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A Bad Molly Trip

Proof it can happen

I usually do a little intro to a trip report but i am in a bit of a time crunch here so lets just say I am experienced in Psychedelics. My first time on molly was cool so I was definitely excited to pop again. However this time around was definitely a awful experience.

I started off my night with a mikes and big ole bowl of weed. After smoking hookah and kicking it with freinds, I bought the molly. I only did one point because I felt it would be adequate. I loaded it into a gel cap and downed it with some water. Everything was going well for a while. The party was bumpin, people where chatting, and me and my girlfreind where just snuggled up. My peak hit but at the same instance shit started to go downhill. Everyone at the party was talking shit about one of our freinds which was really starting to piss me off. I even called out the party guests, which is something I NEVER have felt the need to do, not because they were being mean necessarily but because there stupid shallowness was driving me absolutely bat shit insane. They finally started talking about other things but at the point everyone was tired and left. I thought this would make me feel better but of course with murphys law and all that it did not. My brother and his douche bag friends came over to further torment me and my girlfriend. Under the influence of molly I could see the entire situation and I was so embarrassed. My brother and my girl where fighting, I was tripping, and his douche friends just sat on his sides laughing like idiots. I may sound mean, but remember molly amplifies feelings and there voices became nails on a chalkboard. Finally they bounced and I went to smoke a cig. The Night air calmed me down but my feelings had spawned into depression.
That was the first half of my trip. Since my girlfriend was tired we went to bed. She wanted to get intimate but for some reason I could not shake the depression, especially considering the fact that my room was dark and I felt so incredibly bored. I put on music to try and help and after some beatles radio on pandora I was feeling a little better. At one point I was swirling the shadows on my room together into a whirpool which was pretty dope...or I was just really bored. I( felt like I should have been exposed to more light, colorful lights. All I could see in my head was dark blues, greys and blacks. It was awful. Somehow, by some miracle, I managed to fall asleep.

I awoke this morning feeling awful. I still cant shake the depressed felling and I am starting to get the impression that my life really does suck.
However, here are some tips I can give that could have helped me out;

1.)Choose carefully who you hang with, the wrong people can send you into a negative themed trip.
2.)COLOR! Expose yourself to lots of color, this will help distract you and can alter your mood.
3.)If the setting is bad, try to leave. Obviously dont put yourself in further danger but I would suggest to turn on lights and sit in the cheeriest room if tripping at home
4.)Dealing with people on molly is tough. I wasnt able to handle it very well this trip and its hard to act normal when you think everyone around you is a jerk
5.)Don't trip with people not on molly unless you can handle it. I definitely couldn't handle it and as a result I am fried from a bad trip.

All in all this TR might sound like I am bitching. And maybe I am, but the fact is if you are going to do molly you need to be ready for the possibility of a bad trip. I was not prepared and I fucked myself up. I definately do not want this to happen to any of you so I am pleading for you pyschonauts to be mindful that molly can become a negative thing.
Final thought: Always test your molly too!

Peace and safe journeys!

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