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1st trip - 5g dry golden teacher

a lovely dreamlike night

So I've been curious about mushrooms for a while and I decided to take the plunge and grow my own.

My fiancé and I went to Niagara on the lake and spent the night in a lovely Victorian style room. I told him that I would experiment with my first flush of dried golden teachers to see how it was.

I ingested 2.5 grams dry at first by balling it up and swallowing them like pills. I chased it with Perrier. :)

About 1.5 hours go by and I am not feeling much of anything at all except a pressure at the center of my forehead. I noticed that I was quite flushed as well. I decided to take an additional 2 grams dry to see if I can get some type of effect.

About 40 minutes later, it is about 6PM and I'm starting to feel like I'm in a good mood. My sour mood from earlier in the morning had all but melted away and I felt very happy just cuddling on the bed with my fiancé while watching cloudy with a chance of meatballs. I noticed that I found the movie even funnier than usual. About 30 more minutes pass and I definitely felt something. A very heady feeling as though I had drank quite a bit. It was harder to form coherent sentences as I tried to explain how I was feeling to my sweetheart. He said that I was articulate, but it was definitely more difficult than usual. At this point, I'm having to use the bathroom quite often. I guess these mushrooms have a diuretic effect? I went into the bathroom and looked in the mirror. I was putting on make up because we were going to head to Niagara to get a bite to eat. I felt the uncontrollable urge to laugh and I started to grin and snicker a bit. I stared into the mirror for a bit to see if I could spot anything odd. None of my features were distorted in anyway, but my pupils were quite large :)

I told my sweetie that we should go ahead and get a bite to eat because I was beginning to feel goofy!

It was dark outside when we finally got into the car to go and the full moon was out. I could DEFINITELY see a distortion. The drive felt very dreamlike and the visuals of the oncoming car lights and the tail lights of the cars in front of us left streaky trails. The area in front of me felt "wider" somehow. The windshield was clear and it was like I was seeing a panorama instead of a normal cramped passenger side view. Music was playing (I think Reflektor by Arcade fire) and it was very pleasant and dream like. I felt happy and peaceful. When we arrived in Niagara, the lights were beautiful and dazzling to me, I had a huge smile on my face as I was looking around. People were out everywhere, but this didn't worry me any. I felt happy and safe with my sweetheart. I saw that the falls had been lit up at night with all different colors and that on top of the moon overhead made the night almost unbearably beautiful. I begged my fiancé to let us walk down to the falls. It was cold outside, but I felt warm. As I walked, I noticed that my emotions were beginning to vacillate more rapidly...with a feeling of happiness and contentedness one minute and then nostalgic and sad the next. These feelings began to intensify as we made our way to the falls. As we walked downhill among the trees, I began to think of the beautiful forests in one of my videogames (Fable) and fancied myself actually there for a few seconds. The next moment, I remembered being at my grandmother's house and feeling her loss very keenly. As the night wore on, the happy moments were very short, but the sad ones began to be drawn out more and more. I found myself in tears as I recalled how I missed home, how I missed my best friend who lives in TN (where I am from), how I miss my mother and how I should try and let go of my anger towards her. By the time we were on our way home, I was fully crying. I just kind of let myself feel all those things inside that are always there close to the surface; namely, mourning the loss of those I love. On this trip I learned that I should really try to forgive my mom (she's great now) and not hold onto the anger...and at the same time, I should try to let go of the loss of my loved ones and to move on. I got back to my room and slept very soundly and felt rejuvenated the next day.


I was a bit disappointed that I didn't get to see any hallucinations, I'm not sure if I am simply very naturally tolerant to psilocin or if I simply had weak mushrooms. They were my first grow, so who knows. I'm going to try again in the next couple of weeks when we return to Niagara on the lake. I'd like to get to a solid 2 maybe into a 3 if possible. I'm going to get my fiancé to try them as well so he can experience the beauty of the earth with more appreciative eyes :) I look forward to my next experience and hope to learn more! Thanks for reading!

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