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A Long Walk

My first true experience with psychedelics

Sorry for the long report

Background information I'm an 18 year-old boy living in Denmark. This was my first trip with someone else, let's call him A, and my fourth trip total. We did it in A's house, but, as the title says, the trip primarily took place outside. I was in quite a good mood with no negative thoughts whatsoever. Bare in mind that this is my first trip report. Constructive criticism would be greatly appreciatet :)

The beginning I arrived at A's house around 17:00 with approximately 9 grams of self-grown Golden Teacher mushrooms, 3 grams each. A had invited one of his friends, but he didn't answer all day. This was the second time he bailed on him. Luckily, it didn't put us off, so at 17:45 we decided to eat the first 2 grams and waited with the last gram to make the peak last longer. The high hit us both surprisingly fast and strong unlike the three other trips I've had, which also was around 2 grams of the same species. A asked if we should go to his beach plot and pumped with energy and curiosity, I thought it was a great idea.

It was only a five minute walk, and when we arrived it was beautiful. Everything looked broader and very spiritual, almost apocalyptic but in a good way. Hard to describe you can imagine. I was really feeling something and wanted to talk about everything, but he wasn't very talkative which was very unusual, considering his usual behavior. We were still having fun and just enjoying the ocean and the amazingly beautiful weather.

30 minutes later we left his plot and somehow just walked around the area. Things are very blurry from now on, but I'll try to do my best. Now we are just walking and walking with no particular goal, just trying to find a "good road" as we called it. The short term memory was really weak so every time I said something, we looked at each other and said "wait, haven't we just talked about this?", and we probably had. This was really hilarious because we kept doing it again and again, fully aware of what we were doing but with no idea how to stop it.

After having an incredible walk, we finally reached his home. I sat down in his living room, while he was staring in a mirror, and I put on "Misty Mountains Cold", the theme song from "The Hobbit", for 30 minutes straight. As planned I took the last gram with the M&M's peanut, then A came in and asked "why haven't you swallowed". My sober, dirty mind would probably say "that's what he said", but my much more mature, influenced self said, "Oh, that's what you're supposed to do with it - I totally forgot!", leaving both of us laughing excessively.

The CEV's were now very strong unlike anything I've ever tried before, fully covering my entire vision. Something I've really missed in my last three trips. The body-high and CEV's were making me extremely happy. A said we should go down to his room where we were able to make complete darkness. Thinking about McKenna's advice, I thought it was a great idea. I laid down on the bed, while he took the floor.

We later changed, which I didn't mind because everything was just stunning. Even though there wasn't any music, it certainly wasn't quiet. I realized that I was able to control the warping sound in my ears, intensifying the trip. It was sadly interrupted by a dark tinnitus sound, which has followed me for as long as I can remember. To avoid the tinnitus, I decided to listen to some music on my iPod - a very good idea.

I found my iPod and turned on a song which I just discovered recently (Colorvision by Com Truise). In spite my very intense feeling of joy and happiness, this just made everything better, believe it or not. The feeling was like to be in a movie, where the main actor suddenly have a break through and the music starts coming on, where you really get motivated and excited. I don't know if you understand, but if was in any case amazing. I get down to his room, not knowing that he isn't there anymore and lay down on the bed. I'm not sure if this was a level 2 or a level 3 experience, while now 3 dimensional images occurs. A comes in and asks if we should go for a walk. I didn't mind so I said "let's do it".

This truly was a long walk, both physically and mentally - 6-8 miles slow walking, tripping hard, in the night. We found some "great roads", the time were moving slow and our headphones were spewing out incredible tunes. It wasn't tiring nor exhausting. We just kept going in the streets seeing weird people and, in my opinion, boring lives. Nothing else than materialists (A lived in a rich neighborhood). This made me think about how boring and repetitive my high-school is. I don't really have any real friends there besides people I just see every once in a while, and I study economics which is very different from my resent enthusiasm with psychedelics (the school system in Denmark is very different from the US, but you get the point). School has never been annoying for me, but now I knew that I had to change high school without a doubt. In the past year I've thought about it, but it has never been this clear to me. A huge weight was lifted off my shoulder.

All of a sudden A says that I have to turn off the music. He probably wanted us to talk more, but I couldn't really see the necessity in that. In my opinion you definitely don't need to force the talking, while it will take you out of the trip. This made me realize that A had been in control all night. Whenever I said "let's go this way" he responded "no, we need to go this way", and now this? All I wanted now was to go back to his house, but it was a long walk, especially when you're tripping. I was also feeling a bit irritated which also didn't help at all.

After about 3½ straight hours of walking straight, I was very tired and just wanted to go home so I could think about the experience. But A told me that he wanted to share the last 3 grams, because he wanted to feel the buzz again. I've gotten enough and thought a psychedelic experience is something you respect. Not something you just do to get a quick buzz. Because I didn't want to be a party killer and while I wasn't very stubborn, I took the 1.5 grams. I didn't really get a buzz, I only wanted to lay down on the couch and enjoy the still very apparent CEV's. A said that he would only feel something if he was outside, and again I was avoiding any conflict so we went outside for the third time this night.

All I wanted now was just to relax, while I got what I came for with this trip. A only wanted to walk which I didn't find very interesting anymore, and he kept asking me questions, but this was just very repetitive to me. I know that it wasn't helping to have these negative thoughts and I tried to make this a learning experience, but it wasn't making me feel any better. After an hour we finally returned home. I get my bike and he walks with me half the way home.

We talked about all the crazy things that happened and there weren't actually hard feelings between us. All in all I did have a great time and definitely learned a lot from the experience, though I do have mixed feelings about tripping with A again.

The Aftermath

After living through the experience again I've learned a few things:

1: The next time I'm going to trip with someone else, I have to be sure we are on the same page. A didn't want the same thing as me, which made the experience a bit more complicated.

2: I've never been a very open person. I have had (still have) some very good friends but I've never told them how got of a friend they are. I've also never told anyone about my alcoholic father. To progress as a person, I feel that I need to be more open to people, or else this would just get worse and worse. A and I are good friends but we don't really know that much about each other. 

Psychedelics have definitely helped me along the way, which I'm truly grateful for. Still, I do know that I have a lot of personal stuff to work on. 

If you were in my place, how would you have reacted? And would A be a person you would trip with? 

I know I try to avoid conflicts, but maybe there's another side to this. I would really like your opinion on this. 

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