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First Time on Shrooms

(I was 14)

It all started early in the week. The forecast said that it should rain all week. This got me excited because I had wanted to try shrooms for a while. I called up my friend (let's call him C) and told him about the good conditions for shrooms to grow. Sure enough, I came to hang out that weekend. As soon as we got  to his house, we hopped on his 4 wheeler and took off on our shroomin session. C has alot of land and cows so we had quite a bit of area to search. Luck wasn't on our side that day so we just said fuck it and smoked a joint and headed back home. The next day we woke up and drove around (after we took part in a wake and bake) and hoped that the shrooms would show themselves that day. We crosses over into a field and sure enough, there they were. Eight beautiful magic mushrooms. Later that night we headed back to my place and waited for night to fall. When it finally did, we ate our shrooms and waited. After about half an hour it started kicking in. Waves of energy and happiness came over me on the comeup and eventually it stayed. I spent most of my comeup looking around the room and giggling while C played a video game. Shortly after, the visuals started kicking in and I found myself looking at the blinds and saying "oh.. Okay". They seemed to breathe while the space between them shifted. Then I layed back on the bed and stared at the television. The screen began to detach itself from the frame of the tv and float around the room and then finally fix itself back to the frame. One thing I noticed is that I felt very good like on my first amphetamine high. Every now and then my body would twitch but it felt good. C's did too apparently.  I don't remember much else of the night except knowing that it was amazing and that I had a deep train of thought. Waking up the next day, I know that it was a life changing experience. I would recommend shrooms to anyone at least once.

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