed. Bit like being stoned. Also bit sick in the stomach. Not sure if was the shrooms or just hungry? 

Started to think I should do something, so went over to the dart board and strarted to play. Wow, what a sight. As I through the darts I can see like a ghost shadow effect of the darts as they fly through the air. For some reason I find this hilarious and start laughing uncontrollably. I was in histericks. I could barely stand up. Then as I was looking at the tiles they start to go all fuzzy and the patterns looked so lovely and cool.

-4pm to 6pm ( not to sure as I lost track and sense of time)
It's really kicking in now and getting a bit intense. I ended up siting down on the couch. As I sat there, I could feel my arms and hands start to get a buzzing sensation and slightly cramping effect. Was hard to keep my hands open. Also noticed my heart rate was very high and my breathing very fast and deep. Staring at the carpet rug it looked all wavy and like its alive. Same with the walls but with complex designs. I ended up lying down and just staring at the ceiling. I start running my hands over my face and through my hair and feels so good. Like my hair was so silky and fuzzy. Weird. Also feeling very tired as if I could go to sleep at any time. But as I closed my eyes, I kept getting crazy visuals of very sharp and uncomfortable images. Didn't like that. 

As I was really hitting the peak, my roomy comes down to see how I'm going. He asked me if I wanted to go for a walk with the dog to the  park. I said yeah ok why not. But as I got upstairs, my legs felt like they were going to give way on me. So I ended up staying. I went to the fridge and grabbed the strawberries and blueberries and headed back downstairs to my comfort zone. Oh my, how good did the berries taste. They were unreal, so sweet. Laying back down, drifting in and out, not really thinking bout much at all. Just there in the moment. Did start to worry a bit, thinking this feeling was not going to end. Just trying to keep my feeling positive. 

- 6pm and onwards, 
Im starting to come down. Feeling a bit emotionally drained. Still feeling tired. The occasional random thing still makes me laugh hard. Ended up just chilling out watching youtube for most the night. Did get up and start to make some dinner but was a bit hard to focus on what was to be done. Finally went to bed bout midnight and slept fine.

- Following day
Felt pretty average the whole day. Just a neutral feeling, not real eager to do much through the day.

- Final thoughts
Overall experience was good but probably wouldn't do shrooms again. Maybe with others but just don't think it's my thing. I did read a lot of other users trip reports and noticed a few had a deep meaningful mind experience. Not sure if a higher dose is required or not. I would say the quality of the product was very high as did come from a good source. Any comments and feedback is welcome as this is my first trip report Iv done.

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